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Giving everyday items new life Can definitely simplify things. Check out these epic recycling hacks! This thing weighs like, a thousand pounds! There. Look how shiny it is! Ooh, where do these go? Let the guessing games begin! Will it fit in here? Hey, no big deal, right? Is this the way it’s supposed to look? Meh, whatever. As long as it turns on! Woah! Eva? This set up is less than ideal… Oh god, I’m going down! You okay, Sophia? I think… Mind if I snag that straw? I’m gonna fix this.

Take your straw, and stick it in a pencil sharpener. Twist it all the way to the end. See how flexible it is now? Kinda cool, right? Now begin wrapping it around the wires. This way, they all stay in place. Now that’s more like it. Nothing like a hot shower after a long day! Let’s get this loofa sudsed up! Woah, this thing’s so slippery! Gah! Get back here! This thing’s gone airborne! Uh, you okay there, Eva? Oh boy, going outside… ‘Scuze me! Comin’ through! I’m gettin’ tired! WOAH! Get in there! GAH! Finally. You still using that bottle? Now that it’s empty… Let’s make use of this thing! You’ll need an empty glass bottle and a funnel, Put the funnel on top of the bottle And pour in your favorite soap. Once it’s filled to the top, Remove the funnel, And screw on a pump like this! This one’s from an old bottle. Not only does it work great, But it won’t run away from you! Ahh! Isn’t this headband cute? I’d better take my makeup off.

Hello cotton balls! Hey! GAH! Come ON! Well, you wanted a cotton swab, right? Was that a… Cotton swab? And there it goes! I bet Sophia’s behind this… Why’s it raining cotton swabs?! How’d it get in here? Wait a minute! Have an old Pringles can? Draw a U-shape at its bottom. Then cut along the line with a blade. Always aim the blade away from you. Now take the piece out, And stand the can back upright.

Next, cover it with your favorite paper. And you’re done! Now pop in a stack of cotton swabs! No more explosions here! What a fun way to recycle, right? Sometimes life gets so busy, We forget about important events. Like Eva’s first concert! And I forgot to get her a gift! Hey! These flowers will do! She’ll love these. But they’re anything but original. Hey Eva! Ooh, what happened to you? Rainy days are the absolute worst! Aw. I could really use this thing! Want to reuse a broken umbrella? Simply reattach the fabric to the prongs. Then take your bouquet of flowers, And stick a bunch into each panel. A pretty ribbon is a great finishing touch. And it holds everything in place.

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Tie it in a bow and you’re done! Ava looks awesome up there! Thanks for coming, guys! Oh my gosh! These are stunning, Sophia! Bravo! Too much soda can give you a nasty tummy ache. You want the rest of mine? Well I can’t drink anymore. Actually…. Wanna have a little fun? Let’s work on our flipping skills! And GO! FLIP! You got this! Or not… Check it! OOH! Watch this! Look at it go! Oh no! The piggy bank! And there it goes.

This is so bad! I definitely didn’t see that coming! Mom’s been saving for a car for months! Don’t freak. I have an idea! And this is all we need! Seriously. Cut the empty bottle in half. And peel off the label. Put hot glue along the cut edge. Attach the very bottom of the bottle. Once that’s dry, Cut a slit in the middle of it. And then paint it nice and pink! Don’t forget the piggy ears! So cute, right? This looks oink-tastic! Mom’s gonna love this thing! She’s coming! One step closer to that car! Very smooth! I’ll meet you on the sand in an hour! I’d better get my stuff together. Here’s my tote. What suit should I wear? My new one, of course. How cute is this? I’ll put it on there. Can’t forget this! And I’m off! Ooh.

Almost forgot my sandals. They’re in here somewhere. These won’t due. Who’s are these? Ooh, no. Ding ding ding! They’re broken! Look at this disaster! No beach day for me. Can I see that? I know! Take some parchment paper And line up a bunch of straws on top. The more colors the better! Then fold the paper back over, And rub an iron over the top. After a minute or two, lift the paper. Now it’s one big piece! But we’re not done yet. Trace your foot on paper and cut it out. Then outline it onto the straws. Looks pretty good! Now remove the paper And start cutting! The piece you cut becomes a strap! Just put on some hot glue. Check out these cute slides! Let’s try them on, shall we? Eva! Like my new shoes? They’re custom made! Those are seriously adorable. Did you love these recycling hacks? Which one will you try first? Be sure to share this video with your friends
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