My homework is done Yes Aayu should we go to the tution No Sister look I have such bad pencils I want a new pencil Even I want a new one My notebook looks bad too Yes my pencil is broken from the back We cover our school copies But then for tution copies? They remain uncovered Yes Sister They look so bad Mom Yes what happened? I want a new pencil And I want a new copy Why? See how bad his pencils look My coy dosen't looks good either But I am not buying you new pencil and copy We can't keep on spending money So what should we do Mom? Come on I'll decorate your copy and your pencil too. Ask your friends too. Do they want their copy and pencil decorated? Do you want to? So come We will learn how to decorate our copy and pencil in 5 minutes.

On which channel? Craft with Aayu Pihu For decoration we need a Pancil Wool Scissor Twistie Googly Eyes and hot glue gun First we will roll wool on our fingers We will make a big size roll on our fingers Then we will cut it with scissor Take a small thread of wool Make a knot Make a knot at the center We will cut from the sides, so that we a get POM POM To make a softer POM POM, you can add more rolls. We will cut the twisties in legs shape Like the legs of a TOY DOLL We will take the pencil and googly eyes Apply hot glue on pencil and paste pom pom over pencil Paste it firmly apply hot glue on twistie also paste it at the bottom of pom pom Like the legs of a Toy Doll Paste the google eyes also If you can't find twistie.

Then you can use any wire. It is now looking like a doll. Now we will make the head. We will roll the wire. So that it will become very cute. Apply hot glue below it. and paste it firmly. Look, now we a very cute doll ready, We have made very cute dolls, in just few minutes. I have already decorated many pencils. In make shapes. Now we will decorate the copy For this we need foam sheets. Marker Pencils Scissors Hot Glue Gun First we will cut foam sheet, of your copy size. You can use chart paper also. Cut it to the size of copy. We will paste it using hot glue If you don't have hot glue, you can use any kind of glue. But, it wil take some time to dry out.

Aayu Pihu

First layer is complete. We will cut the second sheet, mark it and paste it. Take 3rd sheet & cut it even smaller than 2nd sheet. Paste it firmly above both. We are making a design of a water melon. This will look very cute. Firstly we take the first layer. Paste it Light pink colour above dark pink. Now we will apply hot glue on, green paper. Now paste that green paper. Look our cover is ready. Now we will decorate it. First draw eyes. Draw the lips and fill colour in eyes Like the seeds of a water melon We will draw small circles in black colour So that it looks like a water melon. Now, we will fill colour properly. We will draw border with a marker.

In black colour Isn't looking pretty? same way we have made more covers in other shapes You can also try, they are very easy Look, they are now are looking beautiful. Please subscribe… See this is a Queen and a King My new new pencil is done And copy too Even mine, See he's listening to music on headphones This is a frog, and a duck See, My new copies are ready This is a unicorn one Cartoon one and watermelon one Did you liked these items? Tell us in the comments section And please like our video I found them very easy You should also try these at home And yes subscribe too.

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