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Man I just realized that that I left my trailer unlocked like all weekend It's Monday, man I did some work out of my trailer at my house like Friday evening and just realized that yeah that I had left It unlocked all weekend, but I guess I live in a pretty good pretty safe neighborhood. I mean I've I've never had anything stolen out of my truck. I've left my trailer unlocked. I think twice now I I left it unlocked I think the first time I left it unlocked for like a whole week though, because I went out of town And I when I came back I realized I hadn't locked my trailer not the best So I guess I live in a good town. All right this morning. I am heading to Home Depot Got a little bit of a late start again today I had a Doc's point for my daughter this morning kind of the run of the mill right now he's kind of a lot of got a lot of Doc's moments going on but so it is 11:49 and I am heading to Home Depot I got to pick up some pick up some material doing some trim work today just around a kitchen island today Is actually a like a sequel to a job I did Quite a while ago.

I posted I'll post the video the link for the video somewhere at the top here and So I did this I did this job a while back and it was one They she needed some trim around this around their island in the kitchen I couldn't find the correct trim or I got the wrong trim by the time I found the right trim it was too late in The day to finish the job. So I'm coming back to do it now and then also They need some drywall repaired behind there behind their shower Basically, they had a handheld shower thing that had been leaking for like heck along and the drywall is just hecka messed up So they want me to pull that out.

But last time I was there they didn't they had to replace the handheld Showerhead, so I didn't want to replace the drywall because I wouldn't I didn't want just to get ruined again So I told them to fix the you know, fix the handheld dryer I mean the handheld shower head and then I would come back and fix the drywall They didn't want me to do the handheld showerhead. They thought that was easy enough for them to do So anyways, they got it done now so I'm gonna go back finish that up for him and get all this button up So those are the two main projects that I'm working on today Got everything loaded up in the trailer just had to pick up that trim So this lady she said that she doesn't really She doesn't want me to finish the finish the wood or anything.

She just wants to put up Just some just some blank pine up there I don't know if she's gonna stain it or what afterwards, but that's all she wanted me to do. I guess she got some She got some new granite countertops a while back and then and for some reason they didn't trim it out So she just wanted you to put the trim around you guys will see it once I get there. But anyways, let's get to it a Bit go down and do the trim Alright I'm gonna take a quick break here and eat some lunch while that stuff is drying I had kind of a thought thought lately like um You know, what makes how come some people are like billionaires and some people? struggle every month to pay their bills, you know, and I was thinking about this like Everybody on earth has 24 hours in a day seven days a week 365 days in a year Well except on leap year, but whatever that's neither here nor there And I think it I think it lies with doing more and how do you do more in a day, you know? And I don't think it relies on like you have to figure out how to get more times You're never gonna be able to figure out how to get more time But I think it's about using the time that you've been given more wisely, you know Look at instead of looking at like ways that you can get more time Look at ways that That you're wasting time look at ways that and this is very applicable to me cuz like, you know when I go home You know like had a long day and you know Just hang out with my wife my daughter like sit around watch TV.

Like there is so much more that we do doing with our With our time. I'm not I'm not saying to neglect your family at all. Your family is the most important But I think that there are some there are some times that we are wasting in life So I don't that's just a thought. I had. I don't know if it resonates with any any one of you guys but Just trying to figure out how to do more, you know do more in a day get to get more stuff done.


So Anyway, that's my thought. I'm Jake Drywall is looking good. I think we're gonna give it a little bit more time here. I've seen some people mix the sawdust with With glue, that's what I did here. I just had a little Mountain Dew can but it turned out. All right, but I Don't know first time trying it. So I'll show you guys one I feel like that turned out pretty good if you guys got any advice on that, I would love to hear it Leave me a comment the comment section below.

Let me know Now, I just got to get ready put another coat on that drywall and then shoot some texture on it and get out of here Let me show you guys my setup here real quick. So first I'll Block things kind of keep things safe my trailer hooked up And then here Other drawers plumbing electrical miscellaneous drive off. This is kind of my drywall stuff I already got it out. And in that back there don't look at that. That's kind of a mess That's where my skill saw There you go, like nothing ever happened looks pretty good Well, I'll done with that job I definitely underbid that job when I first originally came to estimate this job. It's been kind of crazy because This cut I think this job is tomato back in April and right now it's like the end of August I don't know when you guys are gonna watch this video.

But yeah the end of August so Because you know my daughter was born I took a few weeks off work and then You know came back and did half the work because she didn't have the handheld showerhead replaced anyway, so now so when I came back last time I had realized that I misquoted this drywall job What was on the estimate was for me? Just the skin skin coated with drywall compound and re Retexture it to reshoot some texture, but when I got here last time I was looking at it I'm like, yeah, I can't do that like this looks like it needs to be replaced So I actually cut that drywall out you guys saw in the video and That wasn't on the quote. I miss quoted it for me what I feel is that I just kind of absorb that and take that and mark that as a kind of a learning experience like to actually You know focus more on my quotes next time and things like that, but I don't know.

I'd love to hear what you guys think Should I have you know redone in s14? Should I charge them more? This or that but so all in all all in said and done when I actually got there I got the house at about 4:00 12:30 And then I went about 12 35 or so. And right now it's 4:15. Just leaving the house. So what is that like? Three a little over three hours and 45 minutes or so I Got for that job.

Just the trim in the kitchen and the drywall Got three hundred and five dollars for that And the materials were I think they were probably like 30 35 dollars so, you know, I still made good money, but Not quite what I what I aim for, you know, but I don't anyways, I'd love to hear what you guys think Thank you all so much for tuning into this video, I really appreciate it and I look forward to seeing your comments.

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