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Alright we got a pretty sweet WLOG this morning, but first we have to clean out this tool trailer I Have been takin care of it in probably Quite a few weeks maybe even a month and it's pretty nasty so we had to take care of this and then we're gonna be heading out we're even doing some concrete work today and then doing A few other things so I'm pretty excited for the day never done the concrete work that I'm doing today So I'm pretty excited about that.

I'm gonna learn some new stuff, but first let's get going on this Alright that was a good half an hour But we got it all we got it all taken care of still need to kind of organize this I'll probably do that before I take off cuz Leaving it a little bit messy is the worst thing because it just compiles from there But take it from me if you don't want to spend 30 minutes on a on a morning Getting your tool trailer all fixed up. Just put your stuff away when you're done working That's something I got to learn still working on it.

But anyways, let's get to today's job All right. Like I said, we got a pretty sweet job coming up today doing a concrete job So I am NOT if you know a little bit about me I am NOT a concrete worker so I don't really, you know, I don't do driveways I don't do sidewalks. You know all I the only concrete I really do is fence posts So I'm pretty excited for today because I've always wanted to do like finished concrete or at least try it or learn it So and I feel like today is a perfect time to do that.

I'm doing a little bit of a little slab in a driveway I really had to rely on other people to learn how to do this project today So in one way that I wanted to kind of plug in that is we have a handyman mastermind group a handyman journey mastermind group on Facebook And if you're not part of that join that the link is in the description below It's full of a bunch of guys and girls that have such extreme knowledge there's people that have been in this industry for like 15 20 years and then there's people that are just starting out and then there's people that are like toying with the idea of getting into starting a handyman business, so it's a pretty sweet little community there you could virtually ask any question that you want there and Someone will have the answer.

I mean, there's Tyler's there's concrete guys. There's fence fence contractors like it's pretty exciting So check that out, but I learned a lot from those guys. They totally like you know what I should do what the best What the best motives would be to go about doing this concrete job. So I think I got a pretty good idea Never done it before so you guys are gonna watch me and learn with me learning. So I'm I'm pretty excited about that So I'm heading over to Lowe's right now because Home Depot is the other direction than what I to go today so I'm going to Lowe's gonna pick up some concrete a few other things and we're gonna get this thing going and We're gonna learn together. So let's get it guys. Alright here. We are at the concrete job. So here's the little slab Here's the little slab that I'm doing here As you can see there's the there's a clean-out right here And it's clean out is just this thing's loose so I just need to bring it up a little bit.

So it's level Over here, it looks like someone Redid the concrete, but they didn't put any rebar so it's kind of sunk. So I'm definitely putting rebar in this one So let's get to it So getting the ground all leveled out the ground was a whole lot deeper up near the garage and it was Out of way, so I decided to level it out a little bit And then also I needed to get that clean-out cover out of there so I could level that as well When I went ahead and leveled that clean-out cover I Have left it a little bit proud of the surface of the concrete of the existing driveway Concrete just because I my thought was that way water wouldn't run into it During a rainstorm or any kind of runoff or anything like that Not particularly sure if I did that correctly Whether I should have maybe sunk it in a little bit more or made it a little bit higher But I'm sure you guys will leave me a comment the comment section below and let me know What I would have done to make this Better or right or legit? But overall I think that this job turned out fairly good It was definitely a fun project to do and definitely fun to kind of get my feet wet in the whole concrete world This is kind of the first time I did it and obviously I had to lean a lot on to the people in the facebook mastermind group to help me out and kind of Tell me how this is done and I watched a whole lot of videos as well.

Obviously So here I am setting it just a little bit proud of the surface And next I need to just pull a little bit more dirt out of there just because I want to get that concrete thickness up And then I'm gonna go ahead and figure out where exactly I need to install my rebar and get that drilled in Making sure I got that Clean out cover on there correctly and set in there all nicely I'm gonna put in some Put in some three-quarter crush gravel one interesting thing at low is if you're ever looking for this It's not near the concrete as you would think it's out in the garden section I had to go all the way I was searching all around and Lowe's trying to find that 3/4 crush gravel but for some reason they don't have it next to the concrete and it's out in the garden area, but I've had some crazier things happen at Lowe's You ever try and look for an electrical socket.

It's always in the plumbing aisle at Lowe's Weirdest thing ever. I don't understand it, but that's how it is So here I'm just setting up my my hammer drill to drill some 1/2 inch holes in the concrete Got some three-quarter inch rebar that I'm going to be setting in there So that will tighten it all up Just checking some of the comments on the facebook mastermind group about this job because I asked about it and Some pretty pretty good pointers here. So making sure I'm doing this, right Okay, I got my gravel in there. I got a few pieces of rebar after I lay a little bit more I'm gonna put another piece of rebar going that way on the top there but it's gonna be a little bit tricky because this piece of cement has actually Sunken down because obviously they didn't put rebar in before and this one's all jagged So we're gonna see what we could do, but we're gonna pour some concrete One thing I found fairly quickly here was 80 pounds of concrete is a little bit too much to mix in a concrete mixing pan it was a little bit a little bit too much to handle here just for Just in that thing the thing and when I went with a smaller load is a little bit easier But it would it would kind of move all around on me.

I think for this kind of concrete project I think I should have brought a I should have brought a wheelbarrow, and I think that would have Would have been a much better solution for this one concrete But you live and learn so now I'm going to go with a half a bag Protection and that seemed to work pretty good for Protecting it so it didn't get all dirty with concrete. So it was kind of a good solution. That was a recommendation That's someone off of the Facebook group. So that was pretty awesome Right now I'm trying to trying to get it as flat as possible But I think I think I already had it enough for kind of the beginning stages and I could have probably left it at this point and Then let them bleed water and all that But I realized after this that I need to and I let it dry a little bit let the bleed water dry off before I add my Learning All right, I got the concrete all set From what? I just read.

Allen lee

I think I trowel it a little bit too early But we're gonna let the bleed water apparently sit for a little while. And then we're gonna Retrial it, but I think it's looking pretty good All right, I got to Let that that bleed water dry a little bit. I got to change out the battery in this GoPro here. I want to talk for a sec about About what I think is a pretty important Aspect of starting your own business and running a handyman business and that is never being afraid to try something new Honestly, it's a little scary trying something new that you've never done before like this concrete And I know probably in the comments section of this video You guys are probably give it to me cuz I there's probably a lot of things that I did wrong But that's how you learn.

So I would say if I did something wrong or or if you would have done something differently Let me have it. I want to know because that is how you learn and that's how you get better so I mean you can't be a pro at something by never have done it done it the first time there's always the first time so Pretty excited. I think I think it's looking pretty good It's obviously not going to be Pro But yeah, we're gonna wait for that that bleed water to dry and we're gonna travel it and edge it So let's get back to it All right.

It looks like it's pretty much ready. So let's get to finishing All right, here is my cement I got it all Brushed out. So it's got a nice texture to it. This is my cover here I still need to take the the tape off that but I'm gonna let it dry before I even mess with that So this is looking pretty good So that's going to sit there. We're gonna go grab some lunch. Let this dry Cure a little bit and then we're gonna come back and do a do a few other things of this house And take that cover off and see how this finishes up. So I'm pretty excited about that All right. Here's another shot of the concrete.

I Think it's looking pretty good For my first time anyways, but let's go grab some lunch. Okay my second job for the days There's this pump go from this AC unit and he's got a new pump. It just is a different style pump This one's mounted in this bucket and we got one that's not going to be in a bucket So it's gonna be a little bit better Alright there's our new pump getting rid of the bucket so it'll be a lot more secure Is our drain line coming down in this drain line? Going out.

All right, we got that pump installed in the Attic. Therefore that AC unit here is our Driveway looking pretty good drying up pretty nice. I took the tape off this and that looks pretty good and you can pull that off So there's a clean-out in there So That driveway turned out pretty good. So We're gonna get packed up here and get up Okay, here we are eight days after the initial pour and this is what our concrete looks like I'd say that looks pretty good All right.

That was a fun job. Got that concrete all done man. First time doing concrete. That's pretty exciting And I feel pretty good that that cap was like pretty flush and it came off pretty sweet It seemed like everything went went well with that job. It was a little bit complicated because you know the the Surrounding concrete wasn't really level. So trying to slope into that or whatever was beyond my skill set at this time But I would absolutely love to hear what you guys think about what I did on that concrete job whether I did a great job Or I did horrible I would love to hear it because you guys I bet some of you guys know a whole lot more than me about concrete I bet most of you do this is my first time doing it So if there was something that I should have done or I could have done differently Please let me know in the comment section. I would love to hear it.

So that jobs all done did the concrete and that And I did that AC that AC condenser drain pump in the attic and so I was here for a total of three hours made a lessee total labor was about let's see so total but the job total was about 525 so Labor total was somewhere around 475 for those three hours, so I'd say that was a pretty good a pretty good job So I'm gonna call this will log here. I got another will log that I'm working on right after this I'm not done with this day yet, but for the sake of time I'm gonna cut this here and I will see you all in the next vlog So I hope you guys have a fantastic one and thank you all so much for joining in.

Have a great one.

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