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Good morning, good morning friends. Today is a super awesome day. It is probably the most important day of the week Today is actually my estimate day. So today I'm not actually doing any work work as people would call it but I really feel like doing estimates is a very important part of Working as a handyman because if you're not doing estimates, there's no way that you can lock down any jobs in the future So for me personally, I don't like running around like a chicken with my head cut off So I always ask I always schedule out all of my all of my days. So one day a week I always have an estimate day and that is what today is So we're going to get going on today today's job and I'm gonna take you guys along with me and show you guys the process I was just about to go into my next appointment and I got a call from a super awesome guy that I'm super excited for you as a meet and Actually, he wants to meet up.

So we are meeting up today We're gonna meet up a little bit later, but man, I'm super excited this guy Literally changed the game for me as a handyman. So I'm super excited to introduce you guys to him But anyways, let's get going into my first appointment How are you doing today, I'm good. Good. Okay. So this mirror be hung right here, okay Okay I just need something done. Oh, yeah that guy that way hung there. Okay, I'm scared Okay, hang that picture kind of right there okay there and I could put my towels on it Okay, so two built-in shelves kind of like where you have up. Yeah, just plain. Okay, you know would ya We have the mirror we have installed the Pushpin banner and then the porcelain hat in your room and then a hang picture in bathroom and two thirteen by twenty Shelves in the closet. What are you? Well, it all depends on typically I'd charge by the job so I look at the job and then I Figure out how long it'll take me what parts will be needed for that.

And then I'll write you up an estimate for that So, okay. So basically write you up an estimate then I'll get that to you Come back. Yeah. Yeah, I should get that to you within the next few days. Okay, you have a good one kay All right, that estimate went pretty well. She just needed a few small things This kind of leads into a question that I was asked just recently here on YouTube Someone asked me they said hey Alan what is the difference between a contractor and a handyman and to tell you the truth in a lot of places you talk to a lot of handyman and Really? There is no difference for me here in California There is a big difference between a handyman you had a contractor So really it depends on where you're located and what kind of work you do here in California If you don't have a contractor's license You can only perform up to five hundred worth work Including labor and materials per project so that that severely limits you if you do not have a contractor's license me personally I do not have a contractor's license yet in California.

There are requirements that you have to do or meet in order to get your contractor's license with that you have to Either work for a contractor for four years or own your own business for four years So I am currently on the track to get my contractor's license and super excited about that And then once I call if I for that I have to take the the the law test and the practical test So looking forward to that so I should get that here a little bit That's going to be exciting But okay So the different that's the main difference between what a handyman in a contractor is is the amount of work that they can do now in a lot of Areas different states, they have different laws regarding that So as a handyman you can do a lot more work like for instance in like Dallas, Texas you can perform There is no month dollar cap to what you can perform but there is a work limit to what you can do So like you can't perform any jobs that require a permit so you can't run new electrical You can't run new plumbing things like that But anything old you can definitely do so you can like replace light fixtures or things like that.

So One guy said you could practically you know Redo a house, but anything like new you cannot add into it There that's in Dallas, Texas anyways, but so here in California There's a huge difference in a lot of other places there is not there's also a lot of handyman that just don't care And that's that's that's cool. That's what whatever they want to do for me I always tell people my name is honestly Andy man, so I can't I got to be honest with what I do But there are people everywhere that our handyman that do all kinds of jobs So the jobs that you see me estimate, especially today are gonna be smaller jobs when I typically focus on is punch list items So, you know I don't do you know bathroom remodels or anything like that? Technically that is illegal for me to do here in California as a handyman So you'll see that the jobs that I do are a lot smaller, but I definitely make a really good profit on that per day per month per year, so Loving it.

There's definitely a lot of money to be made as handyman But anyway, so that that job that estimate went great. I got little bit of time to kill right now so I'm we're gonna run to Home Depot and return some parts whenever I Buy parts for a specific job I always just by nature I buy like half as more as I need or I don't know if that's grammatically, correct I buy more than I need basically So if I need two of something I buy three or four of it just in case one breaks So but that leads me with a lot of kind of material just hanging around I don't use everything that I bought so probably once a week or so.

I run to Home Depot make a big return It's kind of cool because it feels like I'm in paid but even though I've already bought these things, so it's pretty cool Got my whole cart loaded up here with all my returns one thing I wanted to just kind of highlight was this this dremel kit? I know I talked about it a few weeks ago in a video. But since then man, it just totally crapped out on me every single thing just kind of fell apart so Definitely not high quality stuff. I'm gonna definitely search online to see if I could find something that's more high-quality than this it just Doesn't hold up to what I needed to And it had been a little while since I returned stuff that was a lot of money is like $307 Oh Stuff McDonald to write up my estimates. They got free Wi-Fi here. So Okay, so I did a few estimates went pretty good now I am at home getting ready to eat some lunch with my wife and my daughter and then I'm gonna be heading out Got to be a couple towns over At noon so I'm taking an early lunch right now to do stew about to do a few more estimates that I'm going to show you guys a little bit more of kind of what I've been doing and how I do the estimates but I'm gonna show you guys this estimate that I did a little Bit earlier.

So this is the estimating software that I use called joist app. I used to use wave apps But I really like joist apps because you can do You can perform estimates on your phone and invoices on your phone, which is pretty sweet So as you guys saw this is the estimate that I walked you through a little bit earlier at the lady's house Actually, it was a little it was an apartment there. So it kind of has my My address up there at the top which is kind of cool for people to reach me at and then also my phone number my email and Just hang mirror with customer supplied mounts.

You can kind of see my prices here These prices are all different for every area. So it's all based on kind of what area you're in and What kind of? Accessibility you have to the certain project. So this some of these Prices may seem a little bit high for you. But these are appropriate for the area and kind of the work that I'm doing At her house, so I'm working on something pretty exciting right now I'm working on kind of like a t-shirt idea this and it may or may not but probably will be part of a Giveaway here on the channel here Coming up in the next few weeks, but I got a question for you guys kind of what you guys think So on a t-shirt, I want to put like a logo of kind of an idea of what we are doing here as handyman I really feel like we've kind of created a movement of whether you call an honest Honest handyman movement or something like that? But I have a few different ideas and I want to kind of throw those at you and see which ones you guys like best So I would love for you guys to come in the comment section below What you guys like the most so I got say ask me.

I'm a handyman Trust me. I'm a handyman Honestly a handyman movement I Kind of like this one honestly handyman integrity just on the front You break it I fix it. Let me know what you guys think I would love kind of your input again this may or may not but most likely will be Part of a giveaway here on the channel So I would love your heads input on that. Well, I'm heading out to my next job just finished up my lunch I'm heading up to a couple towns over from where I live and I want to talk a little bit about Why people might call you as a handyman, so there are many different reasons why people might call you Maybe one they they have no clue about anything about handyman work And they you know, legitimately need someone to perform work for them that they have no clue how to do the other reason would be maybe they they know how to do it, but they don't have the time to do it and so for instance, like right now, I'm actually heading to To meet with my mentor.


So right now my mentor he needs me to do some work for me He wants me to install a ceiling fan for him. To be honest. I'm a little bit nervous about it because He is a contractor and he has taught me a whole lot in this industry But he recently gave up his business and his contractor's license and now it works for Lennar Homes and Doing in their super, you know supervising for them so basically He just doesn't want to do the ceiling fan job And he wants me to come out and give him an estimate for this work And this would be installing a brand new ceiling fan. So As far as the work goes, I'm not nervous about that But I'm really nervous about like giving him an estimate because he's like my mentor but super excited for you guys to meet him He's man, he's totally changed the ballgame for me.

So super excited about that All right. So this is this is Patrick who is my mentor? I've talked a whole lot about him on this channel, and I wanted a to introduce you guys to him first thing I wanted to ask you do you remember one thing that you told me when I called you out? Many years ago on that one job that I had questions about and do you remember what you told me? No, it was like the most pivotal thing the in that got me to start this business and okay So I was super worried about running this electrical around this fireplace, right? Yes and You told me you see looking in the eyes and said Alan if you're serious about the about this you need to grow some balls And that was saying that on YouTube and I totally yeah That was like one of the biggest most pivotal things in me because I was I had a lot of fear You know to me yeah, so that was pretty big So I guess I would I mean Patrick's been a contractor for how long you've been a contract actually I went on my own on my 50th birthday 50th birthday and 50.

Okay. I left me another job Wow It was a great job didn't pay a lot, but it was a great job, man Wow and you were 50/50 that's awesome. That's really cool So, I mean people that maybe think that they are past their prime of that they could still get into it We do think you can You can it's a physical job and it's kind of taking its toll now, but yeah, you can do it.

Yeah What's up? What's one like word of encouragement or something that you would have for people that want to get started in the handyman business? I guess I pass this along and my brother gave this to me. He said this to me He said Pat, don't don't worry If you don't know everything you're gonna learn a lot on a job you really are and you have enough skills to learn to do those things so I think I told you that to me you can learn a lot by The skills that you already have and you'll know what you're gonna apply. Okay I worked with with guys that in the tile industry and they're really really finite guys. They're what we call anal They're particular about the work. So I cut them a lot about construction. They taught me a lot about precision, right? Okay, and I never lay tile. Yes. It's way past my vision Yeah But they learned a lot for me as well that they didn't know but they stopped being afraid esra me So you'll learn it and you'll cross over from your tile stuff to construction Painters believe it or not painters have a lot to offer.

Yeah I got a lot to learn for painting. I don't really much like it. I feel like I'm not very good at it And yeah, there's a lot of tricks. I know there YouTube a lot. Yeah. It's actually quite fun It can be very relaxing and some of my best friends have been painters. Mm-hmm. Yeah Yeah, and I I really like that cuz one of my one of my teachers in high school He told me that you know, true wisdom is not having all the answers, but it's knowing where to find me. Yes, that's true And I think that that's one thing you've really offered me and he's real helped me with that So yeah, the 3 2 1 books put out by Home Depot or you tell me about that. I bought that book Yeah, I did that's helped me a lot it helps and I'm gonna educated man I mean, but the thing is that you go back to basics go back to basics Learn the basics of 3 2 1 whether it's from Lowe's or Home Builders or New Yankee Workshop or something like that and anything That would get you to learn to use tools and to be afraid of electricity Respectfully is always good.

Yeah, so to be afraid was yeah thing for you. Yeah Yeah have a healthy respect a healthy respect with that. Which can kill you. Yes, definitely Yeah it speaking of that word got a little electric job here. Yes, we do He's gonna help me put some put a fan up that has no electricity in the attic right now. Mmm-hmm My wife has told me you're not doing Anymore. Yeah. Well, well, thanks for kind of interesting me introduce you to it. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Wow. What an amazing? Meeting that was with Patrick.

That was so awesome you ever you ever meet with someone that like Just gets you so excited about what you're doing and just really like ignites a passion in you just like man It's like so excited about this hynnyĆ­n business cycle I really really love this handyman business and just the opportunities that has provided me with and Really it all starts with that guy. He's the guy who? he was doing construction and He was the guy who I kind of reached out to him is like hey Patrick do you mind if I Come with you and work with you on a few jobs and just kind of see how you do things And he's kind of the guy that really motivated me to start this originally, I mean there has been so many mentors that have come through my life and really just excited me about this, but To me and handyman business is way more than just a job.

It is like a lifestyle. It's a lifestyle that offers you insane amount of freedom and just Chances to make a difference in life, you know That's why I kind of want to share this vision with a bunch of other people So I hope you guys like what Patrick had to say. I it's just a super awesome phenomenal guy I'm gonna write him up an estimate. It's pretty cool. He said that you know, this is this job He's gonna have me do he said he'll be my helper for it So that's kind of exciting to get another chance to work with him You know since I think you know a few months ago he gave up his contractor business and now he works for a home building operation here in in Sacramento super awesome guys, super knowledgeable and What's so awesome about him is he's super humble.

And he he continually says that what really matters in life is how you Interpret things and how you constantly continue to learn like there's so many new things that that are there's so many different things that people don't know how to do and Really? The only thing that's limiting us from doing those things is actually having the knowledge to know how to do it So it's all about really in continued education If you know how to do something fresh yourself so hard to figure out how to do it That's what I feel is like most important home movement and just man just excites Excites me like crazy like to know that there is nothing that you cannot do if you don't have the correct knowledge and wisdom But you just need to acknowledge your knowledge and wisdom to do it. You can do it.

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