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wow what's up my friends it's me handyman hal it's 
gonna be an awesome day today it's race day   check out this awesome dirt bike it's 
a dirt bike race day and guess what blippi we get to learn about these fix it and 
get it ready for the race check this out   oh yeah it's gonna be so awesome let's go all right my friends let's get these 
dirt bikes ready for this big race today   but check out that out there that's the track 
isn't that awesome got all those hills out there   it's gonna be an awesome race and i can't 
wait to watch it so let's get started let's   start with this one first got this cool green 
dirt bike here look at that right there got   a cool little shark on there these numbers 
seven two and two can you say that with me   seven two and two that's awesome all right well 
let's see first let's check out see if we got some   air in these tires right let's see here oh yeah we 
got some air in that one let's check this back one   here oh yep got some air in that one how about 
some gas i might need some gas in here right so   got the gas tank right up top here all right let's 
see yep it needs some gas in there all right so   gas tank gotta have a lot of gas right take off 
the cap there just a few little twists and turns   all right don't want to lose that let's pour her 
in all right let's see go go go go go oh yeah   filling her up this is gonna be totally awesome almost there don't want to overfill 
it make a big huge mess all right   almost there there we go i think we're going to 
top her off right right there there we go awesome   should we put your cat back on there we 
go don't want any of that guys getting out   and then let's get this cap back on 
a couple of twists and turns there   nice and snug yep don't want no gas to get 
out and then you take this bright yellow tube   right on the top and then we're done with that 
let's check and see if it works now all right   let's see got our kickstart right here all we 
do is we're going to kick it straight down ready oh yeah this is going to be awesome well 
we got one set ready to go this is an   awesome kid's dirt bike it is let's check out 
an adult dirt bike come on look how awesome is   this this is so big this is an adult dirt bike 
oh hey man i'm gonna have to drive one of these   first off let's check it out we got 
this seat nice and cushiony seat got   to make sure you're comfortable right 
oh yeah let's see what we got up front   well we got the tires on the front oh yeah those 
are cool and look one on the back check out those   grooves in there man oh of course got to go 
through all that mud on that track over there   oh those are really really really awesome all 
right well look we got a chain oh yep that's a   long tail almost like a regular bicycle right yep 
and that chain is connected to this awesome thing   it's the engine what makes it run right oh 
yeah that's pretty awesome oh this right here   this is what changes your gears right got to push 
it up a little bit with your foot and that's what   makes it go faster and faster oh yeah what 
else we got well got our handlebars right   right there that's your break squeeze that that's 
what makes it slow down and stop let's see up   the really cool red button right there 
that's what turns it off yep sweet got a   break on this side here squeeze that there 
oh that's pretty awesome what else we got   well we've got the back fender of course you can't 
get muddy right keep that mud from flying up from   that back tire that's really cool oh and we got 
the front fender yep that's really cool as well   all right well let's go check out the back side 
come on around just like the little one there   we got a kick start let me do is kick that 
down with their foot and it starts but then   you gotta have this this is the throttle 
that's what gets all the gas into the engine   that's pretty awesome talk about gas let's 
check the gas to make sure it's good right   all right let's unscrew that right there let's 
see here a couple of twists look in there   yep it's got some gas in there so let's close that 
back a couple of twists and turns oh yeah nice   and snug awesome check out this got some numbers 
on this one too can you say those with me seven   two and two that's awesome and of course this 
bike belongs to zach hayes then he's going to   be racing today on this dirt bike and guess 
what here he comes now so let's check out zach   what's up zack how you doing man hell all right 
got my bike ready got it all set it's ready   to go i feel you got some gas inside your 
airs and your tires the brakes are working   it is ready to go you got all my gas ready it's 
all ready to go so let me ask you a question   how long have you been riding dirt bikes 
for i've been racing for about 15 years   oh wow that's a long time how how old do you have 
to be to ride a dirt bike you got to be four years   old to race oh wow well i guess any man house old 
enough to ride a dirt bike that's gonna be awesome   what kind of what kind of awards can you win you 
can win trophies and um a lot of people give out   to medallions oh i might need to get one of 
those would be awesome well the big question   how fast can you go this thing goes really fast 
oh yeah and we get to see that today so check out   your outfits tell me what you got going on first 
i got my boots just to protect you from any limbs   or anything that hits you on your feet protects 
you from yeah okay all right then you got your   knee pads on you got to protect those jeans 
that's exactly right got my pants on okay   all right got my jersey oh that's really cool 
got my gloves on got my gloves on yes sir got   my goggles ready to go to protect you eyes all 
right most importantly i got my helmet yep got   to have that on your head right i have my helmet 
on and make sure candy when you put it on you   put it on the right way tighten it down gotta 
strap it down yep all right all right goggles   oh yeah he's all set check it out i'm headed to 
the race is that where you're going right now all   right man well good luck man i can't wait to watch 
you today this is going to be awesome oh yeah yeah   let's go check out this race come on wow everyone's getting ready for the race   oh wow look this rider is using a 
wrench to tighten his back wheel   and now he's checking his chain to make sure 
it is just the right tightness for the big race   oh and look an ambulance is here 
just in case anyone might get hurt   everyone strap on your helmets and stay safe out that excavator it's moving dirt   it's moving rocks and they're making 
obstacles for the dirt bikes to ride over it's so cool how excavators can pick up 
heavy things and move them all around all right it's time to start the race this is 
going to be exciting the riders are lining up   at the starting line and there they go 
they're going super fast and really loud the racers are following those 
arrows so they know which way to go here's our friend zach he's 
going really fast through the mud   here he goes over the rocks and obstacles   nice job um wow did you see that that was an awesome jump zach look at the black and white checkered flat 
that means the race is finished nice job racers alright now it's time for the small kids race 
they start at age four they have all their   helmets strapped up and they're putting 
on their goggles to protect their eyes oh look this guy's all set and ready 
oh and look she's ready to race as well look they're lining up now they're starting on look the green flag is being waved it's 
the start of the race and they're off look at him go wow this is so cool to watch 
they're going over heels through the mud   dirt bikes are awesome do you see the white flag that 
tells the riders it's the last slot   and then they're almost done with 
the race go go go you're almost done oh wipeout that's okay let's 
jump back on and keep going mm-hmm oh there goes the black and white 
checkered flag at the finish line   wow great race everyone did an awesome job oh 
wow how awesome was that today did we have an   awesome time learning about this really cool dirt 
bike yes we did thank you so much for watching   handyman how today if you want to see some more 
just go search it online we'll see you next time

children on dirt bikes

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