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Hi, I'm Mark. In this video I explain how and when
to replace the filters of a vacuum cleaner. Everyone knows that you have to replace the vacuum cleaner bag
the moment it is full. You notice that it is time for this when
your vacuum cleaner no longer sucks as powerfully. A full dust bag reduces the suction power
of the device. However, for many people it is less clear when the filters of a vacuum cleaner need to be replaced.

The microfilter purifies the exhaust air from
the vacuum cleaner and blocks over 99% of all fine dust, pollen and allergens. This way, these particles are not blown back into the room
and you can be sure that you are breathing clean air. Especially people with a dust allergy or
respiratory complaints benefit a lot from this. After a while, the microfilter has absorbed so much
dust that it is saturated and no longer stops new dust particles. It is then time to replace the filter. How do you know when the time has come? We have a handy reminder for this: these are the vacuum cleaner bags of our brand Scanpart. All packages contain a microfilter. Whenever you open a new pack of dust bags,
you immediately replace the filter.


This way you don't have to remember when
you last replaced the microfilter. Replacing the filter is also quite
easy. I'll show you! You open the vacuum cleaner. Then you remove the grid from the
filter. You take out the old filter and place it
on the cuttable filter. You cut it to size and then you
put the new filter back in the vacuum cleaner. Then click on the grid again. Immediately replace the dust bag, and
then this vacuum cleaner can handle it again! When was your microfilter last
replaced? Has it been a while? Then come to the Handyman stores or order
it online so that you have it at home tomorrow..

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