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Good morning friends this morning. We are working for that military family that we did an estimate for On a few videos ago a few blocks ago, so we are heading Home Depot to get some to get some Materials for the day basically the mission for the day is to install a new ceiling fan where a light fixture Currently exists, but they do want a dimmer switch installed So we're going to have to run some some 14-3 wire Through the walls so they can have a dimmer for the you know, a fan switch and a dimmer for the light She doesn't like the remote The fan actually has a remote but she does not like the the way that the remote works She doesn't like that You have to like hold it down to dim it and then you never know exactly when you're all the way at the bottom She would rather just have a habit handheld Tora a dimmer in the wall, which totally makes sense So that's our mission for the day and then we're also installing another ceiling fan at this house So we're gonna be crawling up in the attic.

So let's get to it. I got a question for y'all What would you guys like to see in? This will log more? Would you guys like to see like me like more talking more maybe less talking? You know more, you know work videos more like me explaining exactly what I'm doing Or like more things of like what I do when I'm not doing any man jobs I would I don't know I would love to hear what would you guys like to see? alright, I hope people so I got this this is the This is the fan support Box that I get if you guys don't know Westinghouse also makes one of these but it's basically a remodel style where the one's kind of just I showed you how this works on a few on a few videos ago anyways But I also got a ceiling fan rated pancake box Because I'm not sure I'm not sure what the light is currently mounted to If it's mounted to a joist, then this will work perfectly because it's the same distance or same thickness as the drywall But if it is not hooked to a joist That's when I will need this guy because I will need to replace the box most likely because it's just a ceiling I mean, it's just a light fixture installed up there.

I highly doubt it as a ceiling fan rated box Although it might be if it is then we'll leave it And then I also got this is kind of the dimmer that I was talking about these the dimmer that she wanted one where you can control the fan and the light separately without the remote, so I got that some wire and Some old construction boxes. So yeah, let's get to work Well, I'm heading back to the hardware store I got that That switch box opened up and realized and then turned off the breaker and all that realize it is a 20 amp circuit So I'm going to need to go back to the store and grab some 12:3 I only grabbed some 14-3 this morning. I thought is a 15 amp circuit So I am running back to the store because I didn't have I don't have any 12:3 with me so I'm gonna have to run back and grab that but then we'll get back to the house and Finish that up the box that held that light is definitely not a fan rated box So I'm have to go up in the attic and replace that.

I'm going to use that commercial electric old old work box for that ceiling fan and then run my run my new 12:3 down the wall and hook up my new dimmer. So We're gonna get to it, but we're gonna go to Lowe's right now This is closest to us and then we're gonna be coming back man. 12:3 is expensive man. Crazy crazy I bought a bought a 25-foot roll and also a 50-foot roll just because I think that 25-foot will be long enough But if it's just barely not long enough, then I don't want to have to come back to the store But I'll probably end up returning the 50-foot roll.

But man that 50-foot roll was like 60 bucks I guess a lot of copper, you know copper is pretty expensive, but But yeah, hey I got a I got a good contract my comment Real quick when I was in Lowe's there and I got a comment from a guy on a video that I made earlier this year a pretty cool video called the scariest thing I ever did and I'm gonna link it up here and the video is basically about When I started my handyman business and kind of the fear That I went through when I first started up and kind of what I had to overcome So I think and he said that that video was very helpful and I've had a lot of other people say That that was exactly what they wanted or exactly what they needed to hear at that time when they watched it So just check that video out if you have it.

It's a great video. But anyways, let's get back and let's install the ceiling fan I've got our box removed. So now we need to go for the attic and run some new wire. Okay? I always like sticking something up in the attic so I can find it when I'm up there something that's hard to lie Kind of locate stuff. So I just stuck a Piece of wire up there an old piece of wire that I had in the hole So I'll be able to see it through the insulation So let's go in the attic. They just have this attic reinsulated did a pretty good job at it. I Need to go all the way over on the other side of that AC unit ductwork Well, it's slow going Like walking through snow, but I want to make sure You know what's under me is solid footing. So try to find the trying to find the joist as I go Okay, and I planned in quite work. I stuck that That old wire up in this area right here. I know that because there's the gable vent and here's this vent So we're about somewhere in that area But so I'm just have to kind of search in that area.


This is on this really thick. It's like Probably a foot foot and a half thick or so So we're gonna see if we could find our wire to locate our box. Actually. There's our yellow wire right there. So that works perfectly Gonna pull it up locate our box clean out around it Sorry, this light is kind of messing with this video. But here's our old mount There's the hole going into the middle of the ceiling. So we're gonna remove that mount Put in our own mount and then this is the wire they used to go to the light. So we're gonna trace that back To find our hole going down through the top plate shove our new wire down it.

Okay. I traced our wire down to that hole now we're gonna shove our our new 12:3 down that hole and hopefully we'd get it down in our stud cavity All right. I got quite a bit run down in that hole So hopefully that's enough to reach our junction box and then I got the rest of it over there near our hole in the ceiling so We're gonna get back down there pull some wire through and then Come back up here staple everything up and then put in our ceiling fan junction box All right, we fed enough wire through so we got our wire here and then we put our wire Right there.

So 25 feet was more than enough. So that was great. So let's pull that wire through cutters the right size Put in our box here This ceiling pant sport box And then we'll get everything wired up. We'll get a new box put in over there and We'll get going Man I'm so glad I get to do this job and that we were able to Squeeze in this job and move around some other jobs to get this done like I said before this this job here is for a military family and we are working to surprise a husband when he comes back from overseas, he's supposed to come back at the end of this month and Yeah, he's actually I get I heard that he actually watches this channel. So that's pretty exciting so this will probably ruin the surprise, but I think it'll be kind of cool if you can put this together, so Anyways mark if you're watching this I Appreciate your service to our country and I thank you and all of your friends that are over there That are fighting for our freedom here in America So thank you so much for all you do and we can't wait for you to get back Hey puppy.

Hey my help Alright we got the power back on we need to fix this. Let's see what happens The light works Alright fan works – Pretty sweet This switch doesn't do anything. I guess they used to run to that outlet down there, but they just want it there Because this is the cover that they have and so the fan and the light worked independently of each other Alright next job here is just to install a new ceiling fan here This is where I took that ceiling fan that we installed in that room. Took it down from here and Installed it in that room. So now I'm gonna need to just put up one here Alright just finished up installing the ceiling fan here and we wired in the old remote to it Fan and the light works so pretty exciting there You know, I've had some questions some people have asked me on this on the comments here They said what's the point of this will log thing? Why do you call it a blog, isn't it? Just a vlog and Pretty much the answer is it cut is? There's a few reasons why I call it the will log number one is it's just simply fun to say What log is just kind of a fun weird word I made up so That's we're going that's kind of my personality.

The second one is it's kind of it's different than a vlog because a typical blog Is is like a book log and then vlogs a video log of like someone's life This what I want to entail is kind of like a work log So that's the W log so the log right so it entails like me working showing you guys how I work and then talking about like business principles and things like that all revolving around the handyman business So that is kind of in a nutshell what we log means if you want the more in-depth answer to that watch the first episode of my will log where I really explain like my mission and My idea for this will long and I'm gonna annotate that above here. So you guys can take a look at that But that's kind of the why I call it a belong. So we are all done with this job Installed this new switch here and and that dimmer over there I just need to do a little bit of patching right above the outlet cover or the switch cover right there But we're gonna do that real quick.

So this I installed this this fan with new 12:3 wiring and then installed a new ceiling fan in the other room where there was already an existing ceiling fan there So there was no wiring that needed to be done for that one. So total logistics for this job I have five hours into this job It total total for this job was 585 Materials were about $85. So total labor was about $500 So pretty good day We got another job that I'm heading to right now But for the sake of time, I'm not going to record that and this is gonna be the end of this vlog So thank you all so much for tuning in. Leave me a comment in the comment section below Let me know what you think I'd love to chat with you there, and I will see you guys on the next block you guys all have a great one, buh-bye

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