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All right, so this morning we are getting ready for my daughter's baptism, which is this Sunday we're having a few people over So I got to get the kind of stuff ready around the house So this morning before I go to work real quick I got a mow the lawn mow the backyard and we'd eat the front yard what we eat the back yard as well and Just get some other things cleaned up and ready to go Running right. Let's see what's going on here See, you're not runner. I'm gonna take the air filter off and see what's going on here. I Should replace this air filter, but there's one time before I took it apart and it was nasty and that's what it looks like here Pretty gross. I think that's definitely making it not Not breathe very good. That's nasty Holy cow all Right, I'm gonna definitely need to get a new one of these but I think it'll work in the meantime just kind of Cleaning it out, man.

This thing is nasty Okay, let's see if it runs any better They runs a lot better now You guys ever uh, you guys ever just feel like not doing anything I Woke up this morning. I just didn't really feel like doing anything I had to kind of have a half a day off. I have a thought that That we as humans we were born to be entrepreneurs, but we were groomed to just work for someone Uh, I don't know if that makes any sense to you guys, but I kind of feel like, you know back in the day Right. Most people had Owned a business, you know, they were a blacksmith or something like that and then when you were raised you were raised to kind of take over your father's business and I really feel like we are as People we are supposed to be entrepreneurs. Like that's where the true freedom is in that but I think that we've been groomed kind of through through our upbringing to just go and work for someone so I think it's like When you do work for yourself and your entrepreneur? It's you have this sense of like it's very easy to become lazy and not do anything and not keep pressing and not keep wanting to do more and and Just help more people and things like that.

So, I don't know if that makes any sense with you But so I think I feel like this this entrepreneurship thing is all about overcoming who we were like Groomed to become which has worked for someone I think that we need to kind of answer the call and become who we are really supposed to be and that is like entrepreneurs and people who are Truly devoted to helping people and stepping out and using their talents to just make a big difference in this world But it's just a thought I got I'd love to hear what you guys think about it well just got a call from my appointment that or my client that I'm working for this afternoon and He's got a Doc's pointment come up, so he's not going to be able to be there for our appointment So I'm gonna do a little bit more work For quite a while Have a slow.

I'm gonna drink slow, but it's definitely clogged up I should have probably unclog this a long time ago, but I've been busy and Kind of lazy when I'm not working. So I'm gonna get to it Let's get our Rover in here Oh Check this out. That's gross Nothing's been Nasty for quite a while Man, oh man. There's a lot of crap in there That's why you take care of your sink See I need something a little bit fine to clean this up my wife's toothbrush ha ha just kidding.

Just kidding I went you'll always to throw that's nasty Look at all that. Oh, man Best thing about this stuff is it washes off? I mean doesn't matter if you get this crap on you just gross Now we got to clean down there Okay, here's my plan. I got an old sock and I'll wholly suck up to an old shoestring Try the old shoestring gag. I'm gonna see what happens here No, that's it's working Because we can run it through there again, okay Let's say that works pretty good. It's pretty clean in there. Look at that that turned out real nice Well, let's see how she operates Nice drainage it should have no leaks here Ok looks like we're all done here trains a whole lot better. I think we're done here Hi David, this is Alan Lee with honestly handyman services. How are you? I'm doing well doing well. Ok, could we do next Friday at like noon? Okay, that sounds great okay, so I got you a for Friday at 12 p.m.

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So I'll see you then, okay Buh-bye Okay, just rescheduled the job for today because the guy had a Doc's woman It wasn't gonna be home but too late for me to finish the job today. So we scheduled for Reschedule for next Friday. I got some estimates to write and then I'm going to Go to the dump I'm also working on Publishing this next vlog, but by the time you guys see this video here This will on Velarde be posted like a few weeks ago. But so working on getting that posted right now Alright, I'm gonna go to the dumb. My wife wants me to take this this thing to the dump here Just kind of seen better days. It's Not in the best shape, you know kind of falling apart Got everything loaded up into my truck. So heading to the dump right now pretty sweet I don't have my trailer hooked up to to my truck so I can actually go like 70 miles an hour.

So pretty sweet This is also the first will log on this new camera I wonder what you guys think of the quality and the sound it is a GoPro So I ended up going with the GoPro with like a cool microphone And I got a bunch of other accessories I want to know what you guys think of this light of the quality and all this and that I'm not really I'm not really Sold on this GoPro business yet.

I looked at some of the quality of the video yesterday and I wasn't too sure about it, but Let me know what you think Is it better or better than it used to be or is it worse or I? Know it's better than that one video that I made because I made that on my other camera Which the audio was horrible. The audio is never going to be that bad again. That was that was a little insane But anyways, heading to the dump right now Hey, how's it going? Are you good? Alright, cool, man. Thanks. Have a good one Good afternoon, how you doing? Good. Good number four. All right. Thank you, sir All right, all done has the at the dump here You know, it's really funny when you're at the dump and you're like getting rid of stuff that Has been in your truck for like a month. It's like it's really interesting cuz it's like It's like looking through a photo album. It's like wow, I remember that job Yeah, this is pretty funny you're like oh I forgot to did that job or you remember details of a certain job is pretty funny like all that insulation Was in my in the back of my truck from that one job where that where one of my clients fell through the ceiling I was just thinking I'm like man, then less have been crazy when he like fell through that ceiling I mean, I don't think you like, you know came completely down but like that had to be pretty dang scary and it's like man, I couldn't imagine like being in an attic and then like feeling like you are about to fall through and like how your Gut feels at that moment.

Haha, man, that'd be absolutely horrible Well this day didn't go necessarily according to plan, but I think it turned out all right.

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