Kamishibai bauen – Teil 2

That's pretty cool, I have to say … I'll have a sip of beer for that. Very good! So, that comes to the back and in between … That’s exactly the width, right? So, and A3 is of course a bit smaller, I think, eh? Uh, bigger I mean. DIN-A3 is exactly like that, that means … the edges must really not be wider than one centimeter. Where is mine actually? Tock Tock Tock Tock The margins must not exceed … 32.7 minus … So! The margins can be a maximum of one and a half zenith meters.

So, since I want a bit of leeway, I'll do a maximum of an inch. I'm measuring this here! That is not much! But since I need my circular saw again, I don't think I can do it any other way. First a sip of beer! That’s getting tight wah? Actually, it should be like that too. A dream here the second! Yeah, they look pretty much the same. What the f ***. Annoying …

Apparently not completely pushed down. Here's what happens now. The things! One goes here. One goes here. and that comes in between and then the lid comes on. I would say, I'll fix them now first. I'll sand them off first. Then I'll fix this up and then I'll … … finish this one. Well, I can do that now too. I mean …

On it … So, and now this thing is just cut to length. It has to go through there! Since I don't feel like trying a big saw. It was easy to take this … thing saw (it's clear) and it fits. To be honest, that's how I glue it now. First I sand it down briefly and then I glue it. So, here I am back on the air. This is what happened. I sanded the wooden edges once … twice … and three times. Now I have to file the thing down until it fits right in there. Should actually go relatively quickly. Hmmm yeah ! Look! Glue track … On here … That should last for now. Soo! That's where it stands now. I once pulled a layer of glue here. That doesn't look too bad! and the last bar, come in here. I swear …

What am I here at the moment, sanded down again? It all looks pretty good at first. But there is a gap in here and it's as big as … I don't know either .. Big! There, that's the gap. Yes, what is it? Are you still setting the focus today ?! So, yes, there the glue runs … yes, there it runs in. and back out on the other side. EXCELLENT! I have to take a look … Well, it doesn't look perfect here either, but I sand everything off. Otherwise … … that's okay, I think. So now I have to wait for it to dry. I would like to twirl dowels in here. But that’s going to be very precise. I have to drill really super precise otherwise … uhhh … That has to be enough. I'll take a break until then …

… has dried. So, I've already got one on, but that does n't prevent me from gluing the lid on it now, because … uh … according to the manufacturer, the Jadda, jadda, jadda … needs already after 5 minutes at room temperature high strength Ah ha … I'll take it off now. That should then hold and then the lid comes on with glue. But I want to do that today so that the glue can dry out overnight. So, we see very well how this gap is still there! Because of my excellent measurement technology! and that has to be on here and then it's …

Uh … almost … done! I would say. and here the leaves are pushed in. So sort of … like that. Of course I don't know how thick the leaves are and so, but that will all show up and I hope it all fits somehow. so I think there are enough clamps on it now … on it … there are still a few sewing? Here's another one. Come over! Come on, that too. That should definitely take a long time. Now have a sip of beer. So that's it for today. Yes, it now dries overnight then tomorrow is bombproof. I still screw 4 screws in there so … … it never falls apart again in life. and then all I have to do is straighten the sides a bit. and … uh … maybe paint it and then it's … then it's … done So, I'll go up again now … and uh, I don't know.


Gambling Playstation or something. Let's see … Here I am again, and now let's go to the last steps … I'll take the pliers off now … So, wonderfully glued. But for final stability I'll put in 4 screws again. Memory card was just full, so I had to get here first … uhh … Ne new ones. Once that should hold now. You put it down and then you open it up. Klapp Klapp Klapp … Pretty cool too. Now we have to put some kind of primitive lock on it. I just don't know how. The easiest would be like that, I'll say … dowels that are in here and then it is fixed with such a tape. I need a lathe. In one of them I just have to drill a hole and pull a cord through it. It's even going relatively well. They just need a head up. They could look nicer too.

That's not bad at all … saw off a bit here. near? Perfect. I'm pretty sure I'll never get it out of there. and now it was cut off. Tadaaa Dat are the 4 that I take and I still have to get them somehow with this planer and grinder here . okay, if you want to do it at an angle. I don't want to, I want it that way. I can't build something for it. I'm trying to drill a hole in here at a 45 ° angle . So, now I'm going to put this in here. Should also be about 45 degrees. How do I measure this here … Well, not quite 45 °. But hey, what's right here with me? Actually, it should be like this now. sew. But then I'd have to turn it somehow … That's all crap. I just practice it by hand now.

Well, it's not that bad now! Can't I optimize that? I always have to optimize everything! What if I do it like that? It's good! See and be amazed … The result This is how they look now … Not at all … not so bad at all! and the ribbon in here as a cord knot. How can you see it? So, zoom in here a bit.

That's basically it now. I once got through a hole like this. It’s getting pulled around the others … yes … So that there’s a bit of tension and in the end it’s going through something like that with a hole again. So is the plan. I don't think I can do it, but let's see Geil! Yes , you can now delete it or not. I don't know exactly.

So yes, I'll finish that up again and yes, I'll turn off the camera for the filing. I now painted and brushed the thing and then sanded it off again so that it was a bit smoother. Now the thing is done! Yes, then it was time to look at us. There it is. I also got a couple of cards right away to demonstrate that. I'll slide in here on the side. So, and then let's open the good piece. Then I can fold it up and open it. and then you have a … A Kamishibai A self-made one. and now I can pull the cards out again to … … continue the story. So I painted these things black on the inside so that nothing distracts from the picture. You can see the back quite nicely. You can pin the thing here so tightly that it … … so that the roof doesn't tip back again. That means I'll just take this out of here and then I'll close this.

Now you can tie this up by doing this like that. so, and push the pinup in here a little bit. Is also a bit tapered so that you can get it out again, also easier. So you can also carry it around. Finished my project! It was fun to implement. Yes, we'll see each other again next time, when I do something else … build! Alright! Until then!.

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