Mr. Handyman Franchise Owners: Join the Team

The Mr. Handyman model works because
we have a formula for success. It starts with making the phone ring by
executing our proven customer acquisition strategy to find and keep customers. And it ends with delighting the
customers by providing exceptional customer service, which results
in keeping customers for life. There are several steps in between
and through a combination of training, technology and other resources, we
provide you with the tools to succeed. What initially attracted me to Mr. Handyman was, when I was looking for a
new career, I had several franchise models described to me, and I felt an immediate
connection with the concept of Mr.

Handyman. Doing smaller projects around the
house, filling a niche need in the marketplace and, frankly, serving
people when they needed to be served. Our owners are not handymen. They're businesspeople who want to
own and manage an executive model franchise where their employees do the
actual work and they run the business. Our system is made up of men and women
who have worked in the corporate world for years and finally broke free to accomplish
their dream of business ownership. What I enjoy most about being a Mr. Handyman owner, versus working in
corporate America, would be the freedom it gives me to do, to do what I like.

The financial opportunities for Mr. Handyman owners are substantial. You can be as small as you want to
be, or as big as you want to be. It's all a function of how much effort and
how much energy you want to put into it. Our successful Mr. Handyman franchisees generally
possess three common character traits. First, they're leaders. They build a culture where their
employees strive to deliver for them. They set goals and provide clear
direction for their teams to achieve them. Second, they're organized. Being a business owner demands
that you wear many hats. Our successful owners know how to
prioritize, and they recognize where resources need to be allocated in order
to be sure everything is being done as effectively and efficiently as possible. And third, they bring personal
energy to the business. There is nothing more important
than having a positive attitude and a will to succeed. As a business owner, you need to
provide that passion and energy to drive your franchise to success.

becoming a franchise owner

You've got to really be
customer-focused in this business. You've got to have tremendous energy,
have an entrepreneurial-type mindset. And if you do have that, it
could be a great opportunity. Every single day is
different with what I do. I enjoy the interaction with
the homeowners, I enjoy it with my technicians, and that
will reward of having satisfied customers, it's just overwhelming. If you're going to own your own
business, buy into a franchise.

Buy into a franchise that has a
proven concept; that has a team that's going to support you. And the fact that I'm dealing with
homeowners, people just like me, I'm helping them solve their problems, getting
their house fixed-up, taking care of their maintenance issues, et cetera. At Mr. Handyman, we have a great business
model with proven systems. And we're looking for franchise owners
who can bring the leadership, organization and personal energy to help us grow our
brand and continue our dominance in the residential and commercial maintenance,
repair and improvement industry..

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