What Are The Most Common Mobile Home Repairs?

Wondering what the most common mobile home repairs are? Wondering what you should avoid? Watch as Dawn explains how to keep yourself out of a financial hole.

Welcome to the Sell This Mobile Home YouTube channel! Here you can follow along with Dawn’s manufactured home investments, be educated about mobile home investing, and learn traits of the industry in order to be a successful mobile home investor yourself!

Dawn “Mobile Home” Erling has been an active real estate investor since the age of 16. She has purchased residential, commercial, mobile homes, and mobile home parks and properties across the United States. She has worked as a real estate mentor since 2001 and has taught thousands of individuals how to profit in the real estate investing space. In 2005 Dawn turned her attention from the traditional real estate space to mobile home investing. She actively invests with Meglyo Holdings and has quickly become a recognized expert in this space across the western United States. Dawn gets a return of 96% year over year and doubles (sometimes triples) her investments. She also receives at least 13% interest on those funds anywhere from five to ten years on average! Over the last three years Dawn has traveled extensively not only to mentor her students to success in mobile home investing, but also to find her own investments. She has worked in every major market in the United States and Canada during this time.

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