10 SHOPPING SECRETS IKEA Doesn’t Want You to Know!

– These are the top 10 shopping secrets to help you save the most money at IKEA, and learn something that
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I know what they are, so I'm always helping you guys. Before we get to the top
10 shopping saving secrets, I'm gonna take you into
my local IKEA store, and take you on a bit of a treasure hunt to show you the best
deals inside the store. I do have one thing that I wonna showcase, which I just added to my website, mattsdailydeals.com or
reminder use affiliate links, which means I benefit monetarily if you're kind enough
to use any of my links. It's a tool, that could build pretty much any piece of IKEA furniture.

And for those of you watching
me for the first time, I'm a tool almost always, but not when I build IKEA furniture and this is a $19.99 12 in one multi-tool which are build virtually
any piece of furniture. Now, the first thing that I wonna mention when you step inside the
doors of your IKEA store, a lot of us believe the
only way through the store is the way IKEA wants
us to walk through it, which is a never ending, walk this way, left, right,
follow the arrows on the floor, walk through 11,000 square
feet of bedroom furniture before you get to the one kitchen item that you're trying to find.

What you guys might not be aware of is, there's actually a way
of around the store, which is revealed on the
in store shopping list which you can pick up, that actually give you a
different route through the store based on what department
you want to go to. So you do not need to spend 35 minutes walking through the store, which is what the average walk
takes at most IKEA locations, just so you can buy the
one item that you need.

IKEA shopping secret number two, if you join the IKEA family, which is basically
joining their VIP program that has a lot of perks, the main perk that you
get bestowed upon you is a 90 day price protection. So if you buy something
and the price drops after you purchase it
within a 90 day period, as long as you've kept the
original receipt within 90 days, IKEA will refund you that difference, which is very important to note. And that's a lot of cashback
potentially in your pocket, after a big shopping spree. IKEA shopping secret number three, is that you can actually buy many of your favorite IKEA products without even shopping or
buying the products from IKEA in the first place. Say hello to Amazon. And there's a trick to get legitimate IKEA products on Amazon. Wonna show you two different things. If you guys are looking for
products like shelves or desks, there's a distinction between the two types of products sold on IKEA.

Some, like this IKEA wall shelf, are completely jerked up in price and selling from third parties that have actually just
purchased the products from IKEA, put them onto a truck, and then we'll deliver them to you at these very long shipping intervals, and they've really jerked up the price. What you guys wonna look for generally if you are going to
buy a product from IKEA and you wonna pay close
to what you would spend in the specific IKEA
store in your community, you wonna look for sponsored listings, and you also wonna
generally look for products that have a lot of ratings
or fulfilled by prime.

The prime products are generally third party distribution
houses that IKEA uses to sell their products on Amazon. So MASK Enterprise is one of those, you can see that the
price that they're showing for these three potted outdoor succulents, in my calculations is actually $3 more than what you would
spend at your local IKEA. But hey, you don't need to
pay the crazy shipping fees that IKEA will charge you, and you can enjoy prime
shipping if you are in fact a prime member.

So there are things to be found on Amazon, but just keep in mind
when you see IKEA products that are not prime,
that have in some cases, the Swede as their shipping company or distribution house you
are not buying from Amazon, you're buying from a third party, and a lot of these products have been jerked up in price. But hey, the free
shipping might be worth it just watch it very closely when you are shopping for IKEA products on a third party website
especially Amazon. Shopping secret number four, those impulse bins that you see located throughout the store, get better and better in price as you get closer to the cash register.

That's also not the best
section of the store to even find a deal. So while we all love those giant bins, just be very careful as IKEA knows that they can entice you as
you get into the store, you're more likely to
actually put more items into your shopping cart. And as you get closer and
closer to the checkout, and you've spent even
more money in your head, and you have the whole
psychology of that couch, and the other pieces of
furniture that you need to buy, the impulse bin prices
become more aggressive on items that are in fact actually replicated throughout the store. The best section of the
store to find a deal is generally the As-Is section. These sections have the best loot.

Now these are items
that have been returned, they're available As-Is final sale, but in most cases, if
you shop after a weekend when a lot of people have
regretted their purchases and returned them, you're gonna find a beautifully
restock As-Is section, that is one of my go tos,
whenever I go into in IKEA store. IKEA shopping secret number
five, pertains to returns. And if you think this is good
please wait till number six, cause I'm gonna build on
this with some really crucial piece of information. IKEA, has one of the best
return policies in the world. 365 days to change your mind, even if you've assembled your merchandise, as long as it's in a
condition that can be resold, you have 365 days to return it, not that's just you changing your mind that doesn't actually take into account, defects or product malfunctions, which we'll talk about in part number six. Or saving secret number six. Not parts I need to learn what I'm saying.

Am professional YouTube. Anyhow, when you bring your product back to an IKEA return center, or it's usually a separate entrance as part of the IKEA shopping warehouse, you can wait an average of 90 minutes on Saturday or Sunday
to return your product and sometimes those wait times extend past the two hour mark. I can attest to that. It's the worst thing on earth. I hate it. And I've done it several times. If you want to return a product to IKEA, I'm going to strongly suggest that you consider a return
on a weekday morning. It's generally dead, I'm not suggesting that you take a day off of work to do this, but if you aren't working or
if you have available time, or if you have a day off, those morning returns
can be done probably in about 30 minutes versus 90 minutes or two hours on a weekend, and the longer you wait in the day, the worse it gets.

Now with that being said, that line is filled with people that are all generally making the same mistake. And that brings me to
shopping secret number six. A lot of us buy products from IKEA, or if this hasn't happened to you it's happened to me multiple times and you realize that extra screw, that extra hinge is missing. It's infuriating. And it's even worse when
you go back to the IKEA and you're convinced that
you need to wait in line to pick up that product.

10 shopping secrets

You do not need to do that. I'm gonna tell you two things which are very important to know. You can go into an IKEA, flag down a store associate, and they can actually take you to bins of extra screws or pegs that
you can then take for free, for as long as you've
purchased the product and you have a receipt with you. You can also call your local
IKEA store in many communities, and they will send you the missing parts free of charge in the mail.

You do not need to lose an
additional two hours in line with a bunch of people
that wonna talk about their furniture returns
and missing pieces, if you know this quick
trick, which is of course, you're saving secret number six. For saving secret number seven, if you hate people, crowds, or just feel a little bit
generally claustrophobic, I've got a savings inside secret for you. And generally, as you can
tell guys I don't get out much and I don't have many friends, except for the great
subscribers of this channel.

So if you've subscribe, I thank you, you're making me feel good about myself and helping me build this channel. But I don't have a lot
of social interactions. So I don't mind an IKEA
and walking around people. But if you don't want
to deal with the crowds or the wait times, you can actually buy all of
your IKEA furniture online, and then pick it up and store, even see what it looks
like in store before you put it in your car
for a flat rate of $5. So this is a new thing that's been launched
in different countries, it's available in the US,
Canada, Sweden right now. And the prices vary
based on where you are, but in my community, it's a $5 flat rate that enables you to pick up your order in a store after you've placed it online.

In my community, there's I think a handful IKEA stores
of which I have access to. So for that $5, it's a
quick drive, it's easy. If you live very far from an IKEA location that might not be worth your while, but if you actually calculate how much it will cost you
to pick up a smaller item from your IKEA versus paying, what are sometimes prohibitively expensive shipping fees and delivery fees, it might be worth your
while to do that $5 click and collect option. Just throwing that out there. For IKEA inside our saving
secret number eight, and by the way, if you like this one, which is a multi-part saving secret, I've got a really good number 10. So stick with me. But anyhow number eight is tied to the associates at IKEA. So I wonna tell you guys
a few different things. If you go into a grocery store
like Aldi or Trader Joe's, you'll find that the sales
folks are very excited to help you shop. They approach you. They come up to you,
they converse with you. If you go into some furniture stores where they work on commission, they are generally going
to stock you at the door and follow you through the store.

The IKEA associates are very different. They stand in areas of
the store off to the side and they have nothing to do with you unless you approach them. Not being rude. They're not being antisocial. That's how they're trained. But you can actually get a lot
from those sales associates if you approach them. So if you approach a sales associate, and you can do three things, which are tied to the shopping secret. First, you can get a quote on the spot for what it would cost to get
your IKEA furniture assembled. While there are assembly
services through IKEA, there's also some great local services of which they can inform you.

Part two of this, if you are moving, an IKEA associate can generally give you a coupon or help you get an additional discount on your product tied to your move, you'll get an additional 20
to $25 off a larger purchase. This varies by store and
varies by IKEA franchise, but that's something to keep in mind. And the third part of
the shopping secret is, if you see a model and in
display model in a store, and it's the last available product for something you really want, it could be a succulent, or a throw pillow, or a remote control organizer, the sales associates on the
floor are the only people that can determine whether or not you can purchase the store display model. You cannot take a store display model, put it into your shopping cart, and go to the cash register. The folks that work at the cash register do not have the ability to dictate whether or not you can buy a store model. So you will need a floor store associate, and they are there to help you, even though it sometimes
seems when they stand off to the side and they don't
necessarily like you, but they do trust me, I've tried.

IKEA shopping secret number nine allows you to try before you buy, which is a phenomenal thing if you are moving or spending a lot of money and you wonna figure
out how that will work, IKEA Place is an augmented reality app with a virtual reality product
placement in your home, where you can take photos of your room, and then through true-to-scale modeling, see specifically how a couch
or a chair and Ottoman, or whatever it is you're buying, will look in your space. And you can also shuffle
entire IKEA room sets through your living space, it's an amazing free app.

There's also tables for designers and interior decorators in IKEA where you can actually set up and use one of the free workspaces. And a reminder if you
are an interior designer or you do a lot of decorating
for a living or staging, you can get an additional discount at IKEA you just need to approach one
of those store associates, sometimes standing off to the side. For saving secret number 10, this is all tied to when you can find I'm doing a lot of hand motions. This is when they get
ultra excited, sorry. Hands behind the back so I could communicate effectively. The savings at IKEA are all different by store, their franchises. They don't all run the same discounts at the same time like Walmart or Target or some other store that you might be shopping at. The best thing to do online is sign up for your specific
ZIP Code, IKEA locations, catalog, whether it's digital or if they are still mailing
things out in your community. Make sure you are tied to them through the VIP program as well.

There's different events that they're going to invite you to, but it's ZIP Code specific. I know we've reached a point where a lot of us just don't
wonna give out our addresses, or phone numbers or ZIP
Codes to any third party cause we don't want our
information sold and I hear you. But for IKEA, before you
buy things from them, the discounts all vary based on location.

And a lot of the other
vloggers and bloggers that I've read 'bout will tell you, "Shop on Wednesday and shop on…" It's completely different by community. There's no one day to get a better deal. And because the bonus days at IKEA are done differently by community, it's anyone's fair game on
what's the best day to shop. So sign up, make sure you know what days you're going
to get the better deals, use that 90 day price protection, and you will be saving more cash than anyone else that
you see waiting in line at an IKEA store. I hope you guys liked this information. None of this is sponsored
or promoted by IKEA. They don't know I'm making this video. This is just me as a consumer advocate trying to help you guys save as much cash as humanly possible.

So when you know what video or what story you want me to tackle next, please leave me a comment. If you like this, if you give it a thumbs up, I'll be forever grateful. And if you could subscribe and turn your notifications on, I can promise for that next video upload, you're going to save even more money than you hopefully ever thought possible at that respective store. (claps) Alright, I love you bye..

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