multipoint lock replacement

we've got a bit of a problem with this
door and that the locking mechanism has actually failed so we can't actually
lock or unlock the door at all the multi-point lock that's on the inside of
the door has actually failed so we cannot lock it or unlock it so we're
incredibly lucky to get this door unlocked actually managed to get the door unlocked
by removing the two screws from the door handle then actually pulled the handle
forwards a bit once I put the handle back on I did actually manage to get the
latch so that the door would actually open once I got it in the open position
I have actually glued that using some super fix so the latch can not actually
spring back out into its keep if that actually spring back up into its key you
can't undo the door and there's a possibility that you may need to call
out a locksmith so the Euro cylinder is working fine
but we can't get the cam to operate the lock because the lock is damaged so we now need to replace the multi-point locking system which is this part here we can now remove the handles and also
the spindle from the door we now need to put a key in the door and we need to
remove this screw which holds in the Euro cylinder we can then turn that until
the cam lines up and we can remove the Euro cylinder there's now a series
of screws that we need to remove before we can actually pull the lock out from
the door this is now at the bottom of the door
so finally we need to remove that screw now we can turn that point sideways
which will enables to pull out the actual lock this actually does have to
come out from the bottom your door may not be like this one well now we've got
that out of there can now pull out the lock all the way up and then when we
get to this point we need to pull out the bottom and drop it down slightly
before we can get out like so those teeth on the back of the interlock with
an aluminium part up there which activates the part of the top there that locks
so now successfully remove the full lock we now need to take this to a locksmiths
and get an exact replacement on some of these multi-point locks you can actually
remove some screws there and just change the gearbox unfortunately on this model
they were actually riveted in so that means that we need a whole new lock at
the bottom of this door is a shoot bolt that goes into a keep at the bottom of
the door the last thing we want is for that to drop down if that drops down
we can't actually open the door again and then we will have to call out a locksmith so
I'll push that up and I'm going to tape that in position using some gaffer tape now when we close the door that bolt
can not drop down and prevent us from opening the door again I've now been and
purchased a direct replacement unfortunately this particular model is
obsolete now so it is not exactly the same but the gearboxes are in exactly
the same place so we're now going to fit the new one back into the door the
critical part of this door is that part which meets up with this part on the
back of the mechanism so I'm going to put that back in exactly the same place
and that was actually directly with the top of the old one so I've got that in
there now I'm not going to push that in and slide it up at this point the full
mechanism needs lifting up now the important point again is this part at
the bottom we need to ensure that that is turned 90 degrees and then we can
push this part all the way in like so we can now put the screw in the bottom and
I'm going to remove the tape from the bottom of the door I'm now going to
replace the spindle I'm going to put the Handle on and I'm just going to check
that the mechanism is working which it is because this is not an exact match we
actually need to re-drill some of the fixing holes for this lock so I'm now
just going to drill out using a small drill bit I'm now going to take the Euro cylinder
with the key I'm going to carefully slide that back into position once I have done that I can then put the retaining screw in and then going to remove the
key and refit the door handles now we've got this far before I actually
close the door I'll lock in it I'm actually going to do it with the door
open so I'm going to lift that up to the
locking position I'm going to lock that with the key and we're just going to
make sure that that works the last thing you want to do is close the door now
and find that you've got a problem and then you can unlock the door because you
have to call out a locksmith as you can see you can now unlock the door and lock
the door absolutely no problem at all


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