American Pickers’ Danielle Breaks Silence After Fritz Firing

"American Pickers" is a classic staple of
reality TV. The History series has been around since 2010
and featured “friends” — more on this later — Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe traveling
around the country buying antiques and selling them for a tidy profit. The business-within-a-show where all of the
action happens is known as Antique Archaeology, and Danielle Colby runs the whole operation,
while Fritz and Wolfe seek out all those juicy, profitable treasures that fans eagerly tune
in to see. Season 22 started up with a new cast member,
Jersey Jon, and not Frank, joining Mike on his back road adventures. The whole issue boiled over into public view
after Fritz confirmed that he would not be returning to "American Pickers" despite concluding
his stint in rehab to treat alcohol addiction.

In that same bombshell interview, Fritz divulged
that he and Wolfe had not spoken in years even though he described their previous relationship
as close enough to "finish each other's sentences." Wolfe later added fuel to the fire of speculation
with a social media post that confirmed Fritz would not be returning to "American Pickers." That announcement was couched in effusive
statements of praise and affection: "I will miss Frank, just like all of you,
and I pray for the very best and all good things for him on the next part of his journey." Colby, who is obviously in the middle of everything,
hasn't had much to say about the changes made around her workplace — until now, that is.

She broke her silence with a long, emotional
Instagram post. She had a lot to say, yet seemed to say almost
nothing of substance about the interpersonal feud tearing apart her show — unless you
read between the lines. She rattles off a string of platitudes without
offering much context like, "You can only be where you are.”…“Sometimes
you just have to be okay with being apart." And, "Walk in peace and lead with love." Many fans believe that the post is an elliptical
reference to all the behind-the-scenes drama that has overwhelmed her business and her
reality show. Most of the commentary is vague enough that
fans can read into whatever they want. That said, Colby's silence on the whole shakeup
has been deafening, so this seems like a potentially deft way to weigh in without coming down hard
on either side. The post appears as deeply personal as it
is vague.

She doesn't name any names or state any specifics,
so it's unclear whether she's talking about herself or perhaps referencing the rift between
her co-stars. Based on what we know about their split, though,
there are some inferences we could make to bridge the gap between her words and the situation. Here's some of the missing context from Colby's
post: The Sun also reported that over the two years Wolfe and Fritz weren't speaking,
many months of which were during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fritz was admitted
into rehab to combat a substance abuse problem. He lost 65 pounds, had serious back surgery,
and is finally getting a leg up on his Crohn's Disease. During all of that time, though, Wolfe never
bothered to reach out to check in and see if he was okay.

american pickers

These details seem to frame Wolfe as the villain
of this particular story, and many fans hoped that Colby's take might clarify who's in the
right and who's in the wrong. That obviously didn't happen, and the one
thing that remains true about this interpersonal saga is that we-the-public clearly don't have
a complete picture of the falling out between these two friends.

So is Colby's post a letter to Fritz, letting
him know that he is still loved, even in his absence? Or is it more of a goodbye, encouraging him
to be strong on his own even though he's no longer a part of the show? It's really hard to say. But her words seem kind and encouraging, so
maybe there's hope to resolve things and see both men working together again, even if Fritz
only makes the occasional appearance in lieu of returning as co-host. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about American
Pickers are coming soon.

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