Man accused of stabbing ex-wife, handyman to death

a mother a daughter a sister a friend Michelle Bullock was all those things but now her loved ones are mourning her death after she was killed in a domestic violence attack in Tomball accused her ex-husband Brian Bullock investigators say he fatally stabbed her and a handyman who was helping her fix up her home our C on roads spoke with Michelle Bullock's loved ones and they say Michelle was looking to start make a new start in life write C on that's right bill and her ex-husband had a court appearance scheduled for today but he did not show up because of a medical hold it turns out he was the one who called 9-1-1 after this happened claiming it was self-defense but Michelle's family and friends say she had lived in fear for a very long time she's not just a victim she's a mommy she's a was a very good person gail.white met Michelle Bullock about a year ago the women supporting each other as they both made plans to escape domestic violence she helped me get through some of my stuff investigators say Michelle Bullock's ex-husband Brian was covered in blood when he turned himself in to Harris County deputies she told me last week that she felt that he had found where she looked Brian Bullock is accused of brutally stabbing to death both Michelle and 56 year-old mark keel a handyman who was helping Michelle fix up her new home a place she moved in two weeks ago to hide with her three boys Friday she made a post on Facebook that's still there that he said that he was gonna get her this weekend and being the mom that she is she sent her kids away just in case he actually showed up and that's the only reason that her kids weren't there when he came these are his kids Bullock was arrested for assault of a family member in June and was out on $2,500 bond Michelle had a protective order against Bullock but Gayle says it didn't make a difference if the state of Texas had different laws and enforce them and backed up what they signed this wouldn't be happening if they actually took care of the people that they promised to protect my friend would still be alive no one deserves to be murdered because they love the wrong person Bullock is due back in court tomorrow there is a go fund me account set up to help those three little boys all under the age of 8 if you would like to help we've got the link on our website with this story reporting live downtown Seon Rhodes KPRC channel 2

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