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Hi everyone it's Jools from Handyman Homes. Today 
we're going to look at the installation of our new   solar pool pump and panels this system 
was installed in the southern suburbs   to allow us to stay close to the pump 
we used a mast to place the panels this   adds to the efficiency of the system it also gives 
us much more flexibility in how we can direct   the sunlight on to the panels every installation 
varies and it depends on the customer's needs the   position of the swimming pool and the position 
of the property the pump is a 48 volt uh system   uh on a dc brushless technology it's very quiet 
it's very efficient and it's been working well the   panels are two 48 volt panels wired in parallel 
they're installed by our qualified electrician   meaning all the work is guaranteed they also 
come with a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee   the mast and bracket were well engineered to 
withstand the strong winds that we experience   here in cape town and we are very proud to 
be able to offer this to all our customers   uh free electricity to run your pool no more 
paying for power to clean your pool this   is a great option with the cost of electricity 
increasing annually this really is a money saver you

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