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Uh, is that thing really necessary? I don’t have anything on me, I swear! Enough with the lies! Ugh, totally busted! I’m definitely gonna fail now. Now go. Well, this day’s off to a rough start. But she forgot to check one spot. Sucker. Look at my baby, all grown up! Muah!! If only these kids were like him. Pick me, c’mon!! I got it!! I got it!! Please!! What about you, Brian? My baby!! C’mere! Seriously?! She always picks Brian!! All right mom, I'm here. I dunno if I know this one… Three times two is six, So I guess the answer’s five? That’s gotta be it.

Um, that would be a no. Really? Put a one in there. Oh! I gotcha! There! My cute little smarty-pants! Sign my test? Wow, thanks!! Muah!! I can’t believe I did that!! I can get used to this. I now crown you king of the school! Sweet!! This mother-teacher thing’s really working
out! Those eyes better be down! Thank goodness I studied. Why did I stay up playing video games?! I’m freaking out here! Hey!! Wanna help me out here? Okay. Number one is two-fifty. Two is sixty-five. Do I hear whispering? Those little cheaters!! Shh!! Like they can trick me. I’ll have to do this another way. I don’t have to say a single word. Uh-oh… Behave or I’ll fail you both! That was bad. Wait a second. The solution’s so obvious!! Psst!! Watch my hands! Different spots mean different letters. I get it!! Okay, what’s number one? A! And number two? What’s going on over there? Just feeling my own groove! Okay… I can get down with that funk! Pound it! These notes sure are thorough.

Mmm, blueberry!! Brian? What’s with all the candy? Away, please. Ugh, party’s over. Gross. What? So judgmental. Could these two backpacks be any different? See ya. Just gotta make a quick locker stop. No one’s watching, right? Just need one thing… GAHHH!!! Oh Oh-no!! Betty?! Nothing to see here! Stop staring at it, okay? Oh, Betty. You’re a trash stasher too? Hehe See this? Why not make it useful? Magnets can do wonders, see? You can have a bunch for different things. And now you're organized! Thank you, Brian!! Let’s go! Ugh, where is that thing? Hey! Do you have water? No problem! Just gotta move a few things around… It’s in here somewhere.

Careful, Betty! This is getting ridiculous. Wait!! Just another second! You sure carry a lot of clothes around. I’m definitely getting closer… I have plans… C’mon… GAH! Seriously, Betty?! Found it! Try this next time. Take a T-shirt and a bra. And cover it with these. Fold the T-shirt up, Then roll it like a burrito. And last but not least, Grab a sock, and turn it inside out. Stick your hand in and grab the clothes. Pull the fabric over everything, So that it completely envelops the wrap. Look how much better it fits!! And you have room for more stuff. It’s a backpack game-changer. Check it out!! How can I ever thank you? So smart!! We’d better head to class. Pencil’s down, tests up here. I couldn’t come up with anything!! Gah!! Thank you. Brian? Time’s up. Huh? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Just a couple letters can send a major message. Can you guess what it is? Alrighty, all done! Here you go, ma’am.


Let’s see… Hehe!! Oh, well isn’t this the sweetest? Talk about a confidence boost. And I’ll send a message right back. Muah!! How’s this? All done grading, Brian. Yeah? Wait, is that an F?! Ugh. It’s the big day!! I totally aced this thing, I know it! I wonder how Betty did… Ugh, I think my test’s in here… C’mon… I knew I had it! Here you go, sir!! Well done, Lily! And you, Betty? Can I see your test? It’s been through a lot, huh? Unacceptable! Take better care of your things!! Can you believe that guy?! Like I have time for this stuff. Ooh, that stinks. This day just keeps getting better. Wait a minute.

I think I’m onto something here. This old chip can can be turned into something new. A little ribbon? Put it along the top like this. Once that’s done, Add one of these! And for the finishing touch? My astronomy test. Never underestimate presentation. Perfect!! Let’s see him try to resist this. Let me see that, Lily. All right, Betty, you’re up. Here ya go! This is your best work yet! Worked like a charm! And a smile to you too. Whenever I have some downtime, it’s a great excuse for a touch-up. Ugh. Fine. I wasn’t learning anything anyway. I’ll just use my little mirror. Way less discreet this way. Betty? You never learn, do you? I guess not. Thanks for nothing. Another one to add to the collection. Lookin’ good. So unfair!! Two can play this game!! Did he see? Hey! No phones!! Hand it over!! I don’t think so!! What am I supposed to do now?! I know.

Try this one on for size. If you have a tiny notebook, Install a tiny mirror in it!! Peel back the adhesive, And stick it onto the paper. Centered is always best. I’m brilliant!! Is the lipstick still looking good? Of course, it is!! I’m always watching you, Betty. It’s okay. Notebooks are allowed, right? I suppose so. Move it along, ‘teach. That was a close one. Think these school hacks will come in handy? Be sure to share this video with your friends
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