Kevin sure has a lot of Oreos. Hey, you
have plenty of my leftover pieces. But the cream's the best part! Wait a minute
Kevin check this out the creams growing it's all yours it's a marshmallow thank goodness it's Friday Richard get ice cream seriously Bella I just wanted to taste
love ice cream and cookies then grab a sharp knife like this one and cut the
top off the carton it'll give you the perfect cut for the
perfect ice-cream sandwich someone order one of these come to mama mmm the perfect bite stuck at home for the afternoon then
it's time for a binge Athan ha ha hey what happened to the power come on well
you're done watching TV life without electricity sucks anyone's blood falling
to sleep yet now at least we have good snacks time to
switch to something sweet I'm pretty good at that check it out Wow
let me try yes let's do it to each other now looks found it
I also found measuring tape know how to make this more epic things are about to
get crazy mmm perfect sleight always make things more fun I'm so glad I decided to stop at my
favorite hotdog place on my way home oh hey Nikki
what you got there a hot dog yeah they were not really my thing but I'm pretty
hungry I wonder what I should eat for lunch chicken tacos could be kind of fun
yeah I already had that last night Oh pancakes that would totally hit the spot
hey bear Vicky's having trouble with that ketchup bottle all right time to
pour in the batter I think I'm gonna make big ones this time mr.


Pan there
well these are gonna look interesting seriously you're still trying to get
catch about that thing hold on a minute I just had the most brilliant idea have
an empty ketchup bottle rinse it out with water so it's clean
once you've done that you can pour pancake batter in it put in as little or
as much as you'd like depending on how much you're making
well that's sir a lot of batter screw on the cap and you're good to go
now you can avoid the mess by dispensing just the right amount of pancake batter
every time whoa this is gonna be a big one okay it's just about time to flip it
over nicely done and before you know it you'll have a whole stack of those bad
boys whoa is that entire plate just for you Sophia
hey Vicki you want some of these I made plenty it's time for a little afternoon
snack and cheese toast is just what the doctor ordered just gonna pop these
suckers in the toaster and they'll be ready in no time men this toast is sure
taking a while okay listo should definitely be ready by now he need the
bread stuck in there or something hey bread you okay in there little buddy
what the heck was that popping up and all of a sudden I heard a boom oh man
I'm so glad you're okay but now our toasters broken and I'm still starving
well you know what we may not need a new toaster just yet after you're laying
down some tinfoil lay down your favorite slice of bread on
top of it once you add your favorite cheese add on another piece of bread now
fold up the foil completely enveloping the sandwich once you've done that press
your iron right onto the foil then you can flip it over and do the same thing
on the other side once it's done let it cool for a second before you touch it
okay it's go time check it out it's perfectly toasted grilled cheese better
cut it in half before the cheese cools off now let's get some of that melted
cheese action oh yeah that's what I'm talking about Vicky your snack is ready
you take the first bite well you sure same today this time Sophia this
restaurant is great you'll love it that was delicious hello hey let me step outside for a sec
hold on you should always wait for a friend to
begin eating but sometimes that can feel like torture talking to anyway but
having just one fry is a slippery slope yep she's going all in maybe Emily won't
notice oh definitely notice if the entire meal is gone way to have
self-control Olivia hey where'd my lunch go oh yeah hey what does that piece here
well if you aren't gonna eat it having some chocolate milk are we mmm that's the stuff jeez is that
slurping really necessary sorry okay just a little more left how am I
supposed to get work done with you doing that
Emily sure is determined to finish every last drop ever cut open a carton to get
every last bit of sweet tasty goodness that's it I'm working from home I must have fallen asleep watching that
movie wait a sec hear that I think someone's in the house be brave
Sofia go see what's up what do I do when I get in there pepillo won't protect me
oh this could do some damage that's it I'm going in what's all this chocolate
ice cream what who is that hey what are you doing
in here hmm oh no you found me just had a little sugar craving see sometimes
hunger can strike at the most inopportune times like history class no
seriously I can't believe you Kevin you got chips all over our desks here
use my wipes to clean this awful mess up geez it was only an accident hey wait a
sec want to make your bag of chips explosion-proof take off the plastic
dispenser and set the bag of wipes aside stick the plastic piece onto the middle
of the tip bag like so next use a blade to cut the bag out of the inside of the
dispenser nice now close that sucker up until you're ready to snack now instead
of spilling your crumbs everywhere you can enjoy a bag of chips at your desk
mess free oh look at you sharing Kevin that's so nice

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