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You are
looking for a new dining table, but can't find the right size? Then build it yourself! It's easier than you may think. In just a few steps you will have a modern
table that you can design yourself! Head to your local hardware store to find
some suitable materials. For the tabletop I decide to use wooden planks. To stabilize the table I'll need a few wooden
slats. ((0:34)) After having the wood cut down to
size, I pick out some screws of the right lengths. To recap, here are the materials you'll need: 6 wooden planks – each measuring 150cm x 14cm
x 2cm. Or choose your own size… You'll also need five wooden slats:
Two that measure 120cm x 7cm x 2cm. Two slats that are 70 centimeters long, and
one that's 54 centimeters long.

And four table legs. I bought these online. Wood screws 5 millimeters in diameter. 16 short screws for the table legs. 24 long ones to screw on the wooden slats. A battery-powered screwdriver, A pen and measuring tape, A drill and 3mm drill bits Sandpaper and a sanding sponge. Now it's time to get started. Use sandpaper to sand any rough spots and
make the front sides smooth. Now turn to the back side of your tabletop. This is where you're going to attach your
wooden slats. Position them in such a way that later you'll
be able to attach all of the wooden boards to them.

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Now mark the places where the screws should
go. There should be four for each table leg. Because the side slats will stabilize the
table, six screws will be added here — one for each wooden plank. Four screws go into in each of the lengthwise
slats, and the one in the middle. Now drill some pilot holes. They ensure your screws won't break off and
your wood won't crack. The depth of the pilot holes should be about
three-quarters of the length of the screws.

Now attach all of the wooden pieces together
using the cordless screwdriver. And then screw on the table legs. VoilĂ , your new table is ready! It goes well with Scandinavian style chairs. Now you can throw a dinner party! You can plan the dimensions in advance, but
you'll only see if everything looks right at the store. You may have to change your plans on site. So bring pencils and a tape measure, to be
on the safe side..

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