Handyman Bruce – How To Patch and Repair Drywall [Part 2 of 4]

Okay now it's time to get a little bit
of mud. We're just taking some all-purpose drywall mud I've kind of
stirred it a little bit here I'm going to put a little bit in my mud man that's
about all the list for this job I've got six inch putty knife to start out with
and that's usually the best thing to start out with now the good thing about
using mesh tape for a patch is that we don't have to use tape I'm sorry we're
not to use mud to embed the tape on the wall so in some ways we've already got
our first step done which in a traditional sense would be to stick the
tape to the wall with the mud sometimes you've got to do that and then let it
dry come back and put the second coat on so in some ways we're already applying
our second coat in a traditional three coke process so that's why when you do
patching it kind of helps them to use the domestic now when you put it on you
want to load the front of your putty knife and then start at the top or you
can start the bottom either way in this case it's working me to start the top
and as you go down flatten out the knife to the wall like this so you can start
to release the putty off the knife as you come down same way as we go across
your flatten out as we go you can see here I'm putting on a real thick coat we
don't want to leave it that way it'd be a lot of standing now we'll come back
and take the putty knives and kind of feather out the edge now what I'm doing
is applying more pressure on the edge it's against the wall here so it as an
extreme what I'm doing is running my putty knife like this it's not that
extreme but I'm just showing you two to help you understand where the pressure
needs to be so the pressure should be on the flat side of the putty knife that is
hitting the wall not the past I'm doing that here too
so kind of have to go around them feathering out the edge now this buildup
in the middle little too sick we don't want to be that tall so we'll take a
little bit of that off as well now this or a bigger patch you might feather the
inside of the patch down to the wall too but it's so small let's let the putty
build up here build up here and we'll kind of flatten it across the front so I
want to fill that in too when i come back from my second code i just kind of
want a a base here that will be good for feathering out my my last coat so like i
said before that's really like putting two coats of putty on in a traditional
sense we've got our tape in and we've got our fill coat on the last code is
our finished coat what you kind of smooth everything out we'll do a little
more feathering at the edge and after that we're going to our sanding and
painting it will be done

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