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Hello everyone, welcome to this channel This channel is mainly about DIY content I will share some of my daily DIY work process,I hope you like it If you have the same hobbies, please like, subscribe and forward Today we are going to make a terrazzo room number In the same way, two different effects were made this time The process is very simple >Hope to share you with more ideas about terrazzo let's get started! The list is some materials to be used this time First of all we have to make cement numbers using quick-drying gray cement I added a little sand to the cement after mixing, slowly add water and stir to make evenly Take out the mold and pour the adjusted cement into the mold After the cement is poured, gently shake the mold to make the surface of the cement flat, and then set it aside for drying Next, we will use cardboard to make a small mold for the base Cut out several sides of the cardboard, as shown in the video tape each surface to facilitate demoulding and prevent cement leakage Glue several surfaces together to form a box without a lid This is the mold to be used later Now when making the base, a little white sand is added into the cement to increase the hardness and prevent the cement from cracking Add water to the cement and stir slowly.

Don't add too much water all at once After blending, I added a little orange pigment to make beige background Continue mixing and add colored fragments For the production process of color fragments, please refer to the above link Pour the adjusted cement with fragments into a small mold shake it gently to make the surface uniform, and then set it to dry Two days later… Because the number is very small and easy to break during demolding.
Be very careful I almost let it dry for 2 days to ensure that it has enough hardness. After demolding is completed, use 80-mesh sandpaper to slightly smooth the bottom of these numbers for easy use later The demoulding of the base is much simpler After demolding, the surface needs to be polished
to show the color of the fragments As usual, sand the base in the sink There is no need to polish the bottom too much, as long as it is flat
then stick it on the door I used 80 mesh, 200 mesh and 800 mesh sandpaper for the other surfaces Not only did I grind out colored chips, but the surface was also relatively smooth Spray clear paint after the water is dry.


The base is complete The painting process was not recorded this time but you can also see from the previous videos about terrazzo >In the same way, I made two terrazzo bases put numbers on them, and let's take a look at the effect first The longer numbers are custom-engraved and It has sticker on the back, so they can be directly attached to the base For another cement figure, I used hot gule In this way, two simple terrazzo base room number are completed Let's take a look at the final result Thanks for watching.

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