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(upbeat music) – Morning guys,
welcome to the vlog. We're up and at
it bright and early. Sierra's getting
Shelley's food for the day. What is it, Sierra? – [Sierra] Collard greens.
– Collard greens. Collard greens. That's what's on
the menu for Shelley. Bryce getting
ready to go to school. Someone slept in, oh wait, no. Someone forgot
to set their alarm. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Good thing Sierra has
an alarm shortly after. – Yeah. – I told him it
sucks gettin' up early. Trust me, I know.
I remember those days. And it's gonna suck even more
when you get into high school 'cause it's even earlier.
High school is first. I don't know.
It's an hour before him.

Good morning, it's Thursday. It's windy, it's chilly,
it's 51 degrees outside which is chilly for Arizona. It's chilly for
us here in Phoenix. The wind obviously
brings dust and pollen and dander and all that stuff. My hair is fabulous.
Love it, love it. – [Tiffany] Babies.
Who's home? I brought a box out
and she thinks it's hers. – Where?
– [Tiffany] The box. Hi Baby. – Here, go. – [Tiffany] No,
it's not for you. Say hi to Bryce. – Oh yeah. Oh yeah. (Tiffany laughs) – [Tiffany] Gotta
give her a treat now. Where's your treats, Baby? Where's your treats?
Treat, treat. Say, "Yes, please." Not our good treats,
doggie treats. Whoa. – [Bryce] Right there. – So I bought an
extension cord that's flat. See? See how it's flat?
– [Bryce] Yeah.

– Instead of goin' err,
goes flat, for my lamp. And the outlet is conveniently
located in the center of the room underneath our area rug. Bryce and I, Baby
thinks it's play time. Like, "Uh, what are you
guys doing with the rug?" You think it's play time? She was going
crazy a minute ago. So we're gonna
try to, where's it at? Oh, oh man. It's further
underneath than I thought. Right there.
Is it gonna work? We're gonna have
to move the couch. Okay, so if you can
get that plugged in there. – Okay, I'm gonna
need you to lift this up. – [Tiffany] You
need me to help you? Oh wait, jeez. Wait, hold on.
How's this gonna work out? One of these is gonna stick up. How do you open this? See, how's that
gonna work out guys? It's gonna stick up.

I mean the
table's gonna be over it. What do you think?
No, Baby. – [Bryce] It's fine. – [Tiffany] You
think it'll be fine? – Yeah.
– [Tiffany] Okay, let's try. Alright, so you plug it. – [Bryce] Easier with two hands, that's why I said
put the camera down. – [Tiffany] Yeah, I need
this hand to hold myself up. Okay. Is it gonna work? So you put the
things inside the hole. There. Alright. And then, we're gonna
have to thread that underneath, we can move this.

That might help if we move that. Put it under there and then
we're gonna hide it underneath the couch. Got it?
Thanks for your help, buddy. Ooh, don't, careful.
Gonna want this under there. – [Bryce] Oh yeah. – [Tiffany] But no, actually, ideally I want
it underneath that. So can you thread it underneath? Like put it
underneath the couch. So see this leg?
– [Bryce] Yeah. – [Tiffany] So it's
gonna have to go this way. – [Bryce] Okay. – [Tiffany] And then under
here and I'll reach for it. Okay? Thanks, buddy. – Ow! – [Tiffany] It's
like rough, huh? You got this.
Keep pushin'. (laughs) Your
arm's not long enough. Did you find it? – I can see the bump
from where I pushed it. Oh, I got it.
– [Tiffany] Got it? And while you're down there, can you get the dog
hair right there? Yeah. – No. – [Tiffany] You don't
want to clean for me? – Ah! – [Tiffany] What'd you do?
– [Bryce] Cut my hands on it. – [Tiffany] Ta-da. Now we plug it in and then we can hide it
underneath the couch.

– Alright, guys. Fast forward many hours later,
I wrapped up my livestream. I wrapped up my tax call,
my financial call for the, kind of where we're
sitting for the year. We know where
we're at with our taxes. In case you didn't know, this
channel and everything I do is wrapped around an LLC. It's my business. Right, I just don't
do this for fun, guys. It's my business.
It's how I pay the bills. How I keep the lights on. So yeah, kinda where we're at, what we're lookin' at
for taxes for this year. Taxes, it's a thing you got to
pay for and evidently with this new tax thing that the President
and everyone's trying to push, I'm gonna pay more
next year which is oh, so great. Looking forward to it. Sierra and
Tiffany have already left. Sierra's practice got moved
to a different gym and they're sharing a gym with another team
so they're gonna do a scrimmage against another
team so I'm excited.

13u volleyball

I actually wanted to go to
Sierra's volleyball practice tonight anyways. Now, it looks like we're going
to watch a scrimmage so me and Bryce are packing up and
heading on over there now. (girls yelling)
(volleyball being hit) – [Woman] Nice serve, Sierra. (girls cheering) – [Clintus] Nice save. Nice! (laughs) (girls cheering) We're back home now and
it's time for dinner. It's late. It's after 8 o'clock. We're having some
fajitas, some fajitas. Crock Pot.
– I love my Crock Pot. Oh, it's keeping
me warm right now. It's cold. – [Clintus] Got some
pita bread, some tortillas, onions, tomato,
sour cream, lettuce. Kinda like making up for our taco lasagna
'cause we're having tacos. Bryce is making a burrito. Mmm. Mommy's making a pita. There's what we
got boys and girls. Flaxseed, oral,
something-something flatbread. Healthy. Oh yeah. Good job. – [Tiffany] I need food.
– [Clintus] Good job. – [Tiffany] Nice
hairstyle there. – [Sierra] Thanks.
– [Tiffany] That's cute. How many days do you have? – I don't know.

It's the 7th today. – [Tiffany] So 25 minus 7?
– Yeah. – [Tiffany] What is that? 18? (laughs) Don't be
like Aunt Chrissy. – Yes, 18. – Where's the
snowball launcher? I guessed it. I was like there was going to
be a Santa launcher which shoots Santa lights or snowball but
it's like a grenade launcher. Yeah, that makes more sense. Instead of shooting
grenades, it shoots snowballs. – [Tiffany] Whatever
you say, Bryce. – What?
– [Tiffany] Whatever you say. – Woo! – [Tiffany] Sugar
went straight to him. He didn't eat any? – No, he didn't even
open his Snickers bar. So the video game
awards are going on right now. They're about wrapped up and Fortnite just
announced a new game mode. He's been all about
Fortnite the last month or so. – I didn't read it good enough. Snowball launcher isn't out yet. – It's not out yet.
He didn't read it. 50-50 game mode's out, yes.

He's not my son or anything.
(Tiffany laughs) Alright, so we were
trying to figure out the whole lamp situation here. Found out that that light switch
over there controls the outlet underneath there. Unfortunately, Tiffany
is disgusted by the rug because of the bump. So it's got a
plate underneath the rug. It's like a bronze plate
and it's got two outlets. Well, it's got these
little doors that pop up. Right? Well, someone thought, it's a
great idea to have an outlet in the middle of the floor.
It's a great idea. However, they
didn't design it for a rug. These little doors pop open and they stand
straight up like this. So it's like straight up. With the rug on top of it it makes this big
crease down the middle. It's just drivin' Tiffany nuts.

So she's like, "Nope, nope. "We'll just have a
lamp for decoration. "It won't be functional." 'Cause really, the way this
room's designed you can't really have a cord running around. I mean, it just,
it's functionality. So anyways, we'll just kinda
hold on to the extension cord for now and when we get new
furniture sometime next year, you know, we'll figure it out. So we'll figure it out. But for now we
got recessed lighting. We don't really need
to worry about the lamp. The lamp's just
for decoration now. Tomorrow we'll go ahead and
set up the Christmas tree. Like I said, we're sticking with
that corner there for the tree so we'll set that up tomorrow.

Get it all decorated. So Monday, Bryce has his field
trip where he's going to be camping out at the lake with
his classmates in some cabins. So he'll be gone all day Monday,
Monday night into Tuesday. Come home Tuesday after school
like normal and then Wednesday is a funeral for
Tiffany's grandmother. Her dad's mom
passed away this morning. We got the news. She hadn't been doing
well the last couple of weeks. Her dad was actually out there
in Missouri earlier this week and yeah… It's a bummer. It's her last grandparent and her dad's mom obviously… Mega bummer, mega bummer. The funeral
will be on Wednesday, we'll take the kids
out of school for that. Hang out with family
all day on Wednesday. And then Thursday after school,
we pack up and we head to Payson to our big annual camping
trip with all our friends.

It's a giant cabin. If you guys have
never seen it before, every year, the last two years,
this will be the third year, we rent a giant cabin. We put like, I don't know,
10 families in to it. It's crazy,
it's this giant cabin. I'll give you guys a whole
big tour once we get there. We end up spending like four
days up there with all of them it's really awesome. We'll come home early Sunday
morning because Sierra has her first volleyball tournament on
Sunday morning in Scottsdale. So action-packed next
week so stay tuned for that. It's gonna be awesome.
Thank you so much for watching. We love you guys.
We'll see you tomorrow. Vlog on. (upbeat music).

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