Adjusting internal doors

Hi I'm Matt from HomeFix and in this video I'm gonna show you how to adjust this sticking door. Right the first thing you need to do is close your door and try and see where it is actually sticking. Now if you can see on this door it's touching at the top there. Alright now common reason for this is that the hinges could have come loose, making the door drop a bit. A way to see this is if you take the door and if you shake it a bit you can see movement in the top hinge there. Alright the tools you need for this is either a screwdriver or a cordless drill. Now what you want to do is get your screwdriver and tighten up the screws. As you can see as soon as I tighten up it's pulling the hinges in to the frame.

What you might find is when you go to tighten the screw that it just spins and doesn't actually get tighten up, so what you do is take the small screw out and replace it with a longer and fatter screw. Alright now you've done that, you're going to try your door. Right as you can see where I've tightened up the screws on the hinge and door, it's pulled the door over and now opened up the gap there, so the door now works fine. Alright if after doing that it still doesn't work, another cause could be excess paint on the door. Now what you will need to do that is sand it down. I'd advise not taking the door off, so if you shut the door either get a bit of paper or card, put it in the door and you slide it up and where it starts to hit the door, if you mark it, open the door and start sanding.

At least then you can sand a bit of time and then try the door again. If there's something a bit more serious wrong with the door, as in you've had carpet fitted and they need trimming down, then it's worth getting a local handyman in to come and do that for you, as they'll need to take the door off and plane it down. Thank you for watching the video and for more helpful tips, please look on our website at Saxon Weald..

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