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Good morning friends. We got a super-awesome WLOG coming at you today. Got some super awesome work planned So I'm looking forward to it. It's a beautiful rainy day here again in Sacramento, man We have been getting a lot of rain, but it's been good a lot of snow pack up the mountain. So that's been great It's supposed to rain all day today So at this job, I'm going to had a lot of indoor work and a little bit of outdoor work I'm not gonna be able to do the outdoor work today for obvious reasons but I got a lot of indoor work and I really like the the work that I'm doing today because it's all Punch list items. So I'm looking forward to that but first things first, I am having a business meeting with Frank here at Starbucks So got a run in and do that and then we're gonna get go into our job Alright, just finish my business meeting with Frank now.

We are heading over to Home Depot Got to pick up some materials and then get our day started So we'll see if we could talk with him a little bit and see what he's got going on today. Hey So we are walking into Home Depot So what are you doing today? Bring? Well, I'm gonna go out to a client's house today and I'm gonna install a garbage disposal I'm gonna clean out some old Shower caulking and reapply new we're gonna replace a Bathroom sink Plumbing Cool and going to replace they blind Set up in a window blind Nice.

Oh you got into insight stuff. You're gonna stay. Alright, okay, okay I'm doing a little bit of everything today. I kind of like the job that I got going on today is kind of like yours a bunch of Punch list items, you know little doodad here or there So that's kind of exciting rather than just being one like doing one thing. So that's kind of cool I think I'm doing some drywall replacement above a shower because they had a leak up there And I fix it a door that like a handyman just totally botched Like I don't even know what he was thinking when he did it but he put it on and it doesn't even close or anything so nervous and then a few other things so But let's get the shopping up good We'll see you Frank have a good day.

All right. See you man All right, little change of plans here today. This is on-the-spot stuff here So I called the customer that I was going to this morning Said I was heading your way and she told me that her son woke up really ill this morning so she asked me she's like are you sure you want to come because you know I know you have a baby at home and I don't want to infect anything. So I said yeah you probably right Let's lay low and then give me a call here in a little bit So she ended up calling me a little bit later and she's like man We had to take my son to the ER he wasn't doing too good So it was like, you know by the grace of God She was home today to perform my work or for me to perform work at her house because typically she's not home So it was good thing.

She was home able to take him to the ER handle that so we're not doing that job today We're rescheduling that for later What's wrong should be good because we'll be able to schedule for a nicer day where we'll be able to do the outside work So one of my good clients gave me a call She owns a whole bunch of properties You know commercial buildings over in Sacramento or actually Carmichael, so we're heading out there right now to meet up with her She's got some work going on there. So we're gonna head over there. I think I'm doing some lighting work So I'm excited about that Electrical it was always fun.

So Yeah, let's get to it. Let's figure out what we're doing today So this building I'm working at is just surrounded by lights all the way along this wall as you can see here The the main issue here is some of these lights are not working The light I'm currently working on I found out is actually broken and we will take a look at that more in-depth a little bit later and Then this light is a light Above a door and the issue with it actually is when the door is slammed shut The light flickers or sometimes goes out and then it comes back on So basically, I'm just pulling it out checking all the connections, you know testing Testing all the voltage everything and everything essentially turned out.

All right With that what I found was there is a slip connector on this type of light fixture that I will show here a little bit later that it was actually not seated correctly and that was the issue on Probably for three or four of the lights that were not working in this building Just testing all the voltage everything tests out normal So that is good on this one. Like I said, it's just this slip connector fitting It's not working out correctly or it's not seated correctly.

That is so basically just blew that out Made sure that it had proper connection and then rescrew that in And here's that slip fitting that I was telling you about a little bit earlier basically the head comes right off So just unscrewed it blew it out and made sure that it was Seated correctly and here you could see that it is seated correctly now and not not turning on or off. So that's good Here is the broken light fixture as you can see there's this insulating ring that is supposed to go all the way around the back and in case where the Wires go into the light fixture and as you can see it's completely broken. So there's actually exposed wires there I don't know if you could see if the camera might be a little blurry and That is just completely broken off.

So I'm not hooking this light back up just for safety reasons All right, so these lights are kind of weird kind of really weird lights because they have It seems like so there's ballasts in there and it converts it down to 12 volts They are whatever you I forget what the model of that of that bulb is but basically it runs off 12 volts and Then there's also a if you disconnect it at the at the base there there's also there's like a slide-in Connector and on one of them that was the issue it we just wasn't seated very good And so I'm gonna gonna pull down all the others and diagnose those and see what's going on I wanted to check for voltage.


They all got proper voltage go into him I mean one of them's completely busted the small little light the small little bulb or a light bulb. It's all messed up I don't even know what happened to it. It looks like you got dropped at one point must have been during installation or something, but Quite weird. It's kind of interesting So that that's actually the base and everything like that, but we were here a few months ago We were here at this at this location I actually Frank got sent out because someone one of the people from here called him and it's kind of funny that that Was a different lady than the lady who were currently working for we used like before we were working for The lady who rents this building and now we're working for the lady who owns this building which is kind of interesting.

So and there was no They didn't even know that we were the same people and so that's really funny So we've done work here before it's kind of funny weed You know, we've done worked for the people who rented it now we do work for the people who own it So and Frank was actually out here Last Thursday, he was doing a roof leak on this set on this commercial building here there was a one of the one of the roof leaks like basically it leaks it drips down into where the Above the lowered ceiling and then it vents out Outside of the outside of the building that way so there was like a little rubber boot right here That had basically just been deteriorated.

So it was leaking water inside the building So Frank was out here a couple I think last week last Thursday, I think taking a look at that and fixing it up. So Yeah, so I'm gonna run back in there grab a few tools here and inspect everything else and see what I could do As you can see the lights all over this building like I was telling you about there is boy I didn't count on but there's quite a few lights all around this whole building So he's working on the other the other side of the building then previous just pulling this light fixture out This light fixture is not working. So basically just pulling it completely out and then testing the voltage coming to the light fixture And everything in this particular light fixture all of the voltage tests out perfect So that is not the issue.

So the issue is in the light fixture itself on this one I am assuming that it is the slip connector But I am unsure of that because you can't really test the slip connected. It's kind of a weird setup. I Think here a little bit in a sec. I will show you guys exactly what the slip connector looks like But on this I think I was able to fix I was able to fix the majority of these light fixtures But they will need to need to replace. I believe three fixtures Here is the slip connector I was selling you about it's actually a pretty simple design But is the weirdest thing I've ever seen I've never seen any light fixtures like this before apparently they are pretty pretty pricy fixtures so they actually called the company and the company is gonna come out and Take a look at these fixtures and either repair them or replace them I guess they're still under warranty as you can see this one. Obviously the slip connector was the issue It was just not making good contact.

So we cleaned that out made sure that it fits in there nicely and that Slip fitting is good to go All right, they said this bathroom or this toilet does not seem like it wants to flush I'm not sure what the deal is. Let's take this off and see Seems like everything's operating correctly, but let's flush it with an often see I Don't know what this is they said there's an issue with one of the toilets watching but seems like they both flush really well, so The only issue I found here was This guy was caught in between the tank lid and tank bottom So that I guess could pinch off the water going into the tank only with during filling though. So Looks like there's a good stream right now Just try and tuck that down See what happens Oh, it's kind of hard coming up I see That's just a style of toilet All right.

I'm all done here at this location for the day have been here for What an hour and 45 minutes so not too long not too long. This this clients super cool. They know my hourly rate So they just we kind of bail them afterwards. They're super chill. So what we diagnose everything That one small light fixture is broken at the base. So they're gonna need a new one of those and then there's two other fixtures that are Inoperable, they aren't operating correctly and they need to be replaced as well She needs to do some research to find out where they bought these fixtures so we can get the exact same once the master I mean, there's so many fixtures in this whole building It's just crazy like just lying to the whole the whole deal So hold each one of them out tested everything and so in these new fixtures on the and like I said before There's that weird slide in connector and on on some of them.

They were just not seated correctly So I actually had to take the head off and then seat it correctly and then retighten it down So that was really weird because there was about maybe seven or eight fixtures that weren't working I got most of them to work except for those three So she will need to figure out where where to get those fixtures and then we'll come back and put him in four So yeah a pretty good day Or pretty good job here. I'm gonna head home right now. I got a bunch of voicemails since I've been here I don't know if you guys heard but my phone's ringing off the hook. So I got a bunch of voicemails to call I'll probably call some more before I head out in case there's some inspections I can do But but yeah, it's been pretty good great clients So thank you all so much for tuned in and I hope you guys have a fantastic day We'll catch you on the next one.


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