How to Start a Cleaning Business (That Makes $25,000/Month)

you guys do you want to start your own cleaning business and make 25 grand a month providing all kinds of cleaning services well Cory Edmunds did exactly that and he's on track to double his yearly revenue to six hundred thousand this year and guess what when he started this business he knew nada nothing he was brand-new to it [Music] on this episode Cory Edmunds is gonna be talking about how he started his pressure washing business made $300,000 now is on track to break 600 with a goal to break 1 million dollars what's the yearly revenue for Pro wash today and how did you double your revenue you know the last three years so I'm gonna drop some golden nuggets here this took me years to figure out the biggest most important thing that's in every single business is a budget this is Cory's seventh season in the business third in Washington State and a third year that he's in business in bellingham anytime we go quote somebody we quote everything on the property we're just quote one thing that they caught us for mm-hmm so it's it's kind of a way to upsell your customers he started the business from the ground up and when he came to town he hardly knew a soul I fell flat on my face when I moved here because I had no idea what the market was gonna give me performance pay get your guys working more efficiently gets him working quicker and they also have the ability to make more more money per hour basically so performance pay is the way to go today Cory is going to talk to us about how he started the business he's gonna answer and share some strategies and insights about what he did on his first day to what he's doing now and managing employees clients client acquisition really from A to Z of owning and operating a pro wash business what is the best advertising source for you right now I was also looking for some sort of organization and that organization that I was searching for was basically business systems so that someone else could do it and eventually slowly back out of the business you guys don't want to miss this episode he's got a lot to share it's got a tremendous amount of experience and we want to bring that to you so please subscribe to this channel hit the like button hit the bell so that you don't miss any videos because we've got a lot coming guys [Music] tell us a little bit about yourself why you started a cleaning business and how that began so my name is Cory Edmonds I own Pacific Northwest Pro wash I lived on the East Coast in Atlanta Georgia and I moved here to Washington State because everything's green and we could we turn the green to clean so I love it I grew up I had a great father he's a clean freak so I was cleaning cars cleaning the house cleaning everything so I naturally got into detailing cars when I was in high school made really good money there and then moved in and started flipping buying his own cars I would buy cars dirty and clean them Rosella better and then so that naturally moved into washing trucks and trailers and stuff like that so kind of a back story into the pressure washing company I worked for a guy where we would clean dealership Lots and so we would clean a thousand cars typically every Thursday it was ridiculous car thousand cars and one day so it was really quick wash I said hey you want to sell the business at some point give me a holler so his guys actually caused like a five car pileup and totally destroyed their truck it was ridiculous so he calls me he's like hey it's the moment entity for you you went by the business for $1,500 so I bought the wrecked truck sold it for parts and so I was in the business like $700 ultimately pressure washers trailers and I said hey if you don't want the accounts anymore I'll just call him up and take him over he's like my I don't want anything to do with it so I'm gonna be done he wanted wipe his hands clean so I called those accounts picked him up that following weekend and literally made my money back that week and it just went from there I was like hey instead of washing cars let's wash semis and then I met a guy he washed houses and the ticket prices were crazy and I was like you got to show me what's going on here so I I started washing houses started getting out of all the the fast-paced greasy grimy dirty stuff [Music] talk to us about how you figure out pricing structures do you charge flat rates do you charge per hour what's been successful for you as far as profitability and grow in your business totally so grown a business you have to build everything so that other people can do it so I can't go by timing because I couldn't ask you to go quote a job and say how long do you think this is gonna take but what I could tell you to do is say go measure this property and we'll probably come up pretty close I'll just show you how to measure it so I go by square footage so everything is measured in square feet so that it's repeatable you can duplicate it and you can have an estimator go out and sell that job so I priced by the square foot and that's how I did that's it just square footage yeah we got we have square footage pricing for everything and just to give you a little background on how I develop my square footage I say how did you come up with that absolutely the numbers originate so I fell flat on my face when I moved here because I had no idea what the market was gonna give me so I literally was quoting out of my mind prices that was kind of tough I mean I watched a lot of good leads you know go right out the door but I also hit on some like ridiculous things I mean I remember one job in particular took me 30 minutes I charged $2,500 and and then I started backing off I realized people weren't biting so I started backing it down backing it down and then I finally found this sweet spot and I've rocked that ever since obviously minimum wage has gone up so I just adjusted those prices basically every year ultimately you want to adjust your prices 5% every year so that your prices should actually increase 5% every single year anytime we go quote somebody we quote everything on the property we don't just quote one thing that they called us for hmm so it's it's kind of a way to upsell your customers you have to be offering options for your customers show value this is not the only thing you can do here's the scope of everything that we will do totally absolutely and so our goal is to improve the property value whenever we leave so if you have a house that's covered in green you know if an appraiser went in there he may think it needs a $10,000 paint job so we can come in and clean it for a fraction of the price and it leaves the paint bright doesn't damage any of the surfaces anything like that the grain just disappears we've got residential you've got commercial when you just started in this business what was your mind thinking as far as where my clientele absolutely so the clientele that I wanted to work with was a higher-end clientele I want to work with people with high-end properties with a disposable income so one big thing for me was to actually build out a customer avatar so it's actually you know write down who my customer is where do they hang out what are they searching on the internet mm-hmm and kind of attack that figure out where those people are you know places that my customer would probably hang out with me like the golf course tennis clubs just areas like this where you know like I said people with disposable incomes would hang out so we can go there to like golf courses and try and find those people or golf golf course communities you're not chasing them on there we're not chasing them they're not technically chasing I'm on the course I want to just barge in here you are talking about writing things down you know building the avatar how how important was that because I think you touch on a very important point you guys I feel like yeah when you do that it's crystal clear focus on who you're after it is and if you don't what happens it is crystal clear so not only is it clear for you as a as a business owner it's also clear for the employees to know where they should be spending their time one thing that you don't get back in life is your time you have to use it wisely and if you're not targeting the right customer and using your time wisely then that could be detrimental to your business right if you don't do that then everyone's your customer absolutely lady yeah not everyone is your customer that's what you need to be able to turn people away too and understand you know who and who isn't your customer so the sooner you figure that out the more success you're gonna see in your business would you agree with that absolutely [Music] what's the yearly revenue for Pro wash today and how did you double your revenue you know the last three years so yearly last year's revenue 2019 was just over three hundred thousand so we're looking to do six hundred thousand this year basically in gross revenue so some things that we're gonna do is is basically we'll turn up our advertising we're going to retarget our old customers as well so that's one thing that we haven't been doing in previous years and try a couple different new things out for marketing as far as attracting new customers and then just really dive into our customer experience so the customer experience is the most important thing so I tell people you know there is no competition as long as you focus on your customer so customer experience what the customer feels when they do business with you is one of the most important things to me in business [Music] thinking about cleaning a house square-footage I'm just thinking thousand square feet what would it take for you to clean that timewise and then and you know who got an employee working do you need one or two usually on that kind of a project so to answer the employee question I always run to Main Chris you know safety precautions if the guy falls right and they don't show back up to the shop you know he's not laying on his back on the ground so we do that for safety reasons also so our guys don't get burned out so you can get burned out really really quickly if you're just working by yourself there's kind of a lot going on so you want to work in a crew Plus nobody wants to work by themselves right so we enjoy mr.

cleaning business

Lonely all the time totally a second question was a thousand square foot house how long does it take what are we washing are we doing the roof exterior wash them by the siding right so a thousand square foot house that's tiny house so mmm it would take us 45 minutes so it's no quick how do you wash this stuff what are you using and we pressure washing or so we're doing what's called soft washing so soft washing is a is a safe and gentle process of cleaning basically any exterior surface and soft washing is easily compared to washing your hands or your car or dishes you use soap right we wash our bodies with soap there's a common misconception that high pressure water cleans houses it doesn't it actually you know deteriorates the surface destroys it so you actually have to apply a soap to lift that staining and then you can literally rinse it off just like you would rinse your hands okay so you spray the solution on the surface give it a dwell time typically five to seven minutes and then just rinse it right off so typically on on that thousand square foot house a guy could start apply the solution by the time he gets around to the truck we have actually special equipment to have remote controls so once he gets done with the back of the house he would click the remote control it would switch to water and he's rinsing back around oh well easy breezy easy breezy on to the next brontë see you later Cory what's your staff salary setup that's a good question so staff is paid based on their performance so obviously you can't drop down below minimum wage but there's a percentage that I give them on every single job they and it's a structure where they can actually work up to so we constantly want to want to move up as people you know so you got to give that structure to your employees to be able to move up to a newer Commission level a higher Commission level based on what they know and stuff like that so performance pay get your guys working more efficiently get some working quicker and they also have the ability to make more money per hour basically so performance pay is the way to go the process system how important is that and how did that develop for you I basically have done this for years so I kind of understand what the customer wants I was able to write that down and build out a diagram basically I actually get that diagram to my customers if we're cleaning the house it shows exactly what we wash and what gets cleaned and areas that some other guys that may not be experienced enough to know you know they may miss that spot we don't miss that spot so all of our guys are trained based on that diagram so they know exactly what to what to wash and what to clean and that's how we do it and that's how those guys develop my eye for detail basically you know I typically will go out and sell the job be customers like are you gonna show up no but the guys are because they know what to look for if they have that keen eye for detail I'm able to give that that diagram to them train them on it and then they know what I'm looking for and what the customer wants [Music] let's talk about game plan do you think you need that and and if so what was yours for this business absolutely so I'm going to drop some golden nuggets here this took me years to figure out but the biggest most important thing that's in every single business period is a budget so you have to have a budget I have a nice budget sheet that I use and I acquired it through a personal coaching company that I pay lots of money for monthly but the budget sheet is incredible so you put in there what you want to make and then you just reverse engineer everything from there the budget is your path and as long as you stick to that path you'll get to where you want to go budget is the most important thing and then you develop your actions on how to get there to those those goals basically and then you just backtrack and you go you know you start yearly and then you go monthly and then you go weekly and then you could do daily basically right you've got to know your numbers absolutely otherwise you think you're profitable but you're really not so we don't want you guys to be in that situation so let's start with a budget I'd love for you guys to comment any suggestions or advice on your experience on creating a budgets I think for someone who doesn't know or as new to this could be like budget that seems like climbing Mount Everest what I've never climbed anything but I think it's a lot simpler than that you know so we'd love to hear your comments yeah I think that would be a great value [Music] what percentage of revenue goes to advertising for your business and what was what is the best advertising source for you right now yeah so I probably spent a little too much so I spend probably 12% to about maybe 14% I could probably make that a little bit lower but I think that's what it says on my budget is probably right around right around 12 I think it actually might be under I know last year I definitely paid 12% mm-hmm over revenue and what are the best ways of advertising for you more success so Google has probably been my best source basically who will it were the Google AdWords we also do direct mailers a lot of street signs how do you find new customers today has that changed from when you first started – no so when I got here I've said didn't know anyone so it was you know find new customers new customers new customers new customers so I did that this is your 3 for me here so basically I just spent my time you know doing marketing online creating great marketing materials you know again writing everything down so that we could duplicate it figuring out what we were good at and and what the customer needed and what we could do for the customer so I spent all that time attracting new clients hell didn't really spend time like resurfacing those customers which is now a big focus for this year it's now we've got a huge client list so now let's let's continue to maintain those clients so that's one thing that we're doing differently this year because you have to maintain those those other clients that you built up you want to keep them so that's one way we're gonna grow this year is by maintaining those as well as continue to attract new customers I don't advertise on Facebook I again i farm everything out if I'm not good at it then there's somebody else that's better at it and it's best to just put my time where where I'm most productive [Music] from the moment you arrive to a project to the moment that you leave haven't finished the job what does that look like so I step by step on an exterior house wash we're gonna pull up break down our hoses that can't tell you all the secrets but whenever you get some safety precautions for the customers house so that's the first things first typically things like cameras heaters any electronic devices those are gonna get taped off bagged off so you don't want the solution getting on those again I can't share all the details but I love it you've got some proprietary form down here so use those wisely so we will then spray the house down basically having skipped a few details totally understand so we'll then spray the house down and you want to you want to spray it spray basically from the bottom to the top and then then you want to rinse from the bottom down basically excuse me from the top down well then reel up the hoses unbag everything you know whatever we need and and basically get out of there easy breezy again see you later see you later you guys one thing that I'm noticing about Corey and his success is that every step of the way you could see that he's writing things down as far as this client creating the avatar he wrote the specific line he wants to pursue as far as the systems and models in the process he wrote things down out he wanted to see it I'd love for you guys to comment and share your experience you know if you've had an experience when you didn't write anything down what was the result and then you realized let me write things down and see how different it is talk to us about that we'd love to hear your comments and feedback subscribe if you love this video hit the like button hit the bell to make sure you don't miss any videos that come out here in the next couple of weeks weeks months so yeah let's let's carry on [Music] if there's one thing that you knew before you started this business what would it be ah it's a good question couple things one thing maybe I'll tell you if you subscribe to the pro wash page and subscribe up flip that's our last question of the day so what's the answer so the answer to that question what would I do differently back then a couple of things there's obviously a million things I would do totally different one thing would be the budget the laser-like focus on the financials is extremely important I know where I am right now and I know where I'm going and I know where I can be so that's that's extremely important the other thing would probably be companies that could refer me business so I wouldn't part those yeah I mentioned before that I was just door knocking businesses with just no idea you know whether they were but now I door not with a purpose so I'm actually going after people that I know can refer me lots of business basically mm-hmm you're over partners so in a couple other things I just can't discuss here today that's awesome no we've enjoyed this interview thank you you are quite the individual quite the business person clearly we can see that in this you sense so good I'm sure we'll be doing business together absolutely make sure to go find you some houses that are dirty look forward to it your first word fall [Music] so we've heard a lot today from a redneck from Georgia he gave me permission to say that couple of things that stood out to me that I hope stands out to you guys he always wrote down his goals he wrote down the type of client he wanted to pursue because not everyone is your customers we heard him say that so I hope you guys enjoyed this episode we've got a lot more coming great people great business owners and we want to just bless you guys with this information so that you can go out and succeed in life and make it happen so stay tuned see you next time [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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