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Hey, good morning friends. We got a super awesome WLOG going on today Not gonna tell you guys what I'm doing, but I'm about to run into Home Depot Grab some materials and as I grab the materials see if you guys could figure out what I'm gonna be doing today But let's get to it. Let's get into Home Depot All right, if you guessed it we are doing some fence work today so pretty excited about that We're gonna get get over there. We're gonna clean some stuff up set the posts in let them dry We're gonna go do some estimates come back and assemble defense so pretty excited about it. So stay tuned to it guys All right, here's the fence that has fallen down here and actually what it was is there was a tree a Big tree that fell down actually right here and just busted out this whole section of fence here So what I'm gonna do is this fence post here Needs to be replaced and then obviously this one which was right there needs to be replaced my plan is to Instead of putting this one right there where the concrete is I'm gonna move it over a little bit which will make this space a little bit bigger I'm going to move that one over a little bit which will make that space a little bit bigger – so I got Longer 2i fours, that'll fit there so move that one over a smidge move this one over a smidge and rebuild it you can see I got Fence panels, that should be somewhat good.

We'll see I know there's some two by fours that are busted here that'll need to be replaced. But We'll reuse what we can But let's get to work here Man this stuff is mud Look at all the water just pouring into this hole just because it's been raining like crazy the last few days If you want to build a stronger hole for a post dig into the sides that's what I've Learned throughout the years is digging to the sides and it creates kind of a bowl for the concrete So now we got one more post hole to dig right here Okay, I got my two posts set plumb and Right in line.

I put out this string line So this one's good And this one's good This one's got quite a bit of water in it. So I'm just gonna dump some quikrete down there that mixes right with water It has probably maybe maybe three inches of water in it So I'm gonna dump some some quikrete down there and then I'm gonna mix the rest This one doesn't really have much water in it but stalls a little bit I Personally like this way better because it gets the cement mix before I put it in the hole All right back at Home Depot a little new move this morning here I only when I got when I got everything I needed I only got four bags of quikrete concrete Which I thought that'd be enough, but apparently not I think with last mission I think I need another bag and a half or so.

So I went ahead and got three more bags So I'm heading back to the job gonna gonna get these cemented in. I got the majority of the cement is there so That's that'll be good. But I just want to finish it off and then I'm gonna go run and do some estimates and then Grab some lunch with my wife and then I get back to it. So let's get back in put some cement in All right got my post installed here and I was about right it was about another bag and a half Here's our concrete All right, and There we're looking so basically what the plan is to put longer two by fours from that That post over to this post and then this post to that post and then obviously it'll be shorter from this post to that post But it'll be good. So That's how we're looking. So we're gonna go we're gonna go do some estimates and grab some lunch Then we're gonna come back here and probably let this sit for about two Two hours or so probably should do it Back from lunch here and the cement looks pretty looks pretty solid been sitting for about About two hours now So I Think we're good to go Good to start putting on our stringers and building our fence.

So let's get to it So the customer I'm working for today is actually a property owner and this is her rental house. It's actually a Rental house that Frank's son rents from her. So that's how we originally got this job. And that's how they've heard about us So that's that's kind of cool and been cool to do some work for them I've done a few other jobs for this particular client. I installed some exhaust fans That was my first my first job for these people installed one in the master one in the guest bathroom It's a three-bedroom two house. And so they hired me to do this fence that had been you know Obviously knocked over by this tree so the name of this game is to Reuse as much as possible because this fence really isn't that old. So they wanted to reuse as much wood as possible So that's kind of the name of the game I know it takes a lot of time getting nails out of boards, but the end of the day that's what the client wants So that's what I'll work around and make happen All right, it's just about done just got to finish up this last section here and then clean up all this trash But it's going good.

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That's why I'm able to reuse a lot of the old wood. So it's turning out good So let's get to it Whenever I build fences or gates, I always prefer using screws rather than nails I know using a nail gun would be a whole lot quicker, but I particularly like screws. I think they are a Much more superior product and I like the the outcome of it So that's what I stick to okay, let me show y'all what I did here So the old boards I didn't really spaced at all. I just buttered them up right up against each other obviously They need another screw but the new boards I went ahead and I put a screw If you could see that there's a screw in between each board just to give it a little bit of gap Just trying to learn you know what I mean? So the old boards are as wet as can be because they've been sitting on the ground for ever The new ones are quite a bit drier.

You can tell just by the you know, the weight of them They're a lot lighter but so now I'm just gonna take each of these screws that are between the boards and just pop them in there and finish everything up but Here's everything You can tell the there is a bit of a little bit of a height difference between this panel and this panel That's because this is like a new section of fence and then there's an old section of fence and it's like it goes downhill Right there So the whole thing is kind of sloped but the new one was done really weird because some of these are level some of them are not so when I decided instead of sloping one panel, I would just Make each panel level and I feel like that looks a little bit better, but it's up to your own interpretation So this is the repair We put in a new two by twelve board down here new 2×4 by ten boards here and then so did this panel this panel and that panel so everything's looking good so now we just got to get all these boards picked up and Get all cleaned up here and then get out of here and get to our next next estimate appointment Alright, alright that does it for that job that job went pretty good was there for a total of five and a half hours? I was there for two hours in the morning And to get the cement in or to dig the post and then put the cement in the post and then I came back after lunch and Had three and a half more hours into it.

So five and a half hours At the hourly rate so that worked out great. So I think it totalled to 495 Plus some materials markup so pretty good job pretty good job. So now I'm heading across town to do an estimate You know, I'm kind of intermingling my days now. I used to have just strictly estimate days I still do that sometimes depending on if I get a lot of estimates going on But now with my independent contractors going on I don't have as many estimates like to fill up a whole day because I'm passing it out to many other people So I am staying busy so I'm kind of intermingling not having an estimate day per se but doing like a job then an estimate and finish the job and then and then do Another estimate or whatnot it kind of maxes my maximizing my time.

But anyways, thank you all so much for tuning in I would love to hear what you thought about this video If you had anything that that I could learn from today's job, I would absolutely love to hear it Leave me a comment the comment section below. Don't forget to subscribe for more vlogs. And this is like the 40-something will log like there's a there's a bunch of logs out there all at the end of this video. I will post the will log Playlist so you can watch all the logs. So anyways, thank you all so much. Have a great day We'll see you on the next one.

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