DIY Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas on a Budget!

Coming up on this episode of "Designed to the Nines". I've got some fun, easy and inexpensive porch decor ideas So if that sounds good to you stay tuned Welcome to "Designed to the Nines… I'm NataLee Callahan and if this is the first time we're meeting Welcome to my channel if you enjoyed videos about DIY Home decor and really all things home related then consider subscribing to my channel below and turning the notifications on Because I bring you weekly tutorials on these topics. I'd love it if you joined me I'm here in my front porch today and I am really excited about today's episode Because I've got a lot of fun projects to amp up the design and decor on your front porch Now today's episode is part of a series of porch videos. I've done a couple before where I painted my front door I added some frosted glass I added a little some lettering and these cute little topiary trees and today I wanted to amp up the design and make it feel really inviting and a Place that will is very welcoming to my friends my guests and my family Truthfully my whole house It needs an exterior paint job, but that's a big expense…

A big time commitment If I were to do it myself, which I've done before I'm not quite ready to do that so in the meantime we're going to spruce up the front porch and Maybe put some bark in the beds and and just make it feel a little bit more inviting So let's get started so Some of the things that we're going to be working on is I got a home sign that I'm going to be putting here I've got a little bit of artwork that's going up here. I've got some pillows. I've got some rug I've even got a light fixture. So let's get started. Okay… So for my first project I am creating a welcome sign for Just left of my entry door and it's gonna say 'welcome to our home' and you've probably seen these on Pinterest I've seen them in craft stores and things like that And what we're going to do is we are going to paint it on a piece of wood This is a totally free project for me because I had all of this stuff on hand But if you were to recreate this look, you could probably get the job done for less than $10 So it's really affordable project and it is just a 2 by 12 piece of lumber now This is the one that I mentioned that I stained in my last video It doesn't have to be 2 inches deep.

You could do a 1 inch board as well But this is just what I had. So the reason why I stained it was because I'm plan on Distressing it a little bit around the edges and I wanted it to have kind of like a dark finish showing through so now what we're going to do is I have some "oops paint" that I picked up from Home Depot, I believe and It was discounted and I just had it around and we're going to just paint It right on And so we'll just paint This all white so I'm probably just going to do one coat because it can be a little weathered and distressed So there's no need to get a really good two coats on there now We're going to move on to another portion of that project and we will be with spelling out welcome to our home and home will be in really big block letters like you saw and The O is gonna be a wreath So I actually had this leftover from my Easter table project Because I had kind of gone back and forth whether I wanted to use the small size or the big size I ended up going with the big size.

So this is leftover from that I just never returned it and So I had it on hand now after Christmas and after a lot of holidays I always go to the stores and check out the clearance bins for greenery for florals and things that I can use in future projects, so I picked these Branches up for 90% off making them forty-nine cents per branch and what we're gonna do is we are going to cut these apart and then I have a whole pile of them all ready to go and We are just going to glue them on and then we're going to kind of go in the same motion so all of the greenery kind of goes around and Stick it in So what you're gonna want to do is you're gonna want to take and lay out your Sign the way you want it I Can see where the wreath plays into it and we'll we'll set the wreath aside for now We're gonna take some of this graphite paper set it underneath We'll just start with the welcome and then we're gonna take a pen or you could take another pencil and you're gonna trace this the idea is that it will transfer Onto the wood underneath pick out whatever font speaks to you.

I just kind of liked it had a little sass to it Alright, so let me show you what we got here. So as you can see This method works all really really well Alright because I'm already going to be painting the letters black to make it a little easier on myself I've decided to trace all the outside edges with a black sharpie and I just feel like this will make things a little Smoother and easier to paint now it's time to paint Taking the time to use the sharpie will make this part really a lot easier So my sign is totally dry I'm happy with how it turned out and this part always makes me a little nervous So I've got it all painted nice. And now we're gonna make it look old it and rough it up with some sandpaper Let me know if you're the same way in the comments as me.

Let me know if you liked distressed stuff So we're gonna do it… I've got a little piece of sandpaper here You want to go with the grain of the wood? And then just kind of lightly sand it cuz we don't want to We don't want to make it like too overly distressed but enough that it has a little bit of love Alright I survived the sanding and I'm actually happy that I did it it looks really a lot better distressed And so now I want to add a few finishing touches I'm going to actually take some of this twine and wrap it around the top and then we're gonna take a nail and Hammer it in to hold the wreath on. All right, so next up I have another wreath and this is my existing Front-door wreath and it's just a Magnolia wreath same principles and everything as the last wreath.

I actually got These on Christmas clearance sale as well. I wanted to add a little pop of white to it. So I have these Magnolias, that I already had one hand. I picked up a whole bunch of white flowers for my Easter table And this is from that So what I want to do with these to make them look a little bit higher quality because if you look close up Some of the petals there's a lot of loose fibers. I actually got this idea from the DIY mommy I love her channel. She has this tutorial and I'll put it in the description below on Making peony flowers from scratch they turned out Beautiful one of the things she did to get the petals to curl and kind of look a little bit more finished Was she kind of burned the edges and she actually did it with a candle.

decorate with me

I'm just gonna use my lighter. They are kind of flammable So you're gonna want to be careful and this will singe off some of those loose threads and kind of give it a more finished Feel and less cheap feeling and what I'm going to do here is I want to tuck in some of these magnolias into my wreath because we're gonna add some magnolia touches to my front porch and then we're just gonna tuck these magnolias into a few strategic places and Just put a little pop of white a little pop of color and to dress up my front door wreath a little bit So it's just got a little bit more going on with it So I went thrifting the other day and I scored the most amazing deal EVER! I am so excited about it. So I went to the local restore here and I found this amazing Light fixture and it was marked for five dollars and I was so excited about it And and then I went to the checkout and it rung up for two dollars and I'm like Are you sure that's the right price? and she said to me Our lighting is 60% off You can find something like it at Pottery Barn for about three hundred dollars right now, and I got it for two dollars…

(crashing noise) Whoops! okay, so I have one problem with installing my light fixture though is right now it is a recessed light fixture and So it is meant for like a light bulb just screw right in it. So I found this converter kit I'll put the link below for it, but it's a really cool product where I can just Piggy tale it into that… And it is raining! So we've got to stop! Are you kidding? It's rain season in Florida. So we can't do electrical outside when it's raining Not a good idea. So pause Here we go. Let's try this again Okay, so we are going to install this pendant light and we're going to convert it from a recessed light. obviously I'm not going to endorse you doing this yourself, but that's up to you.

I'm doing it myself because I feel comfortable doing that So I'm not gonna include a tutorial on how I'm installing this recessed kit But I will attach a link to a very good one Below so my light fixture is installed and I am extremely happy with how it turned out it was well under $20.00 total including a light fixture and the kit and now it's time to decorate my favorite part in my pool and patio decor video I had a gallery wall and I had somebody ask me how I went about hanging on Stucco so I'm gonna show you how I'm gonna do this Got a sharpie and I'm marked where I'm going to drill. I've got my drill and it has a drill bit on it and We're just going to drill into that mark alright, so then we're going to tap in an Anchor very gently.

Change the tip and then I just put a screw right into the drywall anchor… and Now we have a place to hang this picture. our picture… Yay! So I'm a really huge fan of the double-layer rug look on the front porch so I've got my Buffalo check rug here and My welcome mat here, and I'm going to set them down Now and I will put links to as much as I possibly can in the description box below So now it's time to place our welcome home sign. It was so much fun to make this I'll put in the description box below the link to the printable that I used to trace this with if you have a vinyl cutter That will make your job a little bit easier but for those of us who don't just print it out and trace it and you can have a sign that looks like this too- now it's time for just a couple final finishing touches one is this Magnolia pillow that I'm going to put on the bench that I made last week and then just a couple of accessories So my front patio makeover is done, I'm really thrilled with how it turned out it's a place that feels cozy and inviting Just what I had hoped for so I am just thrilled and I spent less than probably a hundred dollars total on Everything some of my projects were absolutely free to me because I had the stuff on hand other stuff were super inexpensive From the light fixture which was less than 20 bucks my bench Which was less than $40…

My rugs were pretty inexpensive as well So I'm just thrilled because I feel like I have a lot of bang for my buck and it's in a very neutral Palette that can be good any time of year I'll probably change it up a little bit here and there Seasonally, but for right now This is a good look for any day of the year and its really Beautiful from the magnolias to the wreaths the greenery there It's a very cohesive look now, and hopefully it will get me by until I'm able to paint my exterior Hopefully in the near future so if you enjoyed this video don't forget to hit the like button below as well as hit the subscribe button because I've got a lot of fun tutorials coming and that includes my girls can use power tools challenge as well as I'm going to be doing a tour of my vacation home in Maine so lots of fun things lots of decor lots of DIY a Lots of adventure.

Thank you so much for your support Thank you so much for watching today's episode and I look forward to seeing you next week.

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