Hair Cut for Kids | Handyman Hal visits a Barber Shop | Kids Fun Haircut

hey there my friends it's me handyman out just 
working on this really cool barber pole here   isn't this awesome oh yeah just gotta tighten this 
screw a little blippi had to install this for my   friend today yep and we're using this awesome tool 
it's our screwdriver that's really awesome all   right just a couple more twists and turns there 
nice and snug there it is awesome well let's turn   around and see if it works oh wow we fixed it how 
awesome is this just messing around in a row and   look at these cool colors we got blue and we got 
red that's totally awesome right look at this cool   place we're at benny's barbershop here in paulie's 
island south carolina this is totally awesome   look we can even sign in let's sign in hey man 
how am i need a haircut today let's see here   h a l there you go that's awesome oh look we 
can't even get a lollipop after we're done looks   kind of low we might need to fill it up let's do 
it oh yeah oh look at all of these suckers here   stack them in there oh yeah that's awesome 
slipping more in there a few more there we go   that looks awesome slide that lid back on there 
cool down well let's go see what we got oh look   at all of this they've got three barber chairs 
we got one two and three oh looks like they're a   little messy you might need to clean up a little 
bit for him we got our broom let's get to it michael we're almost done that's a lot of hair 
that's really cool let's see all the way over   here look at this really cool two-layer use this 
is a barber vac check this out oh it's like a   vacuum cleaner that the hand gets sucked up into 
check that out how cool is that look one more time   there you go almost oh yeah that was totally 
awesome oh wow look at all of this cool stuff   have you ever been to a barber before and got 
your hair cut it's totally awesome look at all   this cool stuff let's see this is awesome 
it's called a neck duster to get all the   hair off of you after you're done that's 
really cool oh and look at these scissors   these are really cool you gotta have scissors to 
cut hair oh that's awesome it's really cool oh   and even a water bottle well looks almost empty 
let's fill it up gotta have some water in there   right yep turn that on fill it right up there we 
go that's all set and ready to go twist that on   that's cool oh these are really cool check 
these out these are called electric clippers   that's really cool that's awesome 
set those back there oh look at this   this is really cool look at all of those combs in 
there and it's in a blue liquid called barbicide   that keeps it clean and sanitized for 
the next person right oh these are cool   look at that it's a mustache i wonder if i look 
good with a mustache i don't know kind of cool   look at this stuff in here oh this is cool it's a 
hair dryer how cool is that it's got three speeds   off low and high let's see that's blue 
and that's nice wow that's really awesome   that's cool there you go oh there it is oh it's 
even got brushes in here that's really cool   that's really cool awesome let's close that 
right back totally cool check this out of course   and the barber's always got to have a good 
garbage chair you got it this is really cool right   check this out this step at the bottom right 
here you press on it a couple times and it   raises the chair up how cool is that oh it 
even spins around oh yeah that's really cool   all right let's see a couple more times up 
and then if you push it all the way down the   chair goes all the way down how cool is that 
that's awesome let's get it up a little higher   a little higher for the next person there we 
go there we go all right check this really   cool lever out lean it back and it leans the 
seed back how cool is that that's awesome talk   about relaxation while you're getting your hair 
cut that's really cool all right let's put that   back up and of course they got all sizes of people 
that sits in the seat so even for the little guys   they got a seat booster that's cool so they 
can cut their hair whenever they're small   that's totally cool awesome and 
of course you can't go to a barber   without a haircake cool it's this is awesome 
it's even got tractors it's even got safety   cones how awesome is that oh yeah like 
a superhero haha yeah that's awesome oh wow this is totally awesome got my hair 
cape on so my hair won't fall on my clothes   this is going to be great well thank you for 
fixing my barber pole handyman how yes sir   oh wow that's a good question and 
there's so many types of hairs out   there we've got short hair we got long air 
even curly and straight here huh let's think   i could do a mohawk that would be 
really cool or even maybe a bowl cut or flat top or we can completely buzz it 
off that would be awesome too but how about we just do the regular 
today how about that the regular yes sir   oh wow my friends isn't this totally awesome   getting your hair cut is totally fine well 
you got to be brave of course but then you   got to make sure that you sit really still 
and you got to listen to what the barber says   all right mr benny uh how long 
have you been cutting here   i've been a barber now for about 24 years oh 
wow so that's that's probably a lot of haircuts   i wonder how many kids haircuts you cut i'd 
say thousands oh that's a lot of haircuts uh yeah we're awesome awesome awesome yes we 
are and we're smart and we're cute we're   even awesome when we too excuse me we're 
awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome   we can learn we can play we can have an 
awesome day yeah we're awesome awesome awesome   awesome awesome having fun meeting you being 
awesome is what we do cause we're awesome   we're awesome awesome awesome awesome oh wow that looks awesome 
that was great all right sweet spin you back around here look at all 
of that this is totally awesome oh   wow well thank you sir does it look good ah 
that's awesome right totally awesome today   gotta have my helmet right that's awesome 
well we made a mess we got to clean it up   let's grab the room and take care of it oh 
yeah here we go all right we're almost got it   let's get to the barber back there we go here we 
go all up in there oh yeah that's totally awesome   well thanks for watching today we had 
so much fun we'll see you next time come okay handyman how here's your first 
haircut certificate cool how awesome   is that oh since you were a good boy i keep 
it she's a lollipop oh yeah that's awesome handyman hal is your most trusted 
handyman for all your repair needs   need an amazing lemonade stand how about 
help with learning shapes and colors   trouble fueling your airplane handyman hal can do 
it all no job is too big or small for handyman hal   whether your car wash needs repair or you need 
to get rid of some expired groceries you can   count on handyman hal give him a call today 
the handyman that's got a plan handyman hal   handyman hal is a fun kids show and 
we want to say thanks for watching

barber shop for kids

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