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today i'm going to share with you some indoor and 
outdoor diys for neutral and relaxing fall decor   i have a mixture of wood glass and fabric to 
obtain my desired cottage look welcome to my   channel freckled mom diy i'm devin if you're new 
welcome and if you're returning hey this is a fall   collaboration with my friend kimo and i'll explain 
that in a bit but let's jump right into these diys   i have been dying to do one of these fall signs 
for outside here is some letters i had printed off   my cameo this is a board i had 
gotten for free it was already like   painted and oiled i'm not really sure what was 
on it but i decided just to put the letters down   on the board and you can see i'm having some 
difficulty because it is a treated wood so you   definitely want to pay attention to those kinds 
of things when you're getting something for free   you could have sanded this down but i had an idea 
and you're gonna see it so i'm just going through   with my letters and you can see i'm spelling out 
the word fall and i am measuring it here and there   just to make sure that everything is centered 
and evenly spaced out now i have my ruler from   the dollar tree you guys know i love dollar tree 
crafts although this board was a freebie like i   said when we cleaned out my grandma's basement 
i'm going to give this a quick heavy dry brush   with my chalk paint and mineral and then plaster 
right over these letters if you're new or coming   over from kimo's channel welcome i love to craft 
and diy we live in a 100 year old cottage in   new england there is always some renovation 
home improvement or diy keeping me busy you   can find me on instagram as well as freckled mom 
come along and see what i'm up to at the cottage   as you can see there is no rhyme or reason of how 
much paint i dry brush i just kept going until i   was happy with the look and here i am just pulling 
up those vinyl letters now and revealing that wood   underneath so that is why i did not sand it or do 
anything i love that color that was already there   these are from dollar tree i just picked 
them off of a garland and i'm hot gluing   them together and i'm going to glue them right 
to my board and here it is it is so beautiful   i am so obsessed with this this is my first big 
board like this so i am just super impressed   and so in love with how this came out of course i 
live in new england and it is not always the best   weather here so it is starting to rain we are 
going to take this inside and start doing some   inside diys now i love this you could put 
this outside but like i said it's raining   so this is just a dollar tree sign here i kept 
it all together i wasn't going to start ripping   things off although i did pull that metal piece 
off i was going to sand it down it didn't work   too well so i just flipped it over and i hot glued 
it right back to the sign everything but the metal   is going to get two coats of my waverly paint 
and ink this is a collaboration with my friend   kimo from chemo craft he is so sweet and i love 
all of his modern crafts if you haven't checked   him out yet you need to he also does some 
bohemian and a lot of different styles head   over to his channel there will also be a link 
to his video for fall down in my description i had gotten these magnetic buttons and some 
galvanized metal numbers and i think they're super   cute and i definitely wanted to use it so here 
they are and they stick already metal to metal   with the magnet but i wanted to hot glue it just 
so they weren't sliding around so that's what i'm   doing here i'm just hot gluing it and then i give 
the numbers two coats of that ink waverly paint   and these are some stencils i had i'm not sure 
where i got them from probably michael's but i'm   not sure so here i am stenciling them and you can 
see i'm missing some letters only because i had   to repeat some of them so that is what i'm doing 
here i'm just pulling them off and putting them   back down and this is my mineral i really love 
this color i think it is really sweet with black   and i just think this is such an adorable little 
project and i'm just replacing my home down below   so now you'll see it says home sweet home and 
i am not going too heavy on the stenciling just   so there's no bleed through and up here i decided 
to put a little bit of mod podge down i had some   scrapbook paper and it says memories made here 
and then i mod podge on the paper and over the   paper and then i'm doing a quick dose of mod podge 
on the top just to seal that in and i'm adding my   numbers here i think this is so cute 
this is for outside again it is raining   so here is my solar wood flowers i did not do 
anything to these all i'm doing is hot gluing them   to my board so normally you would soak these 
in water to get them to be soft and pliable   and you could stain them but i love this natural 
look this is what i was going for and i love the   durability of them so i just threw them down here 
with some hot glue i added some dollar tree acorns   and pine cones and this is it guys how sweet 
is this i am so in love with this let me know   down in the comments what you think about this 
and i wonder if my mailman is gonna like this   if you do put this outside you can spray 
this with some kind of acrylic sealer   like a mod podge spray or some kind of other 
sealer that you have just so it's waterproof   these are so sweet i actually was telling chemo i 
want to start doing some more projects with fabric   these are some pumpkins i got for 98 cents 
from walmart i took the stem out and i am   very carefully cutting this pumpkin up with a 
little razor blade and i cut the inside out so   here i am making strips now i did it to match 
my pumpkins so they were an inch and a half   and the length i'm not really sure but it doesn't 
matter because i was cutting them anyways so   here i am just making strips on some leftover 
fabric so you could do whatever fabric you have   laying around this is what i had plus it 
went with my neutral idea for my decor and   i'm just using some fabric cutter to make the 
slices and then slice across the other side   just to make strips so i ended up cutting eight 
strips out i needed nine on a few of the pumpkins   so it is however big your pumpkins are and i just 
stick the fabric and my finger down into that hole   and then i cut off any of the extra and 
you see i just wrap it around the pumpkin   and then i hot glue it and that is it we are going 
to keep doing that for all these pumpkins so again   i hot glue the fabric i kind of stick it down 
into that little hole not a lot just a little bit   and then i wrap the fabric around the pumpkin and 
make sure it's covered and you can see i even left   uh the color that i use which is like a copper 
marker and i used i left that so you could see   the lines in the pumpkin and i thought that would 
just be super cute but you don't have to do that   and then i just keep going i overlapped the fabric 
a little bit and that's where i ended up having   less fabric that i thought i needed because 
i was overlapping it and i didn't put that   into you know my calculations not like i really 
calculated too much but you see what i'm doing   so here i have it goes all the way around so i 
decided not to hot glue it yet because you'll   see so i'm working on the other side now and i'm 
just going to go around the opposite way now and   i'm going you can see what i'm doing but i did one 
whole half of the pumpkin i left that piece out   and then i'm gonna do the rest of the pumpkin and 
when i get to the end now i'm gonna have two ends   of this fabric you can see that here and they 
both wrap around so i'm gonna hot glue that after   here is my last piece i just kind of cut it just 
so it fit a little easier and i just put it again   right to the top i hot glue it i wrap it down 
underneath and now i hot glue it to the bottom   these are the two strips that i left to hot 
glue last the final strips just so that way   it's more finished looking i don't know maybe 
it doesn't matter but to me i liked it i like   how it looks more finished you don't see all the 
jagged ends and it is so cute so easy and again   we have our stem here that we cut out and i'm just 
hot gluing it right back into where we cut it out   there's more fabric in there so it holds in 
pretty well but you still want to hot glue it   and again you could do whatever fabric 
you wanted i had again a bunch of fabric   this is one of my favorite fabrics 
i had gotten at joann's on clearance   i've used it a few times and not a lot because 
it's my favorite and so here i am just using the   little bits i have left and i'm super thankful 
that i got just enough strips out of this but   even if you didn't you could mix up different 
fabrics different colors and this is just so   much fun and i think this is just the easiest 
craft ever other than the hot glue you could   totally have kids helping you with this i'm just 
going around the edges now and kind of hot glueing   spots that are sticking up and that i think would 
you know annoy me if i kept seeing it so now i   have my last pumpkin here and this is just some 
canvas i pick up my canvas from harbor freight   it's just painter canvas and i'm doing the 
same thing i've been doing i start at the   top the whole time i hot glue it into the 
little hole and then i wrap it around to   the bottom and i'm doing the same thing when 
i find a piece that wraps all the way around i   leave it and i do those last just to give it that 
finished look i stick in the stem and that is it   how sweet are these oh my goodness i just love 
these so much and i don't know why it took me so   long to put fabric on pumpkins i just think this 
is so cute i'm obsessed with it let me know down   in the comments if you've done fabric pumpkins 
so we are back outside guys it stopped raining so   here is a wicked cute idea i saw some candy corns 
i'm not a big fan of candy corn so i decided to   make these glass candle holders and just use the 
colors that match my house and match my decor   so my first layer was spice berry my second 
layer is truffle and i'm just going around   this is gold and i'm doing two coats not seen here 
but i do two coats and three coats of the gold   and then i have my plaster and i'm just doing 
a little bit at the top just to give it a   little variation now you gotta stay here with me 
okay i'm going to try to blend this so it's an   ombre effect so where the red meets the brown i 
mix those two together and with a little sponge   dabber i'm just dabbing it on and again i do 
two coats of this at one after each one dries   in between the truffle and the gold i mix those 
two together and i'm blending those i'm sure   there's an easier way and maybe it would be even 
a cuter way i don't know but this is for outside   so i wasn't trying to make it super perfect 
here is the gold mixed with the plaster and   this one was a little funny so i remixed it 
and i added a little bit more gold to it and   that way when i went through with my second 
layer it max it matched a little bit better   and then i just go around and anywhere 
i feel like it needs to be blended more   i blend it and this was definitely a little bit 
messy and a little time consuming because i had   to wait for everything to dry although you could 
just use your dryer and dry it but i think this is   so sweet and these are the glass bases from dollar 
tree i have some candles that i got from walmart   that fit perfectly in here and i'm just laying 
them out and again these are super heavy duty   because they're glass from dollar tree and i just 
think it adds such an ambiance to my outdoor fall   setup i just think this is so sweet i love the 
colors it is so relaxing i literally have sat out   here so long just reading and drinking my coffee 
and i'm just in love i love it so much let's go   back inside and do a little bit more neutral super 
easy seriously this is from the target dollar spot   it was five dollars but there's three of them so 
i don't know i probably i ended up putting two of   them away i decided just to get one pack because 
i just think five dollars for three of these was a   little expensive but that's because i'm cheap so 
here i am i am just painting it with my plaster   and i only do one good thick coat that way if 
any of the wood is showing through that is okay   by me and there are three of them so i am 
just painting all of these and then right on   the little smokestack i'm just using my ink and 
i'm going through with a smaller paintbrush and   i'm getting that and i did do two coats with 
the smokestack just so it was nice and thick   and you didn't see any metal poking through 
but you can do it however you like it you could   add as much detail as you wanted i think this is 
perfect for my neutral decor that i was going for   and it's super easy and you guys know i love easy 
i love quick and i love pretty and i think this   is so sweet it is so pretty you do see some 
other diys from previous projects here but   that's what i love i love to incorporate all of 
these into my home here i am setting it all up we   live on a very busy road and i love to decorate 
i love for my neighbors to compliment me on my   porch i also love just sitting out here with my 
coffee in the morning and looking at all my pretty   things i mean that's the whole point of having 
one of these porches and i'm just throwing out   all kinds of different colors and i'm trying to 
stay with that neutral theme that cottage sign i   had gotten from michael's on clearance for the end 
of summer and this was a bin i had gotten for free   during one of my thrifting adventures we always 
have some free stuff that we get from my husband's   job or people give to us and i just love utilizing 
all of it i love using thrift flips with diys   dollar tree crafts and putting it all 
together to make the perfect setup   and now we are cozy and ready to go inside 
because it is raining and this is my   fireplace if you guys saw my live a couple weeks 
ago i had taken it back from my husband and i am   ready to decorate for fall and i'm so excited 
because everything came out so sweet and again   i do have some other diys here you can go back to 
my previous videos i will link them below but you   can go through watch those see how i made those 
diys and these pumpkins are so cute mixed with   my walmart pumpkins i just love how everything 
came together that gold frame was from a broken   picture and now i'm using it for decor and i think 
it is super sweet i just think these are so cute   and i also have a thrifted potted plant down here 
that has been cleaned out and i'm just throwing in   some greenery and fake flowers just to give 
it a little extra color and i have that bin   again i haven't decided where i want to keep 
it because it started raining i thought about   bringing it in i really like it inside here 
so we'll see i might just finish it and that   way i can leave it out in the rain i'm just 
adding all my pumpkins and this is so sweet thank you for watching and i hope you were 
inspired to try some different textures and   colors for fall i love decorating outside just as 
much as inside if you were inspired and enjoyed   this kind of content please give this video 
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you can find the link to his channel   chemo craft as well as his video down in 
my description thank you for watching and   i hope i see you guys very soon please 
enjoy the rest of this final reveal golden golden things


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