Avoid Google Ads – Don’t Use Google Ads Until You Watch This (How Google Ads Work)

Hey everyone! Jason here, digital marketing consultant and
this Google ads tutorial for beginners, you're going to learn what the heck Google ads are,
how they work. And most importantly, the top five reasons
you might want to avoid them. Like the plague, if you're looking for a viable
solution for driving more traffic and sales to your business. So make sure you check out the timestamp table
of contents in the description, along with some other helpful videos, that will walk
you through how to set up Google ads, if you decide it's right for you.

So, before we get into those five big warnings,
let's go and talk about what Google ads are and how they actually work to drive, potentially
drive more customers and sales, keyword being potentially. So, you have four different ad types. You have search, you have display, you have
video and you have app of course, app is all about downloading mobile applications. Video are ads that are displayed across YouTube
and some search partners. Google display ads are ones that show up in
Gmail and across other websites. And then of course the one we're going to
be focusing on is search, which are the ads that show up on the search results page.

So, here's how Google ads work for search. Someone is looking to buy something. So, they head over to Google and they type
in whatever their question or query or product they're looking for us. And as an advertiser, you can say, “Hey,
someone types that in, I want my ad to show up.” And is pretty much as complicated as it gets. Of course, when we get to warning, number
three, you're going to see that it can actually get pretty convoluted pretty fast, but that's
just a basic overview. Someone goes to Google because they're looking
for something you say, “Hey, when someone is looking for this, then show my ad” And
then you have the opportunity for them to click on your ad, which is when you pay and
then they go to your website, or if they're doing it on their phone, they can click and
directly call you, if you're doing call ads.

I won't get into the different types of ads
you can do on search, but that's just a general overview of how search ads work. So why would you not want to do these right? Because there's a lot of reasons why you might
want to do these, because it's a great opportunity to get in front of people who are actively
looking for your product or service, but here's the big downside. Other businesses have already figured out
that they can find customers on Google, which means prices are high. And they're going to continue to go up as
more and more businesses, jump on the Google advertising train. So here's the thing, unless you're going to
spend at least $1,500 a month for the next three to four months, Google search ads is
not a good solution for you. Now, this doesn't mean at minimum, you have
to spend 1500 in order to be successful.

It's just a good rule of thumb or bar to look
out because your first two to three months, you're probably not going to see a great return,
if any, because you it's just a time to learn and test. So if you have a tight marketing budget and
you're trying to figure out where can I immediately spend some money and actually start seeing
some results back, because you don't have any time to test, then Google ads really isn't
the place for you.

Google ads is a proven platform, but it's
an expensive platform, especially if you're just joining because there are a lot of PPC
nerds or pay-per-click nerds, that’s what PPC stands for, who do Google ads day in and
day out. And it's just not reasonable as a beginner
to think that you can jump on the platform and be successful and compete with those people
who pretty much do it every single day. Now the second big reason you might not want
to do Google ads, is if you have a long lead time. Google ads are great where local services-based
businesses, because you can target by geolocation like a city or a zip code or a state. And then if you're selling products online
via eCommerce store, you can have your product listing show up exactly when someone's looking
for the exact product that you have, which is awesome.

But, if you're in a niche or industry or you
have a service where it takes a longer period of time to educate your potential prospect
and warm them up to the idea of doing business with you, then Google ads probably isn't the
best place to spend your advertising dollars because Google ads is great for people who
are actively looking to buy right now, it's not necessarily always an impulse buy, but
it's an easy way to think of Google ads as an impulse buy versus trying to warm people
up and bring them into a prolonged sales process.

Now, the third reason Google ads might not
be for you, is if you're not a type a OCD personality. So, in the beginning of this tutorial video,
I talked about how search ads work, right? Someone type something in and you say, “Hey,
when they type that in, I want my to show up”. Well, the problem is via something called
match types, which we won't get convoluted and get into. Essentially, you can tell Google how strict
you want to be with what someone is typing in.

google ad tutorial for beginners

And part of the problem is unless you know
exactly what people are typing in, you're going to spend a lot of money, figuring out
which search phrases actually produce the results that you want, meaning customers. And then also, number two, it's really hard
to know what keywords are actually working, if you're not super OCD, because Google will
show your ad pretty much any time, it is remotely possible to show your ad. And this just goes into Google's business
model, right? The more they show your ad and the more it
gets clicked, the more they make money, but they don't make money necessarily by sending
you the most qualified traffic, which means you can get a lot of unqualified traffic from
Google search ads. Now I almost didn't include this because I
know there's going to be some people in the comments who say, “Well, that's really the
advertiser's fault”. And that's true to an extent, but when you're
just getting started, you're not going to know which key words are going to be good
and going to be bad, or which keywords are going to give you a bunch of unqualified people
hitting your website, who are just lookie-loo, right? And so you're going to get a lot of unqualified

And even after a few months, you could possibly
still be paying for unqualified traffic. So that's a big downside. And that's why in number one, I talk about
needing a significant budget and stomach to continue to spend that amount of money, while
you try and filter out all those unqualified people. Now the fourth big warning I have for you
here, a reason you don't want to use Google ads is, if you're going to just rely on Google
setting it up for you.

Now, there's going to be some pushback on
this. But when it comes to Google ads reps, they
really aren't experts, when it comes to setting up your account. Just as an example, not necessarily a brag,
we had a client who spent over 14 K over six months and in just two weeks of reworking
his account and $750, we cut his cost per click by half and he got more leads off that
$750, than he did in spending 14 K and six months. And this is something we see as a digital
agency over and over and over and over again to the point where, I just can't in good conscious
say that you can trust a Google ad rep to help you set up your account. And you have to think of it this way too. You're working with a company that's incentivized
to have you spend more money and pay more per click set up your account. So, there's just an inherent conflict of interest. And by the way, the Google ad reps that agencies
have access to, and you have access to as an individual are two very different sets
of people.

So, if you're working with an agency and they
say they have a Google ads rep, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing. Those Google ad reps are very different. The ones that work with agencies who spend
hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, we get to talk to very different people than
individuals, who are just spending a few thousand a month. Now the final one, number five is, it's definitively
answer the question; is Google ads, a scam? And the answer is no. There is a lot of hate thrown at Google ads
out there for a variety of reasons. Many that we've talked about. Number one, budget, Google ads will just burn
your budget, like no other, right? You're going to get a lot of unqualified people
in the beginning. If you're not careful and turning off your
campaigns at the right time, Google would continue to spend your ad budget. And they're very unforgiving when it comes
to a runaway ad spend, they're also extremely strict when it comes to the types of ads that

And so you can set up an account on Monday,
and get a warning on Tuesday and be completely banned from the platform on Wednesday. They just don't care about the individual
advertiser and suspensions and banning go on across the board for a variety of reasons. However, when it comes down to the relationship
between advertisers and Google and the breakup and saying, “Oh, it's not you it's me”. Well, 9.9 out of 10 times, it's not Google. It's the advertiser. And so, Google isn't a scam. Google ads are not a scam, but you do have
to be so, so on top things in order to make sure that you don't lose a lot of money, because
at the end of the day, Google has no responsibility for whether or not your ads perform well,
for whether or not you get any sales or leads out of your ads. And really they don't care because their service
is simple. They provide you an opportunity, to get in
front of potential customers.

And that's it, it's up to you as the advertiser
to figure out the rest. And I strongly, strongly recommend you check
out the links in the description to in-depth Google ads, tutorial videos that will help
you get set up on the right track and curtail a lot of that wasted ad spend or the stupid
tax that a lot of new Google advertisers wind up paying. So, I hope you found this video helpful and
just a bunch of cautions as you get started with Google ads, or you might decide, “Hey,
you know what? I don't really want to deal with all that. I don't want it to do Google ads”, YouTube
ads and Facebook ads are two other very viable platforms, that are significantly cheaper
and give you a lot more flexibility in terms of testing because you're $1,500 or $2,000
is going to go a lot further on those platforms. So let me know in the comments section below,
if you have any questions about running Google ads or if you've had any problems or successes
with Google ads, because your experience is going to help other business owners figure
out whether or not Google ads is right for them, make sure you hit that like button and
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And until the next one, keep building the
business you love..

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