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Hey, good morning friends today's a little bit different day. It is a Friday What June 22nd. I don't know what day it is when you're watching this, but that's what date is right now So today we were supposed to have a doctor's appointment for my daughter But that got cancelled because the doctor had some stuff come up So I have a whole gap in my day that I needed to fill so I had a bunch of filler work I guess that I'm that I'm gonna go be doing today I have one estimate that I've had to do right now that was already on the schedule And then I have a few other filler jobs.

I'm going to go replace some hose hose spigot hose bibbs for a lady a few towns over and then Going to warranty a ceiling fan job that that I had an independent contractor do for me About a year ago and then about two months ago the client contacted me and the he said the ceiling fans is making horrible noise and I went over there and sure enough it is and The motors got some issues with it. So we're just gonna take it out and warranty it for him Went down to Lowe's and they said that it's gonna be no problem switching it out. So that was the one that he wanted So that's why we went with that one And I bought it for him.

Well, he paid me but I picked it up and all that So that's why I'm handling the warranty. So we're pulling it out. He wants a little bit better one So he's gonna he's willing to pay for the difference and all that. So Yeah that's on the schedule for today. And then I got a little bit bigger job scheduled this afternoon That was already on the schedule, you know would have been after the docs appointment. So Yeah, so here we go Well that estimate went good this is a customer that I have worked for in the past and she wanted Let's see on this estimate. She wants a security screen door installed So I just had to measure that for she's gonna order the door and I'm just gonna come and install it for She also wanted to exterior lights put in One right outside the garage and one over a barbecue grilling area that they have in the backyard So not not really a big issue there and then she also wanted a Border place that was warped on a retaining wall and let's see.

What else did she want? she wanted so their microwave is a vent vented microwave and the vent is in the attic and the microwave is Has the top on it, so it's completely ready to bend It just doesn't have the piping that goes from the microwave to the attic vent so I just need to put them piping in and then also she has a Bathroom exhaust fan timer A little timer switch that she wants installed.

She bought that like a year ago She said and she's been meaning to put it in herself, but she haven't gotten around to it So those are just a few things that I'm going to be doing for her pretty simple job Gonna write that estimate up and then we'll probably schedule that for a month or so So right now I'm heading to Home Depot got to pick up some hose bibs and go install that for a lady Just got done at Home Depot picking up some hose bibs, and I'm a little disappointed I was really looking forward to trying out the the blue monster teflon tape that you guys recommended To me a couple of weeks ago.

I was looking for that. Apparently, they don't have it in Home Depot or Lowe's I don't even think home people sells it. I did find it at Lowe's online, but you have to order it So, I don't know if there's a store around here that sells it but while I was in Home Depot I found and I picked up some of this OT fast tech fast tape and It's interesting this stuff They say that it is good for water air and gas which is pretty crazy that it works for gas. But I don't know that for truth, but that's at least what it says. It's kind of a cool little Gray color. It looks like it's pretty thick So I'm pretty excited to try it out on this hos boob job.

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So I don't know if you guys have used this Let me know what you think if it is a proof for gas or not. I don't really know I'm not going to be using it on gas anytime soon, but that would be pretty interesting if it is Also, if you know a place where I could get that blue monster teflon tape, let me know Well, these are what they want to replace here and the whole Everything is leaking. So we're just gonna replace the whole unit here place it with the new quarter turns out Looks great. I'll remove that Well that hoes Biff job went pretty well, I mean it took me about ten 15 minutes or so Total profit on that job was about about a hundred bucks So pretty pretty worthwhile for sure was great job this lady actually She was looking she posted on his Astor house. She found me She posted on nextdoor.com If anyone knew of any good handyman around and someone recommended me and so she looked me up on Facebook and found me on Facebook and then And she's been following me on Facebook for the last I think the last two months or so and Actually after I did this hose bib She asked me if I could also fix her gate because she saw the post I did just a few days ago Of where I posted a gate that I just replaced or yeah rebuilt.

And so she wants me to do that for her So I'm gonna write her up an estimate for a date replacement and stuff like that. So this was a quick little job It was a little different for me because this job I didn't come out and see she emailed me Off my website and she just asked for a quote And so she sent me pictures of these two husbands that were leaking and so I sent her a quote Normally that doesn't happen. Normally I come out and view the jobs before I quote them but this one I just quoted it because there's just two hose bibs, and it was no big deal and Looks like it's going to turn into some more work.

So that worked out pretty well So now I'm heading over to do the ceiling fan warranty job Got the old ceiling fan down So here at Lowe's so gonna go in and return this for a new fan and apparently a better one that they want All right finished up with that ceiling fan job didn't take me too long Just had to go take the old one down get a new one. I'm gonna pop the new enough Pretty great customers. I'd love to hear what you guys would do in this situation You know, they I they bought a fan for me About last summer. So so about a year ago, maybe you know 10 11 months ago or something like that and they had an infinite contractor install it and in like a few months ago It's the fan motor started making a bunch of noise.

So Yeah, I just came back and I said, okay well warranty it so took it back to Lowe's returned it and they wanted a different Brand fan. They wanted a hunter fan put up. So Just because they've had those for years and I guess they feel more comfortable with those kind of kind of fans So we returned this one got the new hunter fan and came and put it back in and I didn't charge anything Just did it for free. I would love to hear what you guys do in a warranty situation like this for me With such great customers that have given me tons of work Yeah, I feel right just to do it. Just get it replaced form since since I did provide the ceiling fan for them Then I just went ahead and did it. So, yeah, I'd love to hear what you guys think about this I'm heading off to do another job right now.

Got to eat some lunch first But I won't unfortunately we won't be able to record the rest of The job that I'm going to be doing next as I didn't bring my GoPro with me today So I won't be able to you know film myself working and things like that. So unfortunately, this is where we have to say Goodbye on this video. But thank you all so much for tuning in please like this video share it with anyone that you think would like this content and Subscribe to this channel.

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