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Hello everyone, welcome to ReTwisst channel. In this video we will make Macramé Slipper with Macramé String 5mm. Start by cutting the yarns There should be 3x yarns 45 cm long each one and 10x yarns 90 cm long each one. Take 1x 45 cm yarn and keep it fixed on the table by tape Take a yarn 90 cm long and tie a larkshead knot from front to back and then tie the remaining ones as well Take other 45cm long yarn and place it over the yarns then fixed it’s only left side by tape.

The right side should not be taped Tie spiral knots by keeping fixed the 45cm long yarn and taking the first yarn In spiral knot, each yarn should be tied two times Take the next yarn and tie a spiral knot. Then continue like this till the end After completing the spiral knots take the first 4x yarns and put aside the other yarns Tie a square knot with these 4x yarns but leave a little bit space on the top of square knot to make ball knots After leaving a space, continue to complete the first square knot. Tie 3x square knots in total After completing 3x square knots, put aside yarns in the right and left side, then take the yarns in the middle and pass the ends of the ropes through the space we left above to make a ball Tie a square knot again to tighten and keep fixed the ball Make the second ball as well and complete the row by making the other 3x balls 5x balls are completed now and take the last 45cm long yarn and fixed it over the yarns but it should be close to balls Tape the yarn on the left side only Tie spiral knots again as at the beginning and start by taking the first yarn and continue till end of the yarn After completing the spiral knots remove the tapes from the yarns Take the yarn 45cm long off that we have fixed at the beginning Tie the remaining yarns of spiral knots in the right side and left side Take the scissors and start to cut the yarns that we have fixed then cut enough the other side as well After cutting the yarns enough comb the yarns Equalize the ends of the yarns again with scissors and make exactly the same model for the other slipper Stick the models to the slipper with hot silicone.

Do it yourself

Macramé slippers are ready! 😊.

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