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Hey friends Allen Lee here with honest Lee handyman services and today I want to tell you guys about the single most greatest tool that I've ever invested in and that is my tool trailer so before We get into I should tell you guys a little bit of the details about it. It is a 5 foot by 8 foot Tool trailer if I was to change anything about it I would probably make it maybe a foot taller You got to kind of scrunch down a little bit when you get into it? but anyways I'm gonna take you guys into the tool trailer right now and Just show you guys what I got in there, and what all I keep in there? How I stay organized now I am NOT the most organized person it is a little bit messy in the tool trailer to be honest, but this is real life, so That's how it is take it or leave it, so let's go on take a look at the tool trailer right now alright So this is my tool trailer it is I'm definitely not sugarcoating anything for you.

This is how it is after a day's worth of work You know there's a quite a bit of a mess here, but anyways so I built all these cabinets you Know different people can organize them in different ways, but I just got on all these tools. You know measuring tools Screwdrivers tapes things like that and then second drawers my applier drawer Which I would like to organize that like this one, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. This one's kind of miscellaneous screws and whatnot Then this one is my electrical drawer also with some more miscellaneous stuff You know I'd like to keep it more organized if I could but haven't gotten around to it yet now It's kind of miscellaneous bigger pliers things like that and then if we go on back here I just got these labeled with some tape so this is a plumbing drawer Electrical miscellaneous and drywall and just kind of give you as a look into the drawer You know it's got miscellaneous plumbing tools, and then electrical same thing like that different electrical stuff And then I got my air compressor and I got a bag of screws and some drywall compound Again, this is not I mean you know should be more organized, but hey.

This is real life. There's my mixing pan there There is my multi-tool and then There's my miter saw and then my table saw down there there's a router and then here I built these little cubbies for each tool so I got circular saw and Then these are all my Drills and whatnot up there Kind of makes it nice having everything organized and then over here.

I got some screws and then my cocking stuff And then there's a little bit of storage area for my vacuum and then also some rags and things like that and then this is where I keep my Workbench right here in this slot in this cubby, and then I've got my sawhorses cones and then these are my all my levels And then each one of these are different this one's actually Electrical fish tape this is my really small level and then this spots for my really big level But I have that out at a job right now. There's another Wire fishing set and then this is where it would keep all my long tools, so like my broom Actually, there's not much in there right now normally I have a shovel and you know posthole digger and everything in there right now, but that's actually out of the job right now, so Yeah, that is pretty much my trailer.


I do have 120 volt hookup Here's my 120 volt hookup. You just unplug this and you hook this right into an extension cord This is basically just for storage here for the 120 volt hookups I have an outlet here, and then also an outlet in the front there that I don't really use too often But this I got my Chargers hooked up So I got the charger for my my flashlight charger for my headlamp right there Then just a little shelving unit and then I also have this charger I like to leave this thing not Not bolted down because sometimes I take it in with me into the clients house and charge my batteries inside, but right now That's just plugged in there and again.

This doesn't look all Amazing and organized, but again. This is real life. This is this kind of shelf here is just really where I keep my returns and Yeah, also a lot of junk You know it's kind of a rat's nest I need to figure out how to better better do that? But you know life is a learning process so That's what it's all about and then razor blades and just a few things on the Shelf there I got my clamps hanging up here another clamps up there, and then I got a light here. I got my dryer vent Tool hanging on up there another light I think a few extension cords, and then I got extension cords in my jacket, and then I got a Another saw blade so that is pretty much my tool trailer, and then on the back here I got I got a neat pad, and then a little little stepstool there, so that's pretty much it that's kind of got everything that I Would ever need really this has got quite a bit of stuff in it actually and it makes a lot of sense to have If you guys don't have a tool trailer.

I would highly recommend it Before this tool trailer, I really just put everything in the back of my truck And it was kind of a big big mess back there because everything was on top of each other and there was no organization So I got one of these things and it really just saved Everything so that's that's my tool trailer, and thank you all so much for tuning in and I hope you guys have a great day.

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