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[MUSIC PLAYING] Here's a Christmas project
from The Home Depot to keep the holidays
interesting and organized– a holiday magazine holder
shaped like Christmas candles. This easy-to-make rack will keep
your home festive and uncluttered, something everyone needs
this busy time of year. Here are the materials and
tools you're going to need. You can find all of
them at The Home Depot. For materials, you'll need one
1/2-inch 2 by 2 piece of plywood, three 36-inch square end
balusters, one 8-foot 1 by 6, one pack of 1 and 1/4-inch brad
nails, and three packs of number 8 2 and 1/4-inch wood screws. Now, for the tools. You're going to need a circular saw, a
jigsaw, a drill and 1/8-inch drill bit, a brad nailer, measuring tape or
carpenter's square, clamps, pencil, sanding block, and, of
course, safety goggles. For optional materials, you'll
need paint or stain, a paint brush, and some safety gloves. So let's get started. Using your measuring tape, measure
and mark the pieces you will need. Take the 2 by 2 piece of
plywood and measure out two pieces that are both 17
and 1/2 inches by 6 inches.

These will be used as the
base and front of the box. Then measure and mark two pieces that
are 8 inches by 3 and 1/2 inches. On these two pieces, make a mark 6
inches up on one of the 8-inch sides. Connect that mark to the
top of the other corner. See the diagram on the left. Using the 36-inch balusters, which will
be used as the stems for the candles, measure 4 inches off one baluster
and 8 inches off the second one. The third one doesn't need to be cut.

Take the 1 by 6 and
measure and mark pieces at 30 inches, 26 inches, and 22 inches. These will be the candles. Use a circular saw to make the cuts. Once you've cut the three
pieces out of the 1 by 6, keep the remaining 18-inch piece. This will be used to make the flames. Take the 1 by 6 that you
had set aside earlier and divide it into three equal
pieces that are 6 inches long. On the end section, draw a
flame shape with a pencil. You can draw one on your own
or use the example provided. Clamp it to the table and
cut it out with your jigsaw. Take this flame you've cut and use
it to trace out your next two flames on your remaining two 6-inch sections. Cut those flames out with
your jigsaw, as well. If you're planning to paint
or stain your project, give all the pieces a good
sanding, and then paint or stain them before you assemble it. When staining, you can use a
cloth to wipe up the excess stain and let the wood grain show through. Take the 17 and 1/2-inch by 6-inch
base and place the balusters on it with the 36-inch piece in the middle.

christmas decoration ideas

Place the 28-inch baluster 2
inches away from the left edge and the 32-inch baluster 2
inches away from the right edge. The balusters should be flush
with the back of this base piece. Predrill and attach through the bottom
of the base with your wood screws. Place the 22-inch,
26-inch, and 30-inch candle pieces on each corresponding baluster so
that they're flush to the plywood base. Secure with brad nails through
the candle into the balusters and also through the base. Place the two side
pieces so that they're flush to each side, with the shorter
side facing the front of the box, and attach with brad nails. Position the remaining 17 and
1/2-inch by 6-inch piece so it's flush to the base and parallel to the candles.

Secure with brad nails. Attach the three flames you cut out to
the remaining piece of the baluster, leaving about 2 inches of
the wick showing below it. Secure with brad nails. And there you go. You've got a great way
to decorate and keep things organized just as
the holidays are ramping up. We have even more handy,
hands-on help and projects. Just go to and
sign up for an in-store workshop near you. See you next time..

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