Hello pilots! Today we are going to show you this drone, the HUBSAN ZINO MINI PRO, a drone that I really wanted to try, so much so that it had been three months since I had placed the order and I do not know if it will be because of the chip crisis if it will be because of the Covid or why but its delivery has been delayed a lot. And why did I want to try it so badly? Because it is a drone that at least on paper literally destroys the DJI Mini 2 I say on paper because we still do not have much information about it but of course I can tell you that it has a sensor that by its specifications is impressive we are talking about a sensor of Almost an inch has anti-collision detectors in front, behind and below, and then on the other hand, different functionalities that he left are there, he does not have for the moment, such as follow me in this video, let's see if he has finally managed to dethrone him.

There with the best drone 250 grams at least until the mini 3 arrives, it will be a video of a first contact, it has been quite long, as you can see, even well, you have a part that is almost more of a podcast than anything else that is the Comparison between this drone and that of Jota and how good you can jump if you think you choose the parts that you are most interested in seeing but I think it is worth taking a look at this little bug that comes breaking molds very well below in the comments you will tell me what you think about the drone, give the like please and if you are not already subscribe to the channel that it is time I am not going to extend more than it is already quite long it is coming out of this forward good video here is the happy box has finally arrived I had your order made since May 22 since May 10 I had another one that cancels, catches at the end the version with two batteries which is the one you have here and with a bag that had another of May 10 and it has just arrived now that we are already finishing August, so a lot because of the chips for the issue of whatever it is but hey finally I have it in my hands I thought that this drone would not come out but here There is the box and I hope that the drone is inside we are going to open to see what we have and the box that painted that it painted super small I think it is smaller even than the mavi mini 2 that I had this one is smaller we are going to open it the one that has inside without ornaments it here í It gives us a special huawei special gift that they give us the sankei refresh this is they give us the insurance that has hubs and for having had to wait for so long something is something on the other hand also photography of the drone here we have data for what the app is to charge it and here we have to be but pro plus 64 gb two batteries on the other side with tension and others I open it anyway you listen to my dog ​​in the background the center of the bag goes well curious in the box there is nothing more than what It is the bag the bags of the hubs brand have saved the bag here in this pocket it seems that there is something there are spare propellers the cables to start the phone to the station we have a cable for micro usb usb and for iphone instructions in Chinese and English A battery you see that they are not hypo lithium polymer batteries but it seems that they are the lithium ion of these large batteries a usb charger without an American type adapter the battery charger cube I did not think I was going to bring it I thought that this It would be a very good extra to charge four batteries at once a usb to micro usb cable I think it will be for the charger and another also of the same type in climates the screwdriver and here in the background the transmitter and since I enjoyed [__] it weighs quite a lot and this is all that has come to us inside the bag and as we always do, the first thing we are going to do is take a look at the drone here I finally have this drone in hand that I did not think I would ever have it is super light and that is one of the favorable points that you have to make light light so once you take it we will see the weight without batteries 158 grams with a battery 259 grams ops it goes over 250 no if we do not want to pass we have to remove this protector that brings down here I remove the protector I also remove what is the green bay protector there is a 248 battery 49 grams they have rushed it to the maximum they have left room neither nor nor for a drop of water to stick just if we put the label with our n Ombre is going to stay at 249 and a peak very close to 250 touching but well below 250 this gives us flexibility in this way because for example we can fly in the city over buildings with greater freedom than If it will weigh more than 250 grams, still be careful to be very careful where you are flying, it is not the basis that volleyball in the city is less than 250 grams but that you are doing it in a place where flying is prohibited, so I recommend you take a look in the air and see If you can fly the place where you want to do it, what are the measures closed in this way 137 millimeters long by 88 millimeters wide and 61 millimeters high if we open it like this it takes a little more size but do not believe that it is not a [__] super large we are talking about 202 millimeters wide by 161 millimeters long and also still 61 millimeters high and the diagonal between the motors is 220 millimeters starting with the important points the most important in this dr one is this that you see here the little camera in a recording drone at the end the camera is the most important thing and in this case we are talking about a spectacular paper camera because on the one hand it has a sensor we make one between 1.3 inches is quite bigger than the competition to give you an idea, the one with the left time in and 2 is 1 between 2.3 inches and the magic air 2 s that has a super large sensor is one inch therefore almost like that the one of the mavi falling 2s is approaching it is a sensor chunk that has that good on the one hand the pixels are larger and on the other hand when the sensor is larger much more light that enters this sensor therefore it will work a lot for us better in low light conditions is a sensor that would have to give much better images at least on the paper then later we will see how this sensor behaves has an aperture an aperture range let's say what you see of 85 degrees we see therefore an angle of this 85 degree opening Focal is 1 in 185 also a stupid one is a pass of this type of lens and the video recording that is what we are mainly going to do is 4k at 30 frames per second this is 3800 40 x 2160 pixels at 30 frames per second We have the option here to record in 2.7 here at 30 or 60 frames per second also full hd this is 1080p also at 30 or 60 frames per second and above all it has a bitrate not only is it 100 megabits per second as the competition has Instead of 200 megabits per second, those of you who use to walk on this channel already know that for me the issue of the bid drive is very important because we have many gifts that have a 4k sensor but then have a very low bitrate therefore it is stored very Little information and everything looks very pastry because not with this drone we are talking about 200 megabits per second quarter, for example a go pro goes around 90 megabits per second a stupid sim and x8 also goes around 90 is a problem even enc Finding memory cards that support that I do not know if the internal memory that it brings should support those 200 megabits per second of course that then also to process on the computer it will be a pass of course it is prepared for night photography this sensor that it carries is For this and we will be able to take pictures in jpg and I think that in row we will see later another thing is that it has already activated internal memory as I have mentioned we have two options 64gb and 128gb then here it has a small tab as if it were to place the sd and be careful not to connect the memory card here I do not know why to see why it says it but it is curious that it tells us that you see that I have removed the sticker of what it said not to insert the memory card and although it has a memory card symbol does not have a hole to put the card in there you see that there is like a metal wall I suppose this will be to use a memory card in those models that do not have internal memory and finally There is the three-axis jimbal, this then balances, let's say, the x and y axes move to what would be the best possible stabilization of the image, the maximum speed that it has for that stabilization is 100, it is 120 degrees per second, the jimbal of course is super necessary for this type of drones if you are going to buy one and if they do not have inbal, do not expect that you will have good video shots unless it has digital stabilization but for now the jimbal is still the best option on the other hand as you know This drone transmits the image directly to the mobile phone so that we can see on the phone where it goes, we can record the shots from the phone and for this it uses a new system that is zinc and all three is a system similar to what it does.

Which has a jota and offers us, according to the manufacturer, distances of 10 kilometers for the international system that of fcc and 6 kilometers for the European system in Europe would be 6 kilometers which is not little 'from Then keep in mind that legally we can not exceed 500 meters, therefore with 6 kilometers we fully cover that distance, curious one thing, the bitrate of this system is English, what happens to our phone is 20 megabits per second, it is amazing what Other drones record what happens to the mobile phone with a lac of 200 milliseconds because it is a one that is not for a fpv drone but good for a drone of this type is something that we can afford and curiously because it has a double antenna that I suppose that it will be located in the arms surely that is what allows it to reach those 10 km that we were discussing another strong point of this drone is the first drone below 250 grams that carries collision sensors are these cameras that you see here in front These cameras that we have front rear rear and lower collision sensors this is the lower collision sensor the lights that you have here in this case are not cameras because with these sensors s what it does it is when approaching any avoids obstacles that the drone is the stick you remember the video that we saw of the drone with the leader with lasers because work has appeared in this case analyzing images which also rank is better A system similar to the one that has, for example, those of jota but those of jota and already from the mavi cairo 2 that is good for you, for example, this type of sensors these sensors have a range of course of operation, they work at distances less than 12 meters the front and the rear and the distance is from 0.3 to 5 meters the lower sensor on the other hand we have the batteries as you can see here they are 3000 milliamp batteries they are smart materials this is good because they manage the charge the discharge even if they are charged during Some time they usually download that is what I have read at least and they are of two cells it is clearly seen that they are two batteries, flight time that these batteries give us because in a flight time The very good thing about 40 minutes and that has been seen in a video that hub sanz published recently, therefore it is a real flight time, let's say in optimal conditions, but it is not bad for a drone this small, it is amazing.

We will compare with the competition something that says they are 3000 milliamps catches my attention while on the website it spoke of 2,400 milliamps better on the other hand the controller that this drone carries inside the flight controller is a third generation controller According to the manufacturer and that means that one has several types of flight that would be the sports to go fast, the normal one that is somewhat slower or the mobile that is usually always somewhat slower to make, let's say, more kinematic shots type tripod type stabilizer for what what is the management of the height so that it does not go up and down we have a barometer on the other hand we also have this little camera that you see here below that yes for the optical flow this is the image in which this camera collects it is processed by the controller in such a way that it tries to be as still as possible and move in the direction that the remote control tells us and here at the top although you do not see it we also have a gps that will help us in a lot of functions because, as is the return home, what is the scheduled flight on a map with points where the drone has to go, etc.

Etc. Of course we also have other flight modes such as follow me timelapse and many others. That good in later videos we will see regarding the dynamic area of ​​the drone we have these motors, I would say that they are 1302, not 1303 more or less, it does not put it anywhere but it does tell us that we have a s & p it is 20 amps that it is not Bad for such a small drone in general, because a drone that looks very good, the perceived quality if having it in your hand is good, it is similar, let's say, because of the plastics that the construction has that looks similar to that of a leave time in and it does not seem worse and then the fact that it has these collision sensors and a camera like that, they make it great, it seems at least on paper it is a puncture let's put the battery to see what it does and see how this bug sounds it we turn on here we have to turn on as the jota and double press it is already connected we have already plugged it in it is already connected it does not have much network the truth is a strange thing because these drones usually go up they have a lot of LEDs and a lot of little things but you see that The jimbal is already working and it is stabilizing in regards to the station.

cellular telephone

You have already seen that we have two sticks or two sticks. Guim valls sticks these are the spare ones here in the purest style of their competition. We have another two saved and the I'm going to place it and that's how it is, first perception I thought it would be something more crappy and I think it would be worse that it has a lot of weight the plastic looks hard it is a good perception it is a minimalist station Very simple but it does not look bad here as you can see we have the hole to put the mobile phone you see that it fits perfectly it is a bit dirty but hey that does not matter and we will connect the phone with our cables that would go from the phone plug to this plug that we have What else do we have? Well, first the essential buttons start up double click it is already underway you will have to connect to the drone so that the rest of the screen appears we have already connected the drone and you see that we have all the information we need we have the type of flight we have here the satellites that capture we also have what is the quality of the signal that reaches the station batteries of the station batteries of the drone recording of the card speed of meters per second that I have not told you before I think it is around At 16 well, about 65 kilometers per hour, I think the maximum distance that this type of drones is allowed is the distance meters at which the altitude is and then it can Let's say the inclination to what inclination is of this station or from the point of that we will have to see it then buttons from buttons apart from the start-up one that we have already seen more buttons this that puts fn that are the Normal and sport end flight modes this is the one back home and here at the top we have the little button to take pictures to move the jimbal up and down this button we can customize it for any function that we want to put after quick access and the video recording button and down here it has a kind of port I do n't know if you can see it here that I suppose it will have some use but how good we will discover it in the future therefore a very simple station has a screen that usually comes in handy well yes at some point our mobile phone turns off for whatever reason and it doesn't have many flourishes and it seems quite robust I saw a man on the mini 2's station since jota and it's cooler, it's such a junk It is big and so and today it is like today to see that they send us some little more manageable ones and it does not seem like maracas Díaz at the time and we will make a comparison if I can with the mini 2 and before finishing as what I have taught you previously This cube, which is the charger for four batteries, we can have an input of this type, which is the one that we use, for example, the chargers of other types of drones or also by USB as I have taught you before, it even has a USB output then to charge a phone mobile or whatever we do because we place it like this and we can comfortably charge up to four batteries at once and well it is good it saves us a lot of time well we have already seen the drone we already know how it is more or less above and what we are going to do now is compare it with the competition to see if it is more worthwhile to catch this one or to catch one of the others in the mavi mini 2 the mini s I discard it because against it I do not see competition no matter how much there is n said in another place and on the other hand the end x made mini that good I also see it a little further back we are going to compare them to see what you think in this table that I present here I put a little the differences and the similarities that there are Between these two drones they are very similar, for once it has some very important differences that I want to comment with you and then we will see both have a weight of less than 250 grams, surely the otay mini 2 is a little lighter since it weighs slightly less than 250 grams and the other one will stay very close to those 250 grams, well the advantage that we have to place plates or any little thing or even protectors when I leave time in and 2 we are not going to exceed 250 grams in any case the measurements are very similar Also although a little different they are 138 x 81 by 58 millimeters for the mini 2 and 137 by 88 by 60 and 16 for the zinc or mini but the latter is a little fatter and the first a little longer but they are very very similar one from the main differences are in the size of the sensor while the hot one there are mini dos has a sensor of one between 2.3 inches this is a normal size sensor for this type of drones the chinese mini pro has a sensor of 1 between 1.3 inches this is Much larger that is good because it is good because being larger more light can enter and also normally the optics cover more field the good thing is that for example in low light conditions for example at night we can take much better photographs this should favor enough alcino mini pro so that you have an idea one of the important improvements that the pj and air 2s has brought is that it has a one-inch sensor as zinc or mini pro if not how small it has a sensor of almost the same size In what is video recording, the two are in the same range, the maximum they can record is 4 every 30 frames per second, but the difference is in the video, the video today, let's say it is the amount of info rmation that each frame has what is the time in and 2 has 100 megabits per second that as you know those who follow this channel is a very high bit rate in a viceroy it is a very good image what we can have in a good camera of action for example and the Chinese mini pro has a rate because a viceroy of 200 megabits per second is a stupid drones of this type I do not think there are any except the professional emmy who have this video and so high this to say that it records almost Almost like one of these slr or semi-professional cameras, the video with a fairly large video size and it is assumed that with a lot of information we will see how it takes advantage of it the same way it is simply that they do more encoding after the end, they use the same codex that the de jota and therefore would have to go in his favor what are the photographs while he left time in and 2 takes 12 megapixel photographs but the mini pro can take 48 megapixel photographs this is four or times more pixels in the same photograph another stupid focal point that is very important photography because it is 2.8 for the mini 2 and 1.85 for the zinc or mini pro this is also in this case more light enters and it would have to favor this second drone much better also photography modes both have raw photography this is uncompressed photographs with all the information they take so that for example, in a lightroom we can edit it perfectly and we also have compressed jpg photography is the one that we are going to take the 80 percent of us mortals have hdr in zinc or mini pro but we do not have it in drop and mini 2 which is hd you are the high dynamic range high dynamic range what it does is make it possible to have more variations of colors, shades and others, for example, a photograph of a forest without hdr because there are areas in which we will see a black spot in photographs with hdr in that black spot because we can differentiate different animal objects, trees or what was It was we have more definition in that case the similar digital zoom one does not have four by and the other six by at the end it is at the cost of definition therefore I do not see so much importance the jimbal is similar in the two drones with three mechanical axes I hope it arrives to the quality of the jota and on the other hand another small difference is the internal memory we do not have internal memory in the I leave time mini 2 and if we have internal memory in the zinc or mini pro they give us two options 4 gigabytes or 128 gigabytes the The difference between one version and another is fifty euros a lot less what that difference costs because on an iPhone but it's still a stupid thing, it's still good this is the internal memory is very good because more than once we have gone or the sd does not work that we have taken or we have forgotten, we have lost what is good because we have 64 128 gigabytes to record, both theoretically have a sd card somewhere I have read that no but it seems that both are going to get a sd mic card ro sd the system and link here put in favor of jota's welcome because I know what xing 2.0 let's say they use their older brothers and it has an impressive link quality while neighbor mini pro is the 3.0 singlist which is the same as Take the zinc or two villages, the plus is also supposed to go well, it also gives you a very high rank, just like the one left is there, but well, the one from j and from what I think is the best in this case, but both are supposed they have to be good video that we will have on our phones because they work with phone 1080p cases we have a range of 10 kilometers in the two cases in the system fcc this is the international and 6 kilometers to the system European that is somewhat more covered the maximum speed that the drone can [__] the drone 16 meters per second is a legal issue has to be below 60 65 kilometers per hour I think it is not to enter into more problematic at the time of be able to fly in different sites and with different licenses and the wind resistance of both have level 5, this is resistance of 85 and 10.5 meters per second, important because many times it happens to us that we go out to fly and because there is a little wind because there is drones that we cannot fly well because this seems to you that something more resistant follow me the function of follow me that you like so much I go by bicycle and I like that it follows me because it is something that there are many people who like in the case of the I leave time in and 2, as you know, they do not attract, there is a voice that allows mono in the but that money does not attract because it left you decided that you do not want to have the follow me in a drone that does not have sensors to avoid collisions to prevent the gift It sticks it while the zinc or mini pro now this function follows why, because it has sensors as I said, the bulldog is in mini 2 it does not have sensors and the mini pro if it brings them has front rear and lower sensors normally it is The sensors are cameras placed with different degrees of vision and then the computer calculates the distance at which we have an object with these sensors we will avoid, for example, that the drone collides with some branches of shock against a wall an object or a person is supposed which is good and some that we have tested works quite well in fact it left and it also has sensors of this type but they incorporate larger and more expensive drones in what would be drones type ma big air 2 or 2 or higher Now they say that in a few months because I would do a time mini 3 you can bring the sensors I do not know we will see the battery also here it plays in favor of zinc or mini pro both are two feces of two cells of 7.4 volts but in what was left time in and 2 are 2,250 milliamps and in the zinc or mini pro of 3 milliamps it is somewhat larger, which gives more flight time the flight time in the leave time in and 2 is 31 minutes and it is 40 minut According to the manufacturer, in the mini pro cinema there is much more guarantee in the jota and we have the figures that is the guarantee offered by jota and therefore of change of parts even in case of loss and others while in the zinc or mini no I have evidence of no guarantee of that type, surely if we send the manufacturer he will fix it for us, we will probably have to send it to China I do not know if there will be a repair service in Europe or maybe we can also buy replacement parts and if we have a handyman friend, he can do it for us.

Change these are the differences therefore on the paper the zinc or mini pro gives a thousand turns to the jota and mini two in fact has specifications that are more similar to those of a big air 2 s expensive that has the I leave time in and 2 but it is that he stopped minimum I know that he records phenomenal of an impressive recording quality while the zinc or mini pro is true that they use lately has made roles with very good recording quality almost almost at the level of the stop from there I would not say perhaps at that level but almost almost that level and this may be the leap that is missing now, we will see if it is a real leap, a leap forward in which it surpasses a jota and for the first time Sometimes in a long time or not, it is not that it simply falls, it sticks to the milk, we are already on the flight ground , as you can see, there are certain gusts of wind, but hey, and so it is also good for us to test the drone with wind and see how it is.

The truth is that it is blowing more than I thought the wind is supposed to resist category 5 winds, level 5, let's fly it and see what surprise this little guy gives us, let's wait for him how low or super Silent 2 and there goes the saying so you see it, the driving sensation is fine, very calm, I will see, I will turn to put it to record, I do not know if it is recording, now it is recording, I will start recording, I will see that it has it well, it is fine, you see that I move the joystick and it moves pretty soon quite called to its truth and I have killer birds here let's look over there I took it off right away without any problem or with satellites or anything with this else so it progresses little by little it is quite silent it removes a small fade but what I liked is that it has not posed any problem for me to take off, you see that it has been quite fast [__] although I cut once flying to the 'u' of our little bug, we are going to put a rod in it and that goes in normal mode not in sport mode or much less louis going pretty fast going to put a little camera looking down very well or definition screen is very good looks terrific and the response is quick on this flight I love you showed some feelings I am having today we will make another Video then more in detail with different flight modes and others but we are going to see in this one what are especially the sensations caused by the drone and at the moment very well because we are going to slow down more people in the trees we go over the trees it does not move much with the wind that is responding very simple everything is coming down two breaks that passed and so we can see how much peace is getting next to the drone that they throw it at me they throw it at me let's go to continue in this way we are staying the disgusting of them this as he makes little noise they all approach him here some time ago in a church he had to lower a drone because they threatened me there you will not make me worse I am against the light that is going very well It gives a very good feeling in the flight then we will also see how the quality of the recording is recording there it has cut a little good without more it cuts me again a little we are going to go up a little the machine is distance very well we have barely caught 175 meters away but hey, the sensations of the flight are good, let's look at the farmhouse, let's go to the farmhouse, so you are going to the perspective at full speed, still batteries at full capacity, we carry everything and About four minutes flying now up to 78 meters from me 80 85 meters per second of speed is going well you see that the stabilization at least looks very good and we will see it in post-production to see how it goes at least seen that way it looks very good The wind is not shaking it, it is defending itself quite well, now it is blowing a powerful streak.

I believe that this time the gentleman is defending itself, it is going well it is going well then maybe I put some other take but hey for the moment the [__] remains the same I have in sight but here to see there is not much further we are already at 400 meters almost the legal limit can still be seen from here or the little cabin that we usually go to often as you know with the fpv we do not usually go there and you see that goes quite well, there may be a little zoom, how's it going, it's not bad, it's not going to be a digital zoom inside that fits, it's quite stable and you see that it responds quite well, it's not bad at all, it has a little more stop if you take For lover we are already reaching legal limits and now we are going to return because we are already exceeding 500 meters we are going to exceed them therefore I return and will do the typical pass that I usually do with the fpv drone it goes in normal mode it does not go in sport mode but good for what you see how it goes like this wind had not been well is very sensitive gives me based a little bit and ah gets closer to what the church is the journey here just lose wifi because there are many things in the middle Today the little birds the bloody little birds do not do the same route that I do with the fpv but with this one although it is not her thing but to see it it goes very cinematic as you can see here how curious it just cut me a little bit and I have it right at the The same is why to put it like this I am not going to do the passes and I do with the racing drone because it does not have the recovery that the racing drone has but hey rather it varied and here I cut it and cut it back and did not lose video not here not bad at all we are going to put on a sport mode an expert mode give it a cane at what speed it takes us 11.6 15 meters per second 10 and come 16 we are going against the wind we are going against the wind rather 11 meters there to decline with total treatment We are going to give here downwind a little to see how funny it catches us, they are removing a spider on my back at this moment of suffering on YouTube it did not reach 16 meters per second it did not reach 16 meters per second gentlemen the maximum there it I have achieved it I have achieved it I think it's okay now it's the same for today it would be time to go down and we are going to do this route back looking down I am going to put in normal mode filmus normal mode because very good impression I am really liking this The drone has nothing to envy, neither the biggest han hubs that I have piloted before nor the jota ones and nothing is very good, we will see later the video how it turns out but it is that very good impression but very good there we are there we are we make it land I will make it land right now when it approaches I do not know what happens but when it is very close it is giving me a little problem I will see if I can land just in the circle I will put zero distance here I put it looking down we are not going to try to land just year to make d how perfect good initial impressions very good has behaved very well very easy to fly it is a drone that flies very well even with the wind as you have seen without any problem and we will have to see how the video comes out in big screen so get out stable if it does not come out but for now at least what is the flight very well yes good this has been a first flight or a first touch a first approach then we will see in following videos as a little the flight modes that it has and other features such as image adjustments and others at the moment this drone is convincing me, I do not see it as something more drone than the mini but we will go and do some time also compare it Let's see what you think is to tell me in the comments that you have found the drone what tests do you think should be done in what is obstacle detection of course but you have to calibrate the first thing and I will not wait for you in the next video if not you are subscribed subscribe you already know how to give the like that is what counts on youtube and thank you very much for having seen the video see you in the next one until next time pilots ah ah i i y

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