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Oh my gosh! That story is hilarious! Oh! You think I’m gonna let that stand?! Paper fight! Woo! What?! What is going on in here?! Uh-oh.  Oh my gosh. What’s that? An earthquake? It’s coming closer! I’m so glad to be back in school! I missed you, chalkboard! Time to take my things out of my backpack. Textbook. Notebook. Pen. All right. I’m ready to learn. So close to being done with school. Just gotta get through the day. I know I got my stuff in here somewhere. Oh man. This will make a great pillow. Ahem. What do you think you’re doing? Go away, Mom. Oww! What the heck? Fine, sorry. How much longer do I have to wait to get out of here? Just a little longer… YESSSSS! That’s it! School’s out! WOOOO! We did it! No more school!  Hey there.

Guess it’s time for class to start. Who wants to turn in their homework first…? Me me me! Pick me! Yeah. Pick her. Definitely. Okay. Come up to my desk please. Thank you! Yes! Wait. THAT’S your homework? Yes Ma’am. I like to be thorough. I’ll just hang this up on the board here. Now to get my writing up here, too. Done. Ma’am, I’m ready for you to look over my work. I’ve got a few binders with my findings in them. I color coded, too, for ease of reference. I focused on the muscular system in those binders. And in these binders it’s the rest. Oh my goodness, this is a lot. Well, thank you for your work. Please take a seat. Kevin? Do you have your homework? Uhhh, yes ma’am… My homework is in a binder too.  Shoot! Why didn’t I finish? The muscular system… Hey bro! Stop working and start snacking! It’s game time! I challenge you! Come on, bro! Focus on the game! Right. Umm, here you go, ma’am… Kevin. What is this? I’ll just take a seat back at my desk… Better check my cheat sheet.

Okay, that will help me find the answer. Ahem. Kevin. Is there something you’re hiding? A cheat sheet! Just like I thought! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Nope. I don’t want that to happen to me. Hi, Dad. Still studying, I see.  Oh, here’s the book I was looking for. Oh! The fan! I’ve got a genius idea! The cheat sheet is making a return! All right. I’ve folded it like an accordion. And now I need a pencil and some glue. Just a little line of glue on the edge. That should be enough. Now for the cheat sheet. Okay, one end goes on this pencil And the other end of the sheet goes on this other pencil. Look! I made cheat sheet fan! Gotta quickly write the answer.

Oh! Here she comes! Gotta hide the cheat sheet by closing the fan. Oh. Hi ma’am. Let’s see. Are you hiding any cheat sheets, Kevin? Okay. Well, keep working. Cheat sheet is a huge success! Better finish taking this test. All right! Time for lunch! I’m starving. Can’t wait to eat these. Oooh! What does Kevin have over there? Heeeeeey Kevin! Maybe you could share? I mean, sure, I guess? That’s my soda… Great. Now what? Okay, no one else is around. Heeeeeey, Kevin! Whachoo have there? Oh. Here you go. And you might as well take this. Again?! And they just keep taking all my food. Oh, hold on. I have a call. Kevin, can you finish slicing these? Fine fine.  Hey…wait a second… I’ll just cut this top off. And now to bring in the M&Ms. I’ll pour them into this pepper. It’s like nature’s cup! And then I can put the top right back on. I can do the same with this cucumber and kit kat.


And this pumpkin! It’s big enough to hold all my soda! I’ll fill the whole pumpkin so I won’t get thirsty. Done. And then the lid goes back on. I’ll add it to my basket of veggies. There we go! Now that’s a school lunch! This is totally going to solve my issues. Ahem. I guess it’s lunch time.

Let’s see what Kevin’s brought us today! What? Raw veggies? Ugh. No thanks. They bought it! Now to eat my candy. I can’t believe how easy this all was. I could use a drink, too. Mm. Refreshing. Yay! It’s time for class to start! All right. It’s time for your chemistry test. Ooh! I bet I can get an A on this! Yeeesh. Hey. Can you give me any answers? Not me, but her!  Hey! Psst! Ugh. Don’t bother me. Just do your own work. Oh, I get it.  Hey! Can you help me? Please? Pretty please? Ah. Okay, fine. I’ll just write down the answers for him. And I’ll drop it into my shoe.

Yes! I got it! Okay, I’m good. Here you go, Kevin. Your turn. Yes! She gave us all the answers! Great! Back into the shoe it goes! Well well well. What do we have here? There’s a piece of paper in this shoe. With the answers. You’ve been cheating! Who’s shoe is this?! It’s not me! I swear! It’s Kevin! I can’t believe you all —huh? Wow. They really raced out of here. All right, go on in. Next! What do you have over here? A cheat sheet?! I don’t think so! This is a prohibited item! All right. Empty your pockets. Let’s see them. Okay, fine. Here’s the rest of them. Gosh. He’s totally gonna catch me.

Hey! My gum! That could help! I’ll just stick it to the back of my cheat sheet. That’s it! Get out of here! Hi, teach! I’m so excited for this exam! Hi, yes. Well. Empty your pockets, please. Okay, you’re fine. Go on into the class. There’s my cheat sheet! Still stuck to his back! That’s right! I did that! All right. Please begin the test. Aww! He sat down! We can’t see the sheet anymore. Hey. Is there something you can do? Wait… Excuse me? Sir? I have a question. Oh? I’ll be right over. Quick! Now’s our chance! Hey! You try to get him to turn around the other way. Okay. Sir? I also have a question. There he goes! Quick! Write down the answers! Yes! We’re all going to ace this test! Great job! What’s your favorite part of school? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to share this video with your friends and subscribe to our channel for more great videos like this one!

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