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Man it is cold this morning First time I've had to wear my jacket in Probably about a year since last December or so, so I got to clean my truck out a little bit it's been a little while since I've had someone a passenger ride with me Got a lot of stuff to clean a hurry and like I like I told you guys in the last vlog I got my employee or my independent contractor from last year He's gonna be working with me today and we're gonna be starting something up. So I'm pretty excited about that So kind of getting things going and then once he gets here we'll get taken off for today's vlog Hey friends.

All right, we are off to our job today Got a pretty awesome job going on we are basically gonna be cleaning some gutters this morning blowing off a roof and then we are gonna be installing an electrical outlet on the outside of a guy's house to run a security camera and Like I promised you guys I do have Frank here with me. So this is the long-awaited Frank here Welcome welcome Frank. We got him going on today with us So you'll be seeing this guy if you see this guy in the video, it's not some random guy. This is Frank He's gonna be working with us. So yeah, we're gonna get to the job. So let's do it All right, here we are up on the roof This is the debris.

We're gonna be blowing off I'm gonna try and sweep up the majority of this stuff and then I'll blow off the rest of it then there's a bunch of debris over here And really mostly the breeze are coming from these big trees as you can see in the back of the house There's not really much debris We're gonna blow that off and we got We got the infamous Frank over here cutting the trees doing due diligence, so we're gonna To get rid of the issue here and then we're gonna clean all this off. So anyways, let's get to it Okay, here we are up on the roof and our thought for first all is we talked about the layout of this house and it Kind of comes into the front area there and there's a lot of stone on the ground So we thought it would be easier to sweep up the majority of the debris on the roof before we actually blew it down Just because we didn't want to have to deal with Blowing it out of all that all that stone in the front.

We did up and blow some a little bit later, but Definitely not all of it. So it was definitely a wise choice to kind of try and sweep up the majority of the stuff as we could so that that Seemed to work out pretty good and then here in a few seconds. I'm going to be blowing off a little bit a little bit more just to kind of make it into a certain pile and then we'll be getting into that and then what we found is best for the actual the way to clean these actual gutters with the gutter guards on them is to take off like one gutter guard and blow as much as we can all the way down a straight line to where the gutter guard is taken off and then clean that part of the gutter it worked a whole lot better or Sometimes you would you would only be able to blow it as far as you could before it kind of got clogged in that gutter Guard and then you'd have to pull that gutter guard off And clean it that way but that seemed to be the best course of action for cleaning these rather than taking every single Gutter guard off and cleaning it by hand If you guys have any other ways that you've done it, I would definitely love to know, you know How you guys clean it with these gutter guards? The gutter guards that this house has on it, I think are personally the best gutter guards that they have around actually a video that I'm going to be having coming up here in a few weeks actually install these gutter guards on a house and I personally think they are the best gutter guards that they sell because they're kind of just a you know, fine kind of like a You know, it's definitely wire but it's it kind of resembles chicken wire but a much smaller mesh I personally like them because they they allow a good amount of water in Without allowing the leaves in which I think is what gutter guards are supposed to do and I like them because they are metal They're not plastic The plastic ones always seem to work always seem to cause trouble and as you can see there There's Frank blowing the gutters down to a certain area Then we'll be cleaning that out and we kind of take turns here You can see we got all the debris off of the the main roof overhang.

It's quite interesting They have a shingle roof, and then they have that rollout roof. Just over the front door So that must have been added on at a later time, but we thought that was kind of interesting that layout But anyways, we're just kind of getting to it kind of going, you know, incrementally on this and getting it tackled out This is called teamwork makes the dream work Alright we're gonna leave we're leaving Frank there at the house.

I'm going to run and get some conduit I got some conduit this morning for that electrical job But I didn't get enough eye right when I left the store I'm like, oh why didn't I get more but you know, so I got to run and get some more condo We're gonna put some flexible conduit on the outside of the house to plug in his security camera. So Yeah, run into or lows right now to get some more conduit. Oh, yeah, no big deal Then we're gonna come back and finish up cleaning off that roof and the gutters and they get some electrical installed All right, all kind of all done at Lowe's here. We got our conduit good to go Hey, what do you guys think of Frank? I was I was joking with him this morning. I'm like, dude You're like popular psych because yesterday or in the last one lock I made which was filmed yesterday I mentioned that Frank was gonna be coming along and I was joking with Frank this morning I'm like everyone's gonna be like, oh, it's finally Frank.

He's here Frank Frank. We were just having a good laugh. It's funny But let me know what you think of Frank in the comment section. He's a he's a great guy great helper I'm super excited to have him along and I think he's gonna fit in well with the handyman honestly handyman kind of ethos, you know, I'm excited about that, but Let's get back to this project here. It's a Frank in his natural habitat Let's see if we can sneak up on him That say things are looking pretty good we're getting there we're just Slowly but surely getting getting all the gutters cleaned it's kind of hard cuz it's got all these gutter covers on it, but We're getting it. All right, Frank's go. I'm pretty good on the gutters. So I'm gonna go ahead and get started on this conduit run So here is the security camera on the on the side of the house and we're gonna put in a new outlet box Below the hedge line on the brick over there.

We're gonna run our conduit all the way along Over here and then we're gonna run our conduit up to somewhere on the siding There is an outlet on the inside of the house And so whatever stud cavity that outlets in that's what we'll put our outlet So the conduit will run down here all the way over to that side of the house where we'll put a new outlet But that's the plan. So let's get to it All right, I just learned something from Frank We're gonna put the string in here and we're gonna suck it from the other end with the vacuum Pretty smart. I didn't think of that. I was trying to figure out how to get wire through this thing But we're gonna get it going It working Hey look at that we got string All right, once we got that string ran through there We're basically just straightening out our wires and Frank's pulling out the string one in and I'm feeding the wire in the other It's pretty nice working with someone else having an extra set of hands You know kneading especially something like this where kind of need one guy on one end and one guy on the other works out pretty well All right, here's our setup for running this wire got it through here we got some needle nose pliers in the ground Frank's invention pretty smart and then here is 30 feet of our conduit and the old Frank Has got this with a string.

Good job, Frankie. Thanks, man Once we got the wire set into the conduit next step is to put the wire and hook the conduit up to the outlet boxes with this nice waterproof tight connection here and Then we actually only had a limited time to go inside the house when the when the client was gone kind of a long story there so we had about two hours here to go inside the house undo the electrical and remove that box and while I'm doing this on the inside Frank is actually working on the outside cutting a hole in the siding and Getting everything ready out there So I'm kind of doing the inside stuff fishing it to him Which he's on the outside of it, so it worked out pretty well, especially like I said earlier, it's nice having another guy When you kind of need two hands, you know, especially feeding wire from the inside to the outside it's a whole lot easier when you got two guys rather than trying to make it work yourself for sure and Here.

cleaning gutters

I'm just putting in a recessed box I got the original wire there on the bottom and then my new wire on the top that's just going to my new outlet on this day of the house and Then Frank is attaching the box and all of that to the outside of the house And then once we get that the next step is to cut the conduit to the correct length Once we get that cut then I'm gonna be hooking it up to my junction box there and Frank is going to continue Mounting and securing the conduit to the side of the house. So working together getting it all done turning out good Ok, we're all done here we got our exterior Box ran and then we got our conduit run all the way On the other side of the hedge here and so if we get over here we can see our new outlet Here's our new outlet box and the client already has His nest security camera plugged into it and then there's the conduit ran all the way over there Nest security camera has the green light.

Okay, so that's it for this for this house here Just got to get cleaned up the next door neighbor actually sauce over here working and they want us to go clean their gutters So we gave him a price and we're gonna go over there and we're gonna clean their gutters real quick It's like what time is it? I think it's like 2 To 17. So we're gonna clean the gutters and then we're gonna go home So we're gonna do do that all over again, very clean gutters, except this guy. He has gutter guards he wants two gutter guards just taken off and thrown away because he's got new gutter guards gonna be put on in a week when They do the new roof. So we're pretty much just gonna rip it off clean the gutters and be done with that No better I Couldn't help but But leave that little segment in the video here is hack a funny when I was editing this video I saw that where we just couldn't get that that latter level.

We needed having to put a piece of wood under it That was hilarious. So anyways, this obviously was shot a while back. Just got back from Thanksgiving vacation. I hope everyone had a Fantastic Thanksgiving I did and not like I mentioned before the video I posted on Thanksgiving Day I was going to another town to visit family and I wanted to try out some marketing there and see if it would work out And it did I picked up two jobs while I was there out of town and it went great So I made a little money while I was on Chris on Thanksgiving vacation, so I went great So anyways here on this job.

We are just blown everything out on this house we decided that it would be easier because it had cement all the way around that it would be easier just to Blow everything down to the ground and then clean up the ground afterwards and it we did that and it worked out great This job was fairly easy because we just took off all these gutter guards and threw him in his recycling bin Because he's gonna have some new roof put on here in about a week from when this video was was shot So turned out pretty good was a whole lot easier than cleaning them with the gutter guards on We kind of had one guy.

Go ahead Take gutter guards off and then the other guy come up behind with the leaf blower and blow everything out. So Yeah, this job went great and it was free advertising We were just cleaning the neighbor's house. And he said hey, can you come over and do mine so we went for it pretty great All right, we're all done with that with that one log that was a pretty sweet job We did we did all that all that work for that one house And then the neighbor, you know obviously came over and then we went over and cleaned their gutters, too So that was pretty sweet.

The total labor for the first job was six hundred bucks We were at that job for what? Four and a half hours five hours. Yes, and then the other the other gutter job Totaled 184 labor and we were there for an hour hour Hour and a half or whatever. Well, that guy was ran the red light He did run the red light but he stopped at least and okay Yeah, so that was pretty sweet just we just pretty sweet job so the total labor for today the total labor was 780 and You know Frank and I we have an agreement. So we're gonna be splitting that up We do So pretty sweet and so Frank did you? What was your takeaway of the day? Like what do you what do you think was one? yah-hoo of the day or Well, I think today was fabulous it was nice too it was definitely nice to give back With you for you for the client Being appreciated, you know, the client the clients are always appreciated there's an evil thing.

There's ever been a Happy with the job like that. So so I'm just I'm pretty happy that I Got I got to spend the day with You Alan and spend the day Making people happy. Yeah. Yeah. I I really enjoyed working with you today and I think one thing that I kind of took away from the day was Obviously that vacuum string trick that you taught me to Get the you know to get the wire through the conduit. That's pretty sweet and then the other thing is I Think don't be afraid to like press yourself to do more like when that neighbor came over and they wanted to clean their gutters it was like 2 o'clock when we finished at the other house and It would have been easy to spin like now we're gonna go home We made six hundred bucks today, you know, where's gonna call it a day, but you know Just push it out another hour and we made another 180.

Yeah, you know, so that was I think I'm happy Yeah I mean if you could do free Advertising like making a lot of noise at a neighbor's house And then all the neighbors cannot be like hey what's going on? You know that works So anyways, thank you all so much for tuning in. Don't forget to like this video Leave me a comment, you know, let me know what you think about Frank over here and we'll see you on the next one log.

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