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what you've brought? Bucket and what you will make from this Ottoman and what you brought these old unusable jars and I'll make awesome home decor using it and I'll make this holder and if you too want to learn more awesome diys so hit 1,00,000 LIKES and do SUBSCRIBE to our channel DIY Queen now lets start take an old paint Bucket remove its lid and handle and we'll use the lid later cover this bucket with foam you can buy this foam from any hardware shop paste this foam using fevicol one thing I forgot to tell first cut foam according to the bucket size now take your favourite fabric and cut it as per the bucket's size try to keep it a bit extra either at the top and bottom and paste it too paste it like this from edges to give a finished look and paste this left over fabric inside now will make cushion for this and we'll make it using that bucket lid cut foam as per the lid size you can also use old clothes or cushions instead of this foam paste this foam on lid now make cover for this cushion cut fabric like this and keep it 2 inch extra keep folding the fabric from edges and stitch like this and keep a little gap while stitching to insert a string in it later and also make a small cut too and insert this string using a safety pin and cover this cushion with it like this keep it like this and our Ottoman is ready these jars looking so expensive but you know i've made it only in Rs.


10/- add glycerin so that sparkle doesn't get sticky likewise I've make two more jars and paint the lids with your favourite colour you can either keep them open or covered for this we need empty plastic bottles you can also use fevicol instead of Glue gun cut that middle bottle little longer keep that long bottle in the centre and the remaining paste around that centre bottle paste the rope around the bottle like this paste it here too paste lace to decorate it more there's cost nothing to make these diy cups as I used these old cups just take warm water put your favourite nail paint in it and dip the cup like this you can either coloured it half or whole apply any of your favourite colour on its handle to make it more unique likewise I made some more cups so how did you like these home decor now no need to worry for home decor just use that old waste stuff from home and you make all of them at the cheapest price.

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