Interview with Glenn Haege, America’s Master Handyman, at the 2011 National Hardware Show!

How many questions do you think I get
every weekend this year about how to remove black streaks out of the shingles
on the north side of the house and what I tell you there's a product
out there called Wet & Forget. Well our guest is Brett Perry, and he's the president of wet and forget. Welcome officially to the handyman microphone. Great to be here Glenn. You know, this product is really new to a
lot of homeowners, but it's not a new product. Your company's been around
for thirty years. That's right Glynn, We've been around for 30 years in New Zealand, Australia, and we've been in the United
States for about five You know the product was invented by a guy in New Zealand called Rod Jenden and he used to be a contractor used to clean a lot of roofing on government housing, and they used all sorts of nasty stuff to clean these surfaces. He always used to talk about some stuff that they'd apply it and if it blew back in your face, it would drop you to your knees.

And they're always looking for ways as we like to say, work smarter not harder and they went through a period where they used bleach for a while but what they found with the bleach it would eat up the chassis of their trucks, it's terribly corrosive. Now we've got Wet & Forget and you have EPA certification That's right, we're an EPA registered product. and we are available in all 50 states, even Brixton California Even California, that's one of the stars ya know on the flag. But there's no pressure washing it's EPA registered and there's no bleach in the product and I mean you can use it at all kinds of
the substrates outside from decks to brick pavers to concrete to
roof shingles and all kinds of shingles even outdoor lawn furniture and canvas
awnings absolutely you can use on any outside surface the of the great thing about the product
is non-caustic and non-acidic as you mentioned there's no bleach and pH of 8, pure water is 7.

So it's close to neutral, we can put it on any outside surface with confidence and just leave it there and let mother nature do the rest, spray it on and you're done. spray it on wet it down and forget about
it and it's that simple and you have a lot
of different place you can use in this that you know tell us about Duncanville project in Texas Well we partnered with the city of Duncanville, we were contacted by the Mayor of Duncanville who had bought our product and used it and loved it so much, he thought it would be great for other people in the community to use it to beautify the homes and improve the look of the community and he called us up and we were like wow we really hadn't thought about doing something like this and we kind of work
together with them and we came up with something called operation facelift for Duncanville and they promoted using Wet & Forget to beautify people's homes and also in the park districts, sure and statuary and everything else a forty thousand population town just a
suburb of Dallas, that's right, so not just some sleepy community just outside of Dallas, But your also in Sea World Buildings on Sea World In fact, Sea World was our first US customer.

algae cleaner

And you have the coarsely Bok Tower in the lake Wales. That's right a lot of people who live in Florida know of the Bok Tower My parents were members of Bok Tower for about 12 years it's beautiful down there They applied the wet and forget to the 50 thousand square foot roof tile roof It was just a way for them to do the job and really save some money money. Yeah and it saves money saves time, when I do a roof in the Midwest let's say How long will I get a residual action when using Wet n forget Will the algae reform quicker or will I get a year and a half two years out of it? We always say that you should get at least a year out of it If you're doing a roof A shingled roof and it's in the midwest you're going to get probably more, we've got lots of examples where you're going to get 2 to 3 years before you see the re-growth once you get the re-growth, all you have to do is go out hit it again with your pump-up garden sprayer That way you'll keep it nice and clean all the time real simple wet and forget in a bottle it's blue and you take it and you mix it with water so the ratio is 5 to 1, 5 parts water to 1 part wet & forget 20% for those that want to know and that spray dilution rate is pretty much for everything, for all applications whether you will be putting it on canvas or putting it on sidewalk or shingles your vinyl siding that's always a five to one
ratio wet n forget now guys this is one of those kind of things that when the wife is asking when are you gonna when are you gonna i'm gonna get to it and then when you
get it — make sure she's not around because just too easy she'll want you to
do more But it works that good, the marine industries around the great lakes how about the product there, do you have any concerns with the product leeching into the water way You want to keep your application away from right on the water We get a lot of people using it on their boats, vinyl boat seats when it's out of the water pontoons and it cleans all those materials the indoor outdoor carpet that pontoon boats have that seems to get that algae growth in there it works fantastic on that well you've got it right from the
president Brett Perry and it's all about wet and forget.

the website is wet and forget dot com can you get it easier than that Brett Perry thanks for being our guest thanks very much.

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