Copper Pipe Repair Tips – #shorts

Copper pipe repair doesn't have to be hard but the 
first step is to prep the pipes. So I'm deburring   them and using a nylon grit pad to clean the 
copper. I really like this rigid deburring   tool because it's got a slim profile and can fit 
inside the walls and the nylon grit pad is nice   because it really makes the copper pipe shine. 
I'm also prepping the inside of the coupling   with the wire brush and then I used Oatey H2O 
water-soluble flux. I applied that to both pipes   as well as the fitting and you don't need a ton of 
the flux. I'm just applying enough to have a thin   coating. So I'm putting the coupling onto the 
copper pipe and then sliding the copper pipes   together and making sure that all the excess flux 
is wiped off of the fitting and the pipes.

That's   really important. Then I'm going to be using 
Oatey Safe-Flow solder. I preheat the copper pipe   and then I focus the heat on the center of the 
fitting and apply the solder from the bottom.   Once the solder starts to melt I pull the 
heat. And as you can see here you'll get   really great results. So hopefully these tips 
help you out with your own copper pipe repair

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