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Hi! A game that will be shown in a moment is a must-have for kids who like to help around the house. 'Alex the Handyman' is an educational app which teaches little ones about different tools and how they are used for different purposes. The game is designed for children up five years old. They can identify with the main character a very friendly fox Alex who like a superhero appears in the house full of faults and helps to repair all the damage. I think that the concept is fun and educational. So, kids can come along with Alex and find out that all residents are sad or scared. I'm not surprised. They really have problems. Kids need to use different tools to: repair a broken fence, hack off the tiles in a bathroom, paint a wall, iron a dress and many more.

I assure you that the list of household and outdoor repairs is long. The game offers six locations with fourteen different and curious mini-games. Each activity is rather attractive, easy and also short. There is no place for boredom. Parents have the opportunity to talko to kids while playing. There is a lot to say. You can name the different tools and discuss the tools that you have in your house.

Alex the handyman

How similiar are the jobs in the game to the jobs in your own house? Talk about why a particular tool is used for a job instead of any other. Which tools are dangerous and should be used only by grown-ups? Explain that it is better to fix something than throw it away. What dangers are waiting for animals? There are no spoken instructions so parents assistance is recommended. The educational valiue of game is high. It develpos: the ability of solving problems, knowledge of the world around us, imagination, vocabulary, line drawing skill, empathy level, and parent-child interaction In conclusion, 'Alex the Handyman' is the smart app for toddlers and kindergarten kids. The game creates the possibility of dialogue between the parent and the child.

I like animations and curious characters as well as music and sound effects. The graphics are bright and colorful. I'm sure 'Alex the Handyman' will become the best virtual friend of your kid. Give him a high five. And remember, if you have something broken at home, you can rely on Alex..

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