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(upbeat rock music) – Hey, it's Phil Ratcliff
with rebel Financial, and thanks for tuning in to another one of our live broadcasts. Today we have Paul Hammer
from Handyman Matters. Thanks so much for being here, Paul. – Thanks, Phil. – We've had lots of
contact, we've known Paul for multiple years now. Primarily through BNI,
but he's done work for me. And I love how involved they
are online and social media, kinda after our own hearts, so we get to see a lot of your projects. So let's kinda dig right in, Paul. So what's a handyman? And how is that different from contractors and other construction? – The main difference for us is we're a service company first. Construction would be second.

So for us, the scheduling
and our office staff, our guys showing up on time. Calling the night before,
doing all those extra things. Putting down drop cloths,
putting on booties. That's the main thing. And then also, with a handyman, we're also sending a
multi-trade professional. So, on their truck or
van, they've got tools for drywall, painting,
light plumbing, electric, things like that. So you can hire one person to tackle. – To do multiple things. – Instead of specified trade. Obviously, if we get into something where a specialized trade is needed, then we have referrals and
subs that we can set up. – That's awesome, because
you think about it, and I subscribe to all
the government emails and stuff like that, and
I always get something from the Attorney General
talking about litigation on contractors and
stuff, and you're right.

They're not service industries. And I think it's awesome,
I love the future of how we're being more social. And you have an online reputation. And if you really want that to be good and you do good service, then it's beyond getting in trouble, with some kind of authority figure. You do good work, other people can look up what other people said about you and you have a lot more confidence that you're hiring somebody good. – Social media and all that has definitely changed the level that all of us in the construction services
industry has to think about.

– That's something I
wanted to get into later, but we love reviews and on our end we've only been able
to do it for two years. But you're kind of an inspiration to me. You've got your Facebook and Angie's List and Google reviews, and HomeAdvisor. It's just tons of them, so that's awesome. So, what is the benefit to
hiring a company like yours versus you hear all the time, my wife will come home
from work and be like, "Well, so and so who's
an RN who works for me, her husband does work on the side." Tell me a little bit
about that difference.

– That's kinda near and dear to my heart. I'm not from the trades. I'm a horticulturist by profession. But a business owner, I guess would be the
accurate term right now. So for me it's about safety. We're four years in business this month. And safety, we're sending guys into homes, and everybody has seen, the different programs where people have been scammed, right? – Sure. – And so, in the four years
I've experienced a lot. And we've dealt with all that. We've spent all the time
to cycle through all that, and our guys are safe. Every one of them is background
checked and drug screened. We know them, they work for us full-time. They're W-2 employees. – So you can trust a brand rather than so and so's brother in law. (laughs) – If someone calls in,
we've got somebody that, our guys are skilled and different. We've got a big board up
so our customer service can schedule the guy that best
fits that list of projects.

So a lot of times if you just call somebody's friend of a friend, they might need money and they might just try to get it done, try to figure out how to do it. – Yeah. – It grows wrong, they disappear. Every week I'm talking with people, "I hired somebody, gave him money." – Yeah, that's like the number one rule if you've ever had any,
don't pay them upfront. (laughs) – You know, they leave tools,
they leave all their tools, they just disappear. – Yeah. – And there's people that get fearful. But that's what I, we take that burden on. At this point, four years,
where we've grown to, that's something that we don't
have those issues anymore.

Our team is awesome, they really are. – So safety, quality,
and even if, you know, you had a problem with an employee, you could send another one
yourself to fix it, right? There's somebody that stands behind. – We're large enough, we
have ten full-time craftsmen in the field and our office,
and we're a national franchise. Our office, we have a
supervisor, project manager. So when things go wrong, we deal with it, and hopefully the
customer never even knows. We talk in production,
we have safety meetings. We have, we talk about quality control and things like that. So you think of a handyman, you know, your neighbor comes over
and does a few things. But save your friends. (laughs) – So you don't have to get mad at them if they don't do it as good as you would. – Call a professional company
that's gonna stand behind you. – Cool, because they're in relationships. – Yeah. – So, what all kinds of work can you do? I think you mentioned, but
maybe expand a little bit.

– We do across the trades. A lot of carpentry work,
drywall work, painting. We'll get into some light remodeling. And the light plumbing and electric, change your faucet and that sort of thing. And tile work, exterior carpentry. We do that this time of year. Everyone's getting out, starting to rake, do their gardening, and they're
seeing broken fence posts. We can put in a new fence post. The fence is leaning over
onto your neighbor's yard, we can take care of that. We do a two-hour minimum. – You helped me renovate
my basement, finish it out. And actually, some of the pictures that we'll get into in a little bit, I was looking at some of
the deck stuff that you did, that was awesome as well, too. – Yeah, we re-do decks. The one picture I was showing you, we took out the 90s stair railing. (laughs) And put in the wrought iron,
the dark stain, big posts. We got a couple guys that are really good at that kind of work.

– Cool, cool, awesome. So, kinda getting into maybe, giving some people some ideas of projects that you've done in
the past that were cool or ones that people wouldn't think of. Maybe go over some of those and
give our viewers some ideas. – You changed that question
up on me a little bit, but. (laughing) – Curveballs. – Yeah, I mean, innovative products. We get reviews a lot, this
kinda answers your question, we get reviews a lot about how
our guys are always thinking for the best solution. It could be cost-related, it
could be performance-related. We've got a lot of products that we sell that are innovative. Technology on products have changed a lot. So, we're a dealer of
Indow window inserts.

That's an innovative product,
it's out of Portland, Oregon. It's an acrylic insert that
goes in from the inside. It's laser-measured, six-point laser, every one of them is custom. And that's for the old homes
like in German Village, Bexley, where they have to
keep their wooden windows, single-pane, so saving,
making it more comfortable for people in their home. So they don't feel cold air, all the heat getting sucked out the window. – So they can get some
of the new technology of energy savings, or what.

And match, conform to
the historical rules. Or if you just like the older windows and you like the aesthetic, it's like, why can't you have both, right? – Stained glass in there. Yeah, you want to keep that. – Yeah, cool. And you know, some things
that I personally think about, too, is a lot of people's
attics are not usable, because it's just insulation. Why can't you put a floor up there? And then you have storage up there and you free up more space in your house to be able to use. I saw where you did a
couple almost extensions to people's roofs, to
where they actually had a porch or something where
you don't get rained on. Kids can keep their shoes there without messing up your
house or something. So, that's cool. So, what are some ideas for
budget-conscious people? So they say, well, I just can't
afford to hire contractors, or whatever the case. I mean, there's ways
to do things in stages. I know sometimes
contractors have down time.

If you would just time yours to when other people's
work loads are light. But I don't know, what
are some ideas for people because honestly, they
probably need work done too. – Certainly, and it's
expensive to keep up a home. The bigger the home, the
more expensive it is. And there's different ways. We do the winter savings program. Larger projects will get
a percentage off labor in the wintertime. I think a lot of contractors do that. So, offseason things are
always a way to save. Our company, there's certain materials that we always want to provide because we're providing
a professional material that you can't buy as a consumer. But things that consumers can buy, they can go and buy them themselves. So they can go and search
and find some deals and pick exactly what they want. So they can have those materials ready when our guys get there. – Or sometimes there's
bargain stuff, or whatever, that you wouldn't want to put there because something was a
little but wrong with it, but somebody that's
more bargain might say, well, I'll take 60 percent
off if it's just chipped, or this or that.
– Chip in the corner.

– Yeah, or whatever the case. – There's opportunities there to save. The best thing, when our customers call, it's best they have a list. And prioritize it. – Sure. – Our craftsmen spend a little bit of time saying, you know, this
is gonna be in the range of a few thousand dollars,
or a couple hundred dollars, and they can help a
customer prioritize, budget, where to spend the money and what's a critical thing to fix or not.

central ohio

– Sure, and there's a
cost to coming out, right? So if they get multiple things in a row, that's gonna save them instead
of calling somebody out, or you out, three times a year. You get a big, long list and do it once, and knock it all out in a couple days instead of three half-days
or something like that. – And even, we have a two-hour minimum, so we even have to talk with our customers who might have a twenty-minute job.

Changing a light bulb in a
high ceiling or something. So, we also have to speak with them and tell them that, you know,
our guys are multi-skilled. They can caulk your bathtub,
and so, make a list. The best way to use our
service on small stuff, true handyman things, is to have a list and hire them for two hours. Because they already have to show up and they have to haul their
tools in, set up clean. They might have to go procure materials, they might have to go shopping. – Make a honey-do list for you, right? – Right, you're gonna
pay me to go shopping, so you might as well spend
an extra five minutes at the store and grab
a couple other things and come back and get
them all done at once. – Sure, cool. So let's screen share right now. So Jonathan, let's put it up here. You guys have got a great website. If you just Google, I think
you guys have done a good job. I just had to google
"handyman matters Columbus" and all this stuff comes up for you.

So, if you're searching out there you can find all this stuff. So this is their main website and you can go through and
see who works for them. Some of their work, and
they've got pictures on the website or what so. I think where you were saying
a lot of the best pictures are is Facebook, which just makes it so easy to post pictures and videos
when you're on the site and everything like that. But let me go back to that staircase, the one you were talking
about right here, there it is. – That's what I was talking about. We put in big posts. That was like a 90s
light, golden oak stain with white spindles. And you can see it now, I mean it looks. – Awesome, yeah, that pops out. With that white trim and the
beige right there as well. And I really liked, let's see. Oh, that's a good example
of something that, I bet a lot of people have
messed up stuff like that. Where you just made it
look almost new there. – That's a New Albany house. I think a lot of people in New Albany get a lot of wood rot
there and different things.

And they have to have wood windows there, and they take a lot of maintenance. – Well, and it's just like, sometimes people don't take care. If you kept it painted or what so. – Yeah, just simple,
having a guy over for a day to do some work. – Wow, look at that. I bet that doesn't even
show how much damage is really there because it
probably got up underneath there. – And it's hard to find people to fix that and fix it right. That really is our wheelhouse. – I really like that,
because look at that, how many people have decks like that? You try to stain it and keep it up, but after a certain time,
there's weaknesses in the wood.

– It's dangerous, yeah. – And look at that,
that's awesome looking. It's a totally different
deck, but all you did is? – Is resurface it. – Yeah, that's awesome. And then put another safety rail in. I would imagine, I was just
talking to one of my clients, they were talking about
renting their condo and buying something else.

And I'm just like, man, you're
gonna need to go through and think about things to make sure there are railings where
they're supposed to, the right height, hand rails. Because I know someone
personally who got sued over that because it was like a
college kid that was drunk. And there was one, but it
was just a little too short, and they flipped over it. Anyway, so. – Those are the stories of why you hire professional companies with supervisors that
look at those things. – It's not just about building something, it's about building it right. (laughs) – For sure. – So look at that, that's
probably a pretty easy fix. You what, pressure wash
that, grout it out? – You can actually see it was sinking where they were driving.

We pulled the bricks out
and sand, leveled it out. – That looks brand new. – Yeah. – That's cool. And then obviously it looks like someone partially finished this. – Yeah, that was before,
but we already started, but that was the before picture. (laughing) – Cool.
And the finished picture. – And then, there are a couple
other ones I want to see. Oh, look at that, jeez. That's like, rotted out and stuff. – Yeah, all new, so. – That looks awesome.

Because it's still the exact
same design as well, too. Well, cool, and then, the other
thing I wanted to point out, you guys do a really good
job with all the reviews that you have, there's
35 here on HomeAdvisor. On Google you have 32, Yelp two, but Yelp's
more for food anyways, Angie's List you've
got a ton as well, too. I mean, I'm signed in here. 107, right, that's awesome. You have to sign in, but
at least Angie's List lets you be a member now for free.

– Yeah. – That's cool, so you can see those. And then Facebook's even got reviews now. So you guys do a great job on that. Well, is there anything
you'd like to leave our viewers with, about your company, about doing projects? – I mean, the best thing is we have full-time customer service reps. We have two, Ariana and
Rachel are in our office. They answer the phone 7:30 to
5:00 Monday through Friday. We have 24-hour live
answering service after that. – Wow, live, that's good. – Yeah, call in, they
can work with customers about their projects. And we have, through BNI
and different things, we have a large referral network, some other professional companies.

When something's not right for us we try to always have a
company that we can refer to. So we want to be the home
ally, is what we call it. We have some customers
that when something's wrong with their house, they
call Handyman Matters. And we can either fix it
or we'll send somebody. – So you provide a solution, not just doing construction work. – Yeah, we're a service
company, that comes first. The one picture there, I
can see the drop cloth down. That's what comes up on all our, you know, clean, cleanliness. Something about clean is almost
on every review, on time. – The project gets done,
and then your life's back without a bunch of mess. – Yeah, and we keep track
of estimates in our office. If the guys forget about
it, we're reminding them, but that estimate gets sent. And that's another I hear all the time. "I had three people out
and I got one estimate," or, "I didn't get any estimate." – Wow, if you're gonna spend
your time coming out there. – It's like, step one, show up.

(laughing) – More and more trouble these days. Well, thanks so much, Paul, for coming out and explaining to everybody
what you do, you do good work. And it's nice to know
that there's something for regular people to just
call and get things done, even if you think it's small. You could do big to small, so just call. And if it's something
that you need to refer, like you said, you can refer. – Yes. – Well, cool. Thank you guys for spending
part of your day with us again.

We very much appreciate it, and we hope you got
some value out of this. Join us next week, we've
got Thomas Green coming in from Green Solutions to talk about some energy efficiency
programs that you can do to improve your home, maybe get something back
from the utility companies because god knows they
take enough out of us. (laughing) And then we've got
Michelle Hoffman coming in from Thompson Building
Associates to talk to us about if something bad happens and
you've got to water remediate or mold or what so, it's an
interesting thing to know about beforehand rather than just freaking out when something bad happens to you.

So, some great things, it's
beautiful out there today. I wish spring would stick around, but it's probably not going to. So anyways, you guys have a great weekend, enjoy what you can, join us next week. Thank you. (upbeat rock music).

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