Hi DIY Diva
Today I’ll show you 3 fun DIY projects inspired by Gucci, Aquazzura and Missoni. They’re quick, fun and easy to make and
with it you’ll have Couture you can afford All the looks and items featured will be listed
in the description box below The first look is a look inspired by the Gucci
snake patch jeans For this you’ll need jeans, the snake iron
patch and an iron Warm the iron on the hottest stand first
Place the snake iron patch on the jeans and then press it. Do this until it sticks To finish it off and to make sure it stays
you can also hand sew the patch in place And that’s it. This is the final look, Your own DIY Gucci
Inspired Jeans The second look is inspired by these gorgeous
pearl boots from Aquazzura. For this I used these ankle boots, pearl stickers
and mod podge The cool thing about these stickers is that
they come out in a row so I don’t have to place it separately Add some mod podge to the back and place it
on your boots Place one on the front, the two sides and
the back including the heel Do this and your own designer ankle boots
are done For the final look I made a kaftan top inspired
by Missoni I got this beautiful Missoni like fabric so
I had to make something inspired by this colourful high fashion brand For this look you’ll need
1 yard or meter of fabric sewing pins
fabric scissors and a sewing machine Fold your fabric double with the wrong side
up and fold it again.

Apparel & Accessories (NEC)

Cut the neckline then open it up Pin the sides leaving space for your arm openings Then hem the neckline, arm openings and bottom Do this and your Missoni inspired top is ready And this is the final look
Hope you enjoyed these 3 easy & fun DIY projects inspired by Gucci, Aquazzura and Missoni If you did, click like, share it with your
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Thursday for a DIY Pillow sewing tutorial And you can shop this easy DIY 15min dress
in my webshop and pre-order these 2 looks as well.

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