VALENTINE’S Day DIY Gift Ideas | DIY Queen

so let's start making with this heart shape box for this we need cut both in heart shape and paste them together cut chart paper in this shape and paste it on heart to give it a finished look paste heart shape chart paper on its backs side likewise make one more now paste it on the half portion like this keep another heart over it and paste like this likewise make one more just need to keep its size slight bigger and cover this side with printed paper write happy Valentine's Day on glitter sheet and cut the alphabets and paste them over the heart paste a white satin ribbon along with this side so our box is ready but its not good to gift it empty like this..isn't it?? so let's decorate it from inside too make another heart likewise made earlier now make folds using black paper and cut open it and again fold it like this now paste this heart over the red one and write on it whatever you want


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