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You just keep dreaming So what should I do? So Rahul will be mine First, stop wearing these out of fashion dupatta You go and wear something stylish But stylish dupatta cost bomb Unfortunately, I cannot afford Listen, we have DIY Queen that not only will solve your dupatta problem But also have organza sleeves to revamp your old top Before we get started let's give this video 1,00,000 likes To make this designer dupatta we need some colorful dupatta first will make frills of this net fabric we will fold the clothes 4 times and start drawing the arc start cutting the arc drawn to get the desired shape Open it and you will get circle shape fabric cut the circle, to get frills repeat the entire process for each color fabric now take the main net fabric according to the choice of your length of dupatta Equally, divide the fabric So that it will be easy for attaching the frills to the main fabric We have used 6-7 different color frills to get that flowy look start attaching the circle shape fabric onto the main dupatta fabrics a fter adding every frill the dupatta will look like this now the dupatta in full glam For this DIY sleeves use any leftover clothes you might have and you know what, we have used this from leftover curtain fabric that shruti brought First, cut the fabric into a rectangle shape Start interlocking each side of the fabric on each side of the fabric, sew with elastic to get ruffles along the sleeves now attach the open part of the fabric to turn this into sleeves we have made two different sleeves one is fuller and the other one is smaller repeat the procedure but make sure to fold so that get smaller puffed sleeves you will get the hole once you fold the sleeves add elastic to the end of the sleeves and insert the elastic into them do it on both ends joint the open ends of the fabric and stich them now add these detachable stylish sleeves on any tube top and spaghetti top first of all, we will make the flower of the dupatta and for this, we used organza material fabric you can use any fa bric of your choice first will make a circle out of the fabric attach safety pin on the outside of the circle so that the fabric doesn't move and now cut the fabric according to the circle drawn on the clothes open the safety pin now iron each one of them fold as shown into the video see how many beautiful triangles we made out of these now stitch the open part of the triangle and repeat the process till we form a flower after some time we will get the flower shape now will take the long fabric and stitch the open edges of it now fold the fabric to get the middle petal portion of it after stitching the entire part will get 3 different shapes of petal and will stitch one above other and with the same process, we made two flowers out of it now the final cut will place this flower made onto the organza dupatta or you can put the flower made on your old dupatta to renew the look so tell us how much you appreciated the amazing DIY organza dupatta and sleeves video in the comment section be low my personal favorite was the frill dupatta and if you liked the video do share and subscribe to the channel will see you soon in our new video soon


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