Ice Maker Not Making Ice / Whirlpool / What To Check and How To Fix

Hey friends Allen Lee here with honest Lee handyman services in Sacramento, California And today I got an issue with my fridge at my house It's a whirlpool fridge and basically the automatic icemaker stopped making ice So what I did is I did some research and found out that you could actually run some tests on this thing And I got the new kit here. This is the deal that's actually broken I'm going to show you guys exactly how I figured out that it was this that is the issue But first let's open this up and I'll show you guys what I got going on in here Okay, this probably looks familiar to you.

This is the icemaker that is in your ware' pool Refrigerator or freezer and now I'm going to show you guys how I actually diagnose it So first off you're gonna want to take this cover off. So this is this is inside the freezer here Just right right in there, you know So you're gonna want to take this cover off and it's pretty I just got some prawns on you. Just pry it off So the first thing that you can see here is there are a few different test ports And you're going to want to find the test port the one that's labeled V and the one that's labeled L so that right here and basically those you're just going to want to take a Paper clip and you're gonna want to touch those two together, obviously put a piece of tape at the end so you don't shock yourself And then you you basically complete the circuit between the V and the L And if you're if your water starts shooting into your ice maker Which will shoot in right here if that happens Then you know that your your fridge is fine.

All that. Everything down below is fine, and it's actually this unit That is at fault and you're gonna want to for me I like to confirm that so I dug a little bit further to find out if this was actually the fault and So what you're gonna do is you're gonna take off these three screws right here One two and three and then this is actually the cover off of my old one here So you're gonna pull just this cover off you see same thing just pull it off and you're gonna want to look at the Terminals and see what you got going on here And once you got that once you got this off you're gonna want to take a look at the terminals and if you could see this terminal right here is actually burnt and that is actually that's what The heating element on the bottom of this unit here so you can see here There is actually a heating heating element that runs all along here so after the ice after this fills up with water and it freezes this thing is activated to heat up and basically Detach the ice from the ice tray and that's actually what this circuit does So this exact circuit right here that's burnt out is actually the one that runs the heating element now this is actually the mug one of the most common things that happens on these whirlpool ice makers is the heating element goes bad so that's kind of what what made me want to take a look at this and see if that was actually the issue and what causes that is, you know this gets moisture behind it and It basically just causes corrosion on this terminal and it ends up just burning out so it doesn't make connection anymore Our ice maker went out Maybe about four days ago Took this out and then ordered the new part we found on the Amazon I'll actually put a link to the to the part that you can get to replace this on Amazon I'll have the link in the description below if you want to purchase it.

Do it yourself

And so that's the issue so I'm going to go ahead and Replace my old ice maker kit with this one And it should work fine. So let's get to it All right, there's my old one, it's pretty simple really there's there's a screw here screw there and a screw down here And this comes off and put the new one on I will have to transfer this mount here to the new one And then honestly unplug it pretty simple So if you compare the old one on the bottom here with the new one You're gonna see you're gonna have to transfer a few things you're gonna have to transfer this mount here to this and then you're gonna want to unplug this wiring harness from here and Plug it in to there to the new one But then other than that the new one goes right in just like the old one came out Okay, and then once you get your icemaker installed you could test it actually to see if it works by taking the paperclip that you used to diagnose the old one and plugging it in between the V and the L to make sure you plug it in between the V and the L to make sure that the water is flowing Obviously, there's a little tape on the end of it So you don't shock yourself like we've talked about before but I did that here water flowed.

Everything is great The instructions do say that the icemaker kit has to cool down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit before it will kick in and start making ice And the manufacturer says that that may take 2 to 24 hours before it starts Making its first batch of ice and it also recommends that you should throw away your first two to three batches of ice After this starts making it because there was some stagnant water sitting in the water lines So you're gonna want to throw that away if it tastes bad and it doesn't taste bad. That is probably good to go but anyway So now that we got that in we're gonna put the cover on Wait for it to cool down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit and then watch the ice start pouring in so thank you all so much for tuning into this video and Like this video leave me a comment in the comment section below and have a great day

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