FNaF SL – Part Two: The s in Handyman stands for safety.

Hey everyone! I am starting off from where we were last time on night 2. I have figured out how to get rid of the Bidybabs, but it may take more than one try. So this thing here is a metal sheet, and I need to make sure that the Bidybabs don't pull it away. I hear them coming… I have to hold the spot that I held when I pulled the metal sheet in. WOah! Eyeball!! What is that noise?? What are they doing?? I hope they weren't trying to break it…. Alright, here it goes!! Uh oh!! Okay… What are they saying? I can't understand them! Uh ohhh!! What? No! The screen is moving!! Oh no, I think it's too late! Ow! Not again! What in the world? What is this? It looks like a game.

Oh, hi there! Excuse me…. Oh no! I disintegrated! I have no idea what that was! Anyways, that might have been a minigame, like Fun with Plushtrap from FNaF 4. Um, hi. Why are they in here!? Here we go again…. I really don't know what all that was for. Oh! I can do it! I can do it! Ha! Beat that, Bidybabs! I am the master of sheet pulling! Or should I say… Shëät Püling????? Hehe, Luxembourgish! I think. I'm just playing with accents. Uh oh! The screen is moving again! (the device screen) She? Who's she? Yeah, Bidybabs! Boot it! Woah!! That voice again! Music? Can I jam to it?? 💃 MANUALLY?? NOOOO! More work!!!! I mean, I'm fine with working. I just don't like strange voices telling me that I'm in danger of dying! What if I don't want to crawl through Ballora gallery? Can I drive a golf cart instead? Can I use a VTOL? Wait, don't deactivate! Uh oh, I'm on my own now.


I hear her music in the background!!! It's getting louder!!!! I will crawl a little faster, just in case. (skip to 8:46, nothing will happen now) WOah!!!!! Handunit!!!! You do not need to be that loud! Ballora might hear!!!!! And you said that you deactivated! How dare you fib to me!!!!!! Anyways, she isn't here, so I think I'm fine. I hear it slightly in the distance, tho. Oh, it's loud! Ahh! Flashing triangles!!!! From playing FNaF 2, I know that's not good!! Was that her???? Well, I'd better crawl even slower!!!!! (skip to 11:24, nothing will happen now.) Disrupt?? Danger???????? Safe??????? What? Who's laughing?? I heard someone laughing…. Yeah, no one's here!!! Sleep? Robots can sleep?? Illuminati confirmed!!!! He won't go away, I see him! Yeah, go back to your stage! Yay! Halfway there! Close your eyes, shut your mouth, dream a dream, and get ME out, DREAM DREAM DREAM DREAM DREAM DREEEEEAAAAAAMMMMMMM! *nostalgia intensifies* Yeah, it was just a mouse….. Wait a minute, a mouse? Doesn't this place have pizza and ice cream and birthday cakes??????? It would be unsanitary to have mice crawling around those……

Anyways, I am 3/4 done. What? There's someone else in the background! Almost…. YAy! All done! Just gotta crawl through here. Totally not gonna be a problem….. Um, no there isn't! No you can't!!! I'm just mopping the floor! Yeah! I love to mop!!! I love mopping so much, I'm gonna make a song about it! Yeah, perhaps not indeed. Anyways, thanks for watching, I will make another video soon. This was sure a long night!! Woooo! Once I'm done with Sister Location, I will start with the 6th game! I'm halfway there! Make sure to subscribe!.

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