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[Music] we are a local portland maine handyman service company here at portland maine handyman citywide we aren't your typical handyman offering their services from the back of a pickup truck we are your trusted and dependable home improvement advisor that delivers results our trained and licensed home technicians have the experience and knowledge to insist in any home and commercial improvement project needing completion we serve all of portland and the greater portland area including cumberland and york counties our service is a simple step-by-step process to follow it starts by meeting you to learn and understand what project you have in mind and how you would like it to be completed on the day of the agreed upon date for starting work we will then arrive promptly at your location with all the adequate supplies to get the job started and completed efficiently some of the many examples of jobs we have performed in the past can be seen in the following clips carpentry work is always a joy for any of our skilled trademen when cutting wood laying new tile down for the flooring of the home performing renovations that have us removing the baseboards adding insulation to the walls of the home increases the home's heat retention and or soundproofing a room numerous electrical jobs always making sure the circuit breaker is turned off before performing the work needed to be done we've got you covered with plenty of plumbing experience from solving many of our portland customers home plumbing issues painting staining or varnishing surfaces for you both interior and exterior or assisting you in upgrading a new floor installation so that you can enjoy and walk on in your home our goal is to perform efficient work professional quality and exceed your expectations we always make sure to clean and tidy post work the result is to leave you feeling satisfied with the work that we have performed for you we've got all the residential services that one might need from small jobs like door handle repair to the extravagant home remodeling job we've got you covered from any job in between our commercial services consists of service for both interior and exterior of the commercial property many of our commercial clients have been in the restaurant and hotel spaces we've pretty much covered all the diverse types of commercial space in and around portland and look forward to serving you for your next commercial property project we have a vast network and team of contractors here at portland maine handyman with the skills to perform any job that you have for us call the portland maine handyman team today at 207-367-4302 for additional info visit us at we look forward to serving you

Clogged toilets and drains

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