The Best Field Service Software For QuickBooks: 5 Vendors To Streamline Your Bookkeeping

Billing and invoicing is a
crucial part of most field service interactions, so it's
important to make sure your FSM solution integrates with
the accounting software you use. In this video, we'll take a
high-level view at five field service management systems that
integrate the best with QuickBooks. These include
FieldEdge, Intuit Field Service Management, Jobber, KickServ,
and Smart Service. QuickBooks integration may
be the biggest factor impacting your decision, but if you're
looking for an FSM solution that needs to satisfy a number of
criteria, use the Product Selection Tool on our website
to get a free list of personalized recommendations. First up is FieldEdge, a
QuickBooks platinum partner that provides real-time data
sync with QuickBooks. This FSM system focuses on
dispatch, customer account management, and service
agreement management. Using the accounting integration
in FieldEdge, you can also manage inventory levels and
update accounts. This cuts out invoice
updates and double-entry. Intuit Field Service Management
may seem like an obvious choice, but it's still
worth mentioning. Made by the same company
that makes QuickBooks, Intuit FSM is a web-based
app that lets you manage your people, customers,
and costs more efficiently.

This system integrates seamlessly
with QuickBooks, which is great for making invoices,
accepting mobile payments, and emailing receipts
to customers. Jobber is a software-as-a-service
FSM system that works best for cleaning services, general
contractors, landscaping companies, and HVAC technicians. The QuickBooks integration in
Jobber uses automatic two-way sync for payroll tracking and
invoices, which prevents errors like double-booking. Jobber also syncs your clients,
products, and services with QuickBooks, so everything
stays consistent. Like Intuit FSM, KickServ
is a web-based FSM app that lets you schedule jobs,
send invoices, collect payment, track time, and route
technicians via GPS. KickServ offers two-way sync for
both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. This means
you can track invoices and run payroll without having to leave
KickServ. This system also comes with CRM
features, so you can manage leads and opportunities all
in one place. Smart Service is a QuickBooks
add-on application that serves as scheduling and dispatch
software for plumbing, HVAC, roofing, pest control, and
many other verticals.


Unlike the other FSM systems
we've covered so far, Smart Service focuses on letting you
add basic field service tools to your QuickBooks account. These tools include routing,
scheduling, and dispatching, all of which use two-way sync. Smart Service works with
QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Online. Hopefully you feel more
informed about how to choose an FSM vendor, but if
you need more information, we've got you covered. Visit our website at to compare over 95 vendors,
and use our Product Selection Tool to request a free,
personalized shortlist of the best field service management
software for you.

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